How to pre-download the Sony PS4 UK firmware update

With tonight's midnight launch likely to put a strain on Sony's servers, here's how to download the day-one update early in preparation

28 Nov 2013

Sony has released the 1.51 Firmware update for the PS4, giving UK gamers a chance to download the 308MB patch ahead of the console's release at midnight tonight.

The long-awaited successor to the best-selling PS3, Sony's PS4 launched in the US earlier this month but is not due to hit the UK until midnight tonight. This small delay in availability has not, however, meant that Sony has been able to pre-install a mandatory firmware update - without which many console features will be unavailable. With the console predicted to sell a considerable number at launch, that spells trouble: as gamers switch their new PS4s on for the first time, Sony's servers are likely to get overwhelmed with requests for the firmware update, causing a slow-down at best and outright unavailability at worst.

Thankfully, there's a solution: Sony has made the update file available just ahead of the console's launch, as it did in the US, meaning gamers can download the 308MB patch ahead of time and save it to a USB flash drive, in a folder called "UPDATE" inside another folder called "PS4". Connecting the drive to the PS4 then powering the console on by holding the button for at least seven seconds will activate Safe Mode, providing an "Update System Software" menu item for installing the update from USB.

With the PS4 proving a fast seller in the US, we'd certainly recommend anyone planning to pick a PS4 up at launch takes the time to download the software now - if only to avoid the possibility of frustration as the device attempts to update itself from predictably-overloaded servers.

The update, plus full instructions for its installation, can be found on the official PS4 website.

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