PC monitors

  • HTC Vive & SteamVR review - Hands on

    HTC Vive  Seth
    28 Oct 2015

    HTC and Valve's collaboration is incredibly promising but we'll need plenty of content before parting with our cash

  • Samsung U32E850R review

    inc VAT
    15 Aug 2015

    A practical 4K office monitor, but it's about as expensive as they come

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  • Best monitor 2015 - Top picks and buying guide

    24 Jul 2015

    Which monitor should you buy? Find out with our in-depth buying guide and handy list of best panels to buy in 2015

  • Acer Predator XB270HU G-Sync monitor review

    Acer XB270HU front shot
    inc VAT
    20 Jul 2015

    With the best image quality we've ever seen from a gaming monitor, this Predator is at the top of the food chain

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  • AOC Q2577PWQ review

    AOC q2577pwq front on desk
    inc VAT
    18 Jun 2015

    Great image quality from a 25in panel, but a lack of USB ports limits the AOC Q2577PWQ's practical appeal

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  • BenQ RL2755HM review

    BenQ RL2755HM - front view
    inc VAT
    1 May 2015

    Targeting console gamers, this monitor fails to deliver the image quality we'd expect at this price

  • LG 34UM67 with FreeSync review

    inc VAT
    23 Mar 2015

    The LG 34UM67 is a good FreeSync case study with great image quality, but finding its refresh rate sweet spot is difficult

  • Samsung U32D970Q review

    An angled view of the Samsung U32D970Q professional monitor
    inc VAT
    5 Mar 2015

    Supreme colour accuracy from a 32in panel, but the Samsung U32D970Q's imperfections are less forgivable at this price

  • Acer S277HK review

    An angled view of the Acer S277HK 4K monitor
    inc VAT
    4 Mar 2015

    The Acer S277HK is a stylish Ultra HD monitor with fabulous image quality, but it's not hugely practical

  • AOC U3477PQU review

    inc VAT
    15 Feb 2015

    With incredible colours and a versatile design, the AOC U3477PQU is the best ultra-wide monitor you can buy today

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  • Eizo Foris FS2434 review

    inc VAT
    12 Feb 2015

    The Foris FS2434 is a superbly built monitor with tiny bezels, great image quality and software making it perfect for multi-monitor setups

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  • BenQ PG2401PT review

    inc VAT
    4 Feb 2015

    Professional-grade colour performance and sturdy design, but its resolution is lower than we'd like

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  • Asus PB279Q review

    inc VAT
    2 Feb 2015

    Serving up gorgeous 4K images, the Asus PB279Q is perfect for colour-sensitive designers, photographers and gamers

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  • Philips Brilliance 288P6LJEB/00 4K monitor review

    inc VAT
    24 Jan 2015

    The Philips Brilliance 288P6 is a competent Ultra HD monitor, but it isn't a huge improvement over its similarly priced rivals

  • AOC G2770PQU review

    inc VAT
    22 Jan 2015

    The AOC G2770PQU is a perfectly good 144Hz gaming monitor, but it's slightly too expensive

  • AOC G2460PG G-Sync monitor review

    inc VAT
    12 Jan 2015

    The AOC G2460PG is a brilliant monitor, but its built-in G-Sync, while impressive, is far too expensive and ultimately superfluous

  • ViewSonic VG2401mh review

    inc VAT
    28 Dec 2014

    The ViewSonic VG2401mh is a terrific gaming monitor, but it's more expensive than its rivals and it lacks cable management

  • ViewSonic VX2363Smhl-W review

    inc VAT
    17 Dec 2014

    The ViewSonic VX2363Smhl-W provides IPS image quality at a reasonable price

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  • BenQ GW2765HT review

    inc VAT
    17 Nov 2014

    Cheap with good image quality, the BenQ GW2765HT brings WQHD resolution and IPS quality to a new, low price

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  • Samsung S32D850T review

    inc VAT
    15 Nov 2014

    Superb design and great image quality gives the Samsung S32D850 the edge in the battle of the 32in monitors

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