PS Eye revealed for PS4

Sony has confirmed the existence of an updated PS Eye camera for the PS4, which will work with PlayStation Move and recognise players based on their controllers

21 Feb 2013

The PS Eye is official - Sony briefly mentioned the redesigned camera peripheral during its PS4 launch press conference, revealing its ability to recognise faces, sense depth and detect players based on the colour of their DualShock 4 controllers.

Using two 1,280x800 camera sensors, four microphones and an 85 degree field of view, the PS Eye will let gamers control the PS4 with their voice and log into the console using their face, as well as provide motion control in games. The higher resolution cameras are a major improvement over the old PlayStation Eye, which could only capture 640×480 images.

PS Eye

Now that each DualShock 4 controller has a dedicated light bar, the PS Eye is able to detect the number of players and position characters accordingly when playing split-screen games.

The unit will connect to the PS4 using a dedicated auxiliary adaptor, meaning gamers won't have to worry about using up one of their USB3 ports, and is slim enough to balance on top of a TV. Sony made no mention as to whether the camera mechanically pivots in the same way as Microsoft's Kinnect sensor, or whether it requires manual adjustment depending on position or the size of your room.

PS Eye

It's not yet clear whether the PS Eye will ship with the PS4 when it launches later in the year, or if it will be a separate accessory, but we'll hopefully find out at E3 in June.

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