Sony PlayStation Vita 2.00 firmware breaks cloud-save functionality

Company promises a fix to come as quickly as possible

26 Nov 2012
Sony Vita

Sony has confirmed that its latest firmware upgrade for the PlayStation Vita hand-held console contains a bug in its cloud save game functionality.

As part of the PlayStation Plus feature introduced in the PlayStation Vita firmware version 2.00, cloud-save functionality allows gamers to store their save games on Sony's internet servers rather than the PlayStation Vita itself. As a result, if anything happens to the Vita or its memory card - including damage or theft - the save games are safe, and when the console is replaced gamers can pick up from wherever they left off.

It's a feature that Sony's PlayStation 3 console has offered for some time, and one that has recently been introduced into Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. The Vita implementation, however, is somewhat buggy, with users reporting issues uploading their save games to the system.

After investigating the issue, Sony's Japanese computer entertainment arm has confirmed that the flaw exists and promises to develop a fix that will be released as soon as possible. That fix will come as part of a new firmware update, the company has declared, suggesting that it represents a flaw on the console itself rather than the company's servers.

For now, gamers who wish to make use of the cloud storage functionality are asked to use the Content Management menu on their consoles to copy save game content to the cloud manually. A timescale for the updated firmware release that reintroduces the ability to have content automatically uploaded to the cloud has not yet been provided by Sony.

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