PC cases

  • Cooler Master Cosmos SE review

    Cooler Master Cosmos SE lead image
    inc VAT
    12 Apr 2015

    The Cosmos SE has plenty of cooling potential, but it's not the most spacious of cases to work in

  • NZXT H630 Silent Ultra review

    inc VAT
    16 Mar 2015

    The NZXT H630 Silent Ultra is as quiet as it is gargantuan with a clean, uncluttered design

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  • Sharkoon CA-M review

    inc VAT
    8 Mar 2015

    The Sharkoon CA-M is an inexpensive compact case but it's not particularly good-looking or easy to work in

  • Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL review

    inc VAT
    7 Mar 2015

    The Enthoo Mini XL has a top-notch specification, but you certainly pay for it

  • BitFenix Pandora

    inc VAT
    6 Mar 2015

    The BitFenix Pandora looks great and its compact chassis will be a bonus where space is at a premium

  • BeQuiet! Silent Base 800 review

    inc VAT
    5 Mar 2015

    The Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 is well constructed and has plenty of space for expansion

  • NZXT Source 340 review

    inc VAT
    1 Mar 2015

    The NZXT Source 340 has a clean, elegant design that feels sturdy and solid

  • Corsair Obsidian Series 450D review

    inc VAT
    28 Feb 2015

    The Corsair Obsidian Series 450D is a clean, well-designed case with plenty of space inside

  • Cougar Spike review

    inc VAT
    27 Feb 2015

    The Cougar Spike is a reasonable case for those on a tight budget

  • SilverStone Quiet Precision PS11 review

    inc VAT
    25 Feb 2015

    The Quiet Precision PS11 might not be the most exciting looking case but it’s easy to work inside and great value

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  • Corsair Carbide Series Air 240 review

    inc VAT
    24 Feb 2015

    A supremely well-constructed compact case that still feels spacious inside

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  • Corsair Graphite 380T review

    inc VAT
    14 Feb 2015

    The whisper-quiet Graphite 380T is compact and looks great, but still has ample room for components

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  • Fractal Design Define R5 review

    inc VAT
    4 Dec 2014

    The Define R5 is as close to silent as it gets without ditching case fans altogether, but the monolithic design is looking a little dated

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  • Raijintek Agos review

    inc VAT
    29 Nov 2014

    Not a looker, but the Agos makes it easy to build and maintain a mid-range PC

  • Corsair Graphite 780T review

    inc VAT
    21 Nov 2014

    The Graphite 780T is not only pretty, it’s easy to work in and has lots of room for high-end components

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  • Bitfenix Neos review

    inc VAT
    4 Nov 2014

    The Neos is a bargain case that’s ideal for budget-to-mid-range gaming or home office builds

  • SilverStone ML07 review

    inc VAT
    16 Sep 2014

    The SilverStone ML07 is a good basis for a living room PC, but the instructions could be better

  • In Win 901 review

    In Win 901
    inc VAT
    25 May 2014

    A pretty PC case made from high-quality materials, but there are some annoyances

  • NZXT H440 review

    NZXT H440
    inc VAT
    13 May 2014

    A stylish case that’s ideal for those who value neatness

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  • NZXT Source 530 review

    NZXT Source 530
    inc VAT
    24 Mar 2014

    A couple of flimsy components mean this chassis seems a little too expensive for what it is