Xbox One vs PS4 - Which games console is best for 2015?

Xbox One or PS4? It's been a close fight but will 2015 prove decisive?

Xbox One vs PS4

With two Christmas seasons under their belts the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony should be well bedded in. However, little in the way of exclusive software has really blown us away, while a number of buggy releases from big publishers also tarnished the new generation. Still we've had a blast playing some great games, and it looks like the real next-gen heavyweights are about to descend en masse. In short, there's never been a better time to buy.

In this article we'll be putting the two consoles head-to-head over a number of categories. We've tried to be fairly concise, without leaving out anything crucial. We don't believe that either console is simply better for every gamer, it all depends on what you want from it. Have a flick through the article and at least read the areas that interest you most, before heading to the conclusion.

If you really want all the nitty-gritty, head over to our full Xbox One review and PS4 review for complete breakdowns of all the consoles' features

It's worth noting quickly that rumours have started to circulate of updated versions of both consoles with HDMI 2.0 ports supporting HDCP 2.2. In plain english that means the new consoles will be able to play 4K video content from the likes of Netflix (don't expect 4K games!). Of course you'll need a 4K TV to watch this, and such TVs will come with Netflix and other services built-in. However, for convenience, having 4K video on your console is no bad thing. Expect to wait until nearer Christmas for updated consoles.

Breaking News

PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4 has been delayed until Spring 2016. That leaves a pretty big hole in the release line-up for later this year. You can read our full reaction to the news in: Is there a PS4 exclusive jinx?


XBOX ONE The Xbox One console's 'real world' price has dropping steadily since launch, partly due to actual price drops, but also thanks to a series of 'free' bundled games and more recently the option to buy the console without the Kinect sensor. Most recently the standalone console has dropped in price to as low £295 online. Our favourite deal at present is the Assassin's Creed bundle (with two games) which you can now pick up from Amazon for just £300. For all the latest prices and deals, see our Xbox One deals page.

PS4 Prices on the PS4 have also fallen dramatically, and you can now get a standalone console online for as little as £280 inc delivery from There are plenty fo bundles about too, with mosty offering a game and a console for around £349, but you're better off with the Simply Games deal and simply buying a game. For all the latest deals and prices check our PS4 deals page.

PS4 Fifa bundle

WILL THERE BE FURTHER PRICE CUTS SOON? It doesn't look likely, prices fell in the run-up to Christmas and look to be fairly stable for the time being. With no big games coming for a few months we imagine that the price of both consoles will continue to hover around £300. Any further price cuts are likely to come either around Easter, or as big announcments to tie in with E3 in June.

WHICH ONE IS BEST? – Deals chop and change regularly but at present the two consoles are fairly level pegging when it comes to price.

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