Gamestop: PS4 pre-orders double those of Xbox One

'First to Know' registrations at 1.5 million for Sony's console compared to just 700,000 for Microsoft's rival, suggesting the PS4 is easily in the lead

23 Aug 2013
Sony PS4

GameStop has released details of pre-release interest in Sony and Microsoft's next-generation consoles, suggesting the PlayStation 4 is proving significantly more popular than the Xbox One.

There have been hints as to the relative popularity of both consoles, which will be launching head-to-head later this year, but neither Sony or Microsoft have discussed sales figures. The PS4 has already sold out in many countries, which may point to the device being more popular than the Xbox One, but could also simply be that Sony has produced fewer units than Microsoft.

Now, the first firm figures have been revealed by US games retailer GameStop, whiich suggest that Sony is winning the hearts and minds of the next generation of console gamers. According GameStop president Tony Bartel, over 1.5 million users have signed up to the company's 'First to Know' availability checker for the PS4 compared to just 700,000 for the Xbox One.

Although the company didn't share actual sales figures during its most recent earnings call, those number suggest Sony is currently in the lead in the run up to the launch of the two next-generation consoles.

The 'First to Know' system is simply a mailing list where potential buyers can register interest without having to place an order or pay a deposit, so it's unlikely those numbers will all translate into sales.

GameStop chief executive Paul Raines added to Bartel's figures, which suggested that the number of units shipping at launch for both consoles will be 60 per cent higher than they were for the previous generation, stating that the release of the two rival devices will mark "the largest console launch[es] in history."

Despite similar internal hardware, including a powerful eight-core processor built by AMD based on technology used in desktop PCs, the PS4 has a more powerful graphics processor, higher-bandwidth memory and a lower price than Microsoft's Xbox One thanks to the lack of bundled camera. Microsoft has also had a tough time on the PR front, having to backtrack on several of the console's key features in the face of consumer backlash.

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