Microsoft commits to Xbox 360 for three years after Xbox One launch

Microsoft has no plans to retire the Xbox 360 just yet, the company has confirmed, pledging hardware and software support for at least three years

5 Sep 2013
Xbox 360

Microsoft has pledged to continue to support the Xbox 360 for three more years, even as it prepares to launch the Xbox One in November.

The Xbox 360 was a powerful follow-up to Microsoft's first-ever games console when it launched in 2005, enjoying a year-long head start over Sony's PlayStation 3 in the UK. Soon, however, the Xbox 360 is to be replaced with the considerably more powerful Xbox One.

Those not looking to upgrade immediately have now been reassured by Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi that they will not be ignored following the launch of the new console. Speaking at the Citi Global Technology Conference, he confirmed that the Xbox 360 will "go for another three years - it's incredibly profitable now in the tail".

Support for the platform means that games will continue to be published for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft will allow the last-generation systems to access its Xbox Live network servers for at least the full three-year period, before potentially restricting access to Xbox One consoles only - much as it did when the Xbox was retired in favour of the Xbox 360.

The company has also confirmed that many retailers will be offering trade-in offers, where a game purchased for an Xbox 360 can be traded up to the Xbox One version for as little as $10 - meaning people can wait to upgrade to the Xbox One without the fear that their growing games library will be completely outdated as and when they make the jump.

The Xbox One will launch in the UK on the 22nd of November.

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