Enermax Luxuray review

A well laid out interior and reasonable cooling, but it’s difficult to like the gaudy LED lighting.

29 Apr 2011
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It doesn’t look particularly exciting when turned off, but a reflective front panel on the Enermax Luxuray hides an LED intake fan at the base which cycles between different patterns of light. The effect is pretty garish, but thankfully it can be turned off using a switch on the I/O panel.

Enermax Luxuray

Beyond the custom lighting, the Luxuray is an otherwise basic budget case. Cooling is split between the front intake and rear exhaust fans, both of which are 120mm models. A further three 120mm fans can be installed to reduce temperatures further, but noise could quickly become an issue. If you use a large tower-style CPU cooler, there won’t be enough clearance to add fans to the side panel.

Enermax Luxuray side off

A reasonable five external 5.25in drive bays are joined by five internal 3.5in bays. Because the 3.5in bays are mounted transversely, adding extra storage is as simple as sliding in a new hard disk. The tool-free 5.25in drive bay mechanisms don’t feel particularly sturdy, but did a good job of holding our optical drives in place.

Using the pre-cut cable management holes, we managed to keep the case looking tidy after assembling a PC. There was barely any room after installing our longest graphics card, so cards with power connections on the end rather than the side may prove tricky to fit.

With fan LEDs reminiscent of a funfair, the design certainly won’t appeal to everyone. Cable management is marginally better than Zalman’s Z7 Plus plus, but the Luxuray can’t match it for build quality and noise levels.

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