Asus P1 Pico Projector review

A portable pico projector with a high resolution and great picture

7 Apr 2012
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1,280x800 resolution, 200 ANSI lumens, 34x126x130mm, 415g

Where the P1 falls down is in support for different sources and formats. Unlike the 3M PocketProjector MP180, there's no built-in media player or memory card slot, and the proprietary adaptor cable that comes in the box only has VGA and composite inputs. It's quite a short cable, too, so unless you also carry a VGA extension cable, the P1 needs to be within a metre of your laptop's VGA port.

Asus P1 Pico Projector

Whether you choose the P1 over the slightly more expensive 3M MP180 or the slightly cheaper Microvision Showwx+ HDMI will depend entirely on what you want to project, how much room you'll have and where your files are stored - 3M's projector is more suited to those who use memory cards and want to travel without a laptop, whereas Microvision's specialised Showwx+ HDMI is better if you want to project content from a smartphone. The P1 is also no good if you want to project somewhere without a mains socket.

If you want to project from a laptop and don't need battery power, though, the Asus P1 is by far the best choice. It's small, light, has a usefully high resolution and great image quality for its size, so wins a Best Buy award.

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