Titanfall Expedition DLC release date set: three new maps landing in May

The first set of Titanfall paid DLC will bring three new maps, but other content also in the works expected to be free

14 Apr 2014

The first set of downloadable content for Respawn Entertainment's TitanFall will be arriving at some point in May. The paid for content will include three new maps, but anyone unwilling to pay for content may be pleased to hear that additional free content is also on the way.

The Expedition DLC was revealed during a Titanfall panel discussion at the PAX East game show in Boston, Massachusetts. It was confirmed that the content will include three maps, known as Swampland, Runoff and War Games. Swampland will add trees to the pilot playground, with Runoff providing the title's first water-based map. War Games is thought to be set within the game's tutorial 'training simulator' environment. The expansion is to be available for around $9.99 for non-Season Pass players, with those in possession of the $24.99 (£20) pass receiving the update at no extra cost.

Season pass players won't be the only ones set to benefit from extra content, however. It seems that Respawn has clear intent on fleshing out Titanfall's core gameplay, with the first set of post-launch 'Burn cards' expected to arrive soon. The one-off boosts currently only apply to pilots and weapons, but will apparently soon include Titan-specific bonuses and unlocks. Additional game modes are also a possibility, although given the beta nature of the private matches added last week we'll happily wait until Respawn has completed testing rather than cross our fingers for an early arrival.

There's no hint as to what those game modes may be just yet, but it Respawn seems likely to intending to draw on community feedback in order to decide upon them. One idea appears to be to offer so-called 'rifts' or 'variants' - slightly altered game-modes which users can play for a limited amount of time and provide thoughts and feedback on. Those capturing the imaginations of players may then be added to the game proper.

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