Orb Music Player MP-1 review

The MP-1 is small, easy to use and can play music from any PC associated with your Orb account

14 Mar 2011
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Orb's tiny Music Player MP-1 wireless audio streamer can play music stored on any device anywhere in the world associated with Orb’s streaming service. Through this service it can stream media files from any switched-on computer running Orb’s software, including from SMB shares connected to it.

The MP-1 has no integrated controls, so you have to plug it into your PC over USB to set it up and use the Orb Control utility on your PC, iOS or Android device to control the streamer and select which tracks, playlists or streaming services you want it to play. After initial configuration, you just plug the streamer into the mains and connect its 3.5mm line-out to speakers or a stereo. It also requires a wireless network connection.

Orb 1

Both the mobile and PC apps are incredibly easy to use, and the mobile app rivals those of more expensive streamers, like Sonos's range. We were disappointed by the number of streaming services it supports, though. Internet radio and YouTube audio works, but Pandora and SIRIUS are only available to US users. We'd like support for UK-friendly services like Last.fm and Spotify.

Despite that, the MP-1 is an excellent streamer. It's cheap, compact and easy to use - the user-friendly PC and smartphone controls are much better than poking at buttons or remote controls. The lack of support for UK music-streaming services costs it a star, but if you keep most of your music in MP3 format it’s a fantastic wireless player. The Orb is shipped from the US, so will come to a total of £74 if you have to pay its £12 import duty.

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