Viewsonic VP2770-LED monitor review

Viewsonic’s first WQHD display gets the hands-on treatment

11 Sep 2012
Viewsonic VP2770-LED

We’re big fans of WQHD displays as they give you such a vast amount of desktop space, even compared to Full HD 1,920x1,080 resolution screens. That’s why we were excited to hear Viewsonic is launching its own 27in, 2560x1440 professional display next month. We had a short hands-on with the VP2770-LED this morning at the London launch event.

As it is designed mainly for graphics professionals, it’s no surprise that the VP2770-LED has fairly utilitarian looks – the matt black stand is fairly chunky but at least the bezel is relatively thin. You’ll also be spending more time looking at the screen rather than what surrounds it, and thankfully it’s very easy on the eye. The IPS panel has fantastic viewing angles, with very little light reflection thanks to the matt display finish.

Viewsonic VP2770-LED

Colours looked fantastic in the few demo images Viewsonic had to hand, and so they should – the VP2770-LED uses 10-bit colour and has a pre-calibrated Delta E of less than three, below the threshold for the human eye to establish differences between hues. That means up to 1.07 billion colour combinations, perfect for editing photos or design work.

Viewsonic has taken care to make sure the VP2770-LED is as ergonomic as possible, adding tilt, swivel, rotation and height adjustment. You can also remove the panel from its stand and mount it on a multi-monitor stand or wall-bracket. There’s no shortage of connectivity around the back, with VGA, dual-link DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs, as well as a four-port USB hub, split between two USB3 ports and two slower USB2 ports. There are also touch-sensitive buttons built into the bezel for controlling the active input, or navigating the on-screen menu.

Viewsonic VP2770-LED

Although ideal for graphic designers, photographers and artists, the VP2770-LED doesn’t look like it will satisfy gamers looking for ultra-quick response times – Viewsonic says 12ms is the average, well above the 2ms of the fastest displays. It was impossible to check for ghosting on the static slideshow set up to demo the screen, so we can’t say whether it will be a major issue until we get one into the lab.

Viewsonic will be bringing the VP2770-LED to Europe at the beginning of October for £459 – hardly cheap for a monitor but still very reasonably priced compared to other high-end professional displays. If you need colour accuracy and an ultra-high resolution, you’ll be able to pick one up next month.

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