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15 Mar 2007
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1,024x768 resolution, 3,000 ANSI lumens, 72x246x177mm, 1.6kg

NEC's NP60 is ideal if you don't know what sort of surface you'll be projecting images on to.

The wall colour feature allows you to project directly on to a painted wall, adjusting to compensate for nine shades of paint. When you use the zoom ring to enlarge or reduce the projected image manually, the NP60 will automatically adjust its focus. It's the only projector in the group that does this.

This is the most expensive office projector in the group and is more expensive than three of the home cinema projectors. Despite this, it doesn't have any connectors other than the usual VGA, composite and S-video inputs. Its lamp is also expensive, costing 11p per hour to run.

We wondered if the extra cost could have been justified by good image quality, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. No matter how much we adjusted its settings, colours remained muted. All the DLP projectors here had difficulty accurately reproducing red areas, and many gave a yellowish cast to images. On most other projectors these problems could be overcome by fiddling with the controls, but on the NP60 they stubbornly remained.

It also produces a significant rainbow effect. Although not as pronounced as that of Acer's PD527W, this is still distracting when watching moving images. The focus is good, though, and images are sharp. Text is crisp, even when it's as small as Arial 6.8pt on the source material. This is a reasonable projector for business use, but at this price it's poor value.

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