Apple recalls iPod Nanos over battery flaw

15 Nov 2011
iPod Nano

Overheating components could lead to fire

Apple has issued a recall for certain models of its iPod line-up due to a faulty battery which represents a potential fire hazard, but the company is certainly being thorough: the devices in question date back to September 2005.

The first-generation iPod Nano devices - the ones that looked like a miniature iPod with the traditional scroll-wheel control system, rather than the more modern version with the touch-sensitive screen - have been found to overheat due to a faulty battery, and Apple is keen to get its hands on the potentially dangerous gadgets.

"The issue has been traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with a manufacturing defect," the company has admitted in a recall notice for the devices, stating that the flaw can cause overheating while refusing to verify rumours that the problem represents a potential fire risk.

The first-generation devices - recognisable by the design featuring "black or white plastic on the front and a silver metal back - later iPod nano models have a metal front and back," according to Apple - were sold between September 2005 and December 2006, but their age is no barrier to Apple offering a replacement.

Apple recommends that anyone with an affected iPod ceases its use immediately, and heads on over the the replacement form to request a new model with more reliable battery.

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