Xebec Itouchpad Diamond review

4 Nov 2011
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Despite its small touchpad, Xebec's Diamond is a fine way to control a media centre PC

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Xebec's wireless USB keyboard is a laptop-style combination of keyboard and touchpad, which is useful for controlling a media centre PC from your sofa. It's comfortable to type on, with flat, responsive keys and good wrist support. We weren't too keen on the non-standard positioning of some of the modifier keys, though, and found ourselves mis-typing Ctrl particularly frequently.

Xebec Itouchpad Diamond USB adapter

The touchpad is also small and slightly off-centred, which makes it a bit awkward to reach. Although irritating, these issues become less noticeable as you grow accustomed to the keyboard. The Diamond has a few rough edges that we'd like to see improved in a future versions, but at £35, it's a useful, fairly inexpensive and functional fully-integrated wireless controller that's well suited to controlling a media centre PC or media streamer from the comfort of your sofa.

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