Nintendo 2DS price slashed to below £100

Poor initial sales thought to be behind a move from several retailers to undercut Nintendo's official 2DS RRP by £20

24 Oct 2013
Nintendo 2DS

Several UK retailers have dropped the price of the Nintendo 2DS by £20, less than two weeks after its launch, as the company continues to struggle with interesting customer in its most recent products.

Nintendo has had a rough time of late, struggling to interest gamers in its next-generation Wii U home console. Despite temporary price cuts that saw the cost of the console slashed by £100, continued poor sales led to retail giant Asda removing it from stock while continuing to sell rival devices from Sony and Microsoft.

Recently, however, the company's fortunes appeared to be changing. An official price cut on the cost of the Wii U, followed by the bundling of the much-anticipated Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD remake, saw sales of the console triple just ahead of the launch of the Xbox One and PS4 - which will likely prove to be Nintendo's most difficult period.

The company's most recent console, however, doesn't appear to be faring so well. Launched earlier this month, the 2DS is a less expensive version of its 3DS handheld which replaces the traditional clamshell design with a more tablet-like flat layout. The result is a more robust console designed especially for children, but with one serious difference: the single screen, split by a plastic bar to simulate the two-screen layout of the 3DS, has no 3D-viewing feature - making 3DS games run entirely in two dimensions.

Nintendo hasn't announced official sales figures for the device, but reception appears to have been poor enough to force several retailers dropping the price of the device just two weeks after launch. Nintendo's official recommended retail price is £109.99, but several on-line and high-street retailers have dropped this to £99 and, in some cases, included bundled games to push further sales. These offers are apparently time-limited, but if the new sub-£100 price doesn't shift stock, another pre-Christmas price cut seems likely.

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