Sony PS4 could be delayed until 2014 in UK, developer claims

Sony's PS4 might not see a release in the UK until 2014, but a developer has hinted it could include video sharing, touchpad controllers and EyeToy hardware

4 Feb 2013
Sony PS3 slim

Sony's PS4 console is expected to see its first reveal later this month, but one developer has hinted that European gamers will be waiting until early next year to get their hands on the console.

The next-generation successor to Sony's popular PlayStation 3, rumours suggest that the PlayStation 4 will be an extremely powerful console with some interesting new twists - including the possibility for a new Move-style motion control system and even a touch-sensitive control pad similar to that used by Nintendo's rival Wii U console. More information is expected at a press event scheduled for the 20th of February, when Sony will officially unveil the console - but that doesn't necessarily mean that a launch is imminent.

According to an unnamed developer speaking to Edge, Sony's plan is to launch the PlayStation 4 in the US and Japan later this year, ahead of the lucrative Christmas sales period, but to delay the UK launch - along with the rest of Europe - to early 2014, likely as a way to ensure that stock levels are not depleted by excess demand. For those who had hoped to see the console this year, that's bad news.

Other details suggested by the anonymous developer include the presence of a touch-sensitive portion to the redesigned controller, but not one that includes a screen: rather than the rumoured Wii U-like controller, the PlayStation 4 could come with a device that looks like the PlayStation 3's DualShock controller but with a touchpad based on the PlayStation Vita's rear touchpad located where the start and select buttons used to be. As expected, an updated PlayStation Eye motion-sensing peripheral will launch alongside the console.

The developer also claims that a new Share button links the console to social networking services, allowing gamers to capture and share screenshots and video instantly with the console automatically buffering the last 15 minutes of gameplay for editing and uploading directly on the console.

Sony, for its part, has not commented on the developer's claims, keeping silent on the rumours until its official unveiling later this month.

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