Xbox One may get keyboard and mouse support in a future update

More accurate control for first-person shooters could arrive in the form of support for in-game keyboard and mouse control options

9 Oct 2013
Xbox One

The Xbox One could receive support for keyboards and mice in a future update, according to Xbox Live director Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

One of the biggest issues PC gamers have with consoles is the relative lack of accuracy that comes from playing twitch-reaction games such as first-person shooters with a game pad. Some consoles, including the Sega Dreamcast, supported keyboards and mice in selected games, and other consoles have third-party accessories that can map the devices to control pad movements, none of the current or next-generation consoles include in-game keyboard and mouse support for anything other than text entry.

Larry Hryb, director of programming for Xbox Live at Microsoft, has suggested that could change with the Xbox One. Asked during an interview with NewEgg TV whether the Xbox One, which is far closer to the design and specifications of a PC than any previous console, would include support for keyboard and mouse control, Hryb stated "We'll certainly have this great SDK for developers to do what they like. If that's something they're interested in doing, we'll certainly help them do that. Certainly it's possible, but we don't have anything to announce at this time".

Hryb himself didn't seem convinced that a keyboard and mouse combination is a good fit for a console designed to sit at the centre of a gamer's living-room, however. "We kind of have this concept of when you're playing a PC game you're leaning forward," he added. "With an Xbox [game pad], sometimes you lean back - you're just kinda having fun".

The Xbox One is due to launch on the 22nd of November.

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