PS4 could get dual-camera HD EyeToy bundle at launch

Sony's upcoming PS4 console could ship with a dual-camera EyeToy motion tracking system, if new reports are to be believed

12 Feb 2013
Sony PS3 Slim

With just over a week to go until Sony is expected to unveil its next-generation PS4 games console, reports on its features are coming thick and fast, including new rumours on the company's plans for a revamped EyeToy motion control system.

Sony introduced the EyeToy for PlayStation 2, a simple colour webcam, back in 2003. A precursor to the Microsoft Kinect, the system relied on judging the contrast between the player and the background and was only capable of detecting large movements and the position of the user's hands, and only in good lighting at that.

Since the launch of EyeToy, Sony has upgrade the system with the PlayStation Move Pack, which includes a WiiMote-style controller and nunchuck equipped with lights, making it significantly easier for the camera to track the player's position.

It's no surprise that Sony would include a beefed-up version of its camera-based EyeToy motion tracking system and glowing WiiMote-style Move with the PlayStation 4, as the company recently hired Kinect developer George Andreas from Microsoft, suggesting a renewed focus on motion-sensing control systems.

Now, potential first details regarding the new EyeToy system have come to light courtesy of an anonymous source speaking to VG Leaks. According to the source, the PlayStation 4 will come bundled with an HD EyeToy system which uses a pair of cameras to sense depth, much like Kinect does. Running at a 720p resolution, the HD EyeToy system will provide significantly improved accuracy over the existing EyeToy and Move combination, including full head tracking and facial recognition for automatic user login.

Meanwhile, DigitalTrends points to developers' websites as hinting at several launch titles for the upcoming console, incluidng a new version of customisable platformer LittleBigPlanet, racing hit MotorStorm and sci-fi action shooter Killzone.

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