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Go Baby Mobile 10,000mAh Power Pack review

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  • 10,000mAh Power Pack


A huge capacity and great value - this is a Best Buy battery pack

Review Date: 16 Nov 2012

Price when reviewed: £40


Reviewed By: Chris Finnamore

Our Rating 5 stars out of 5

ExpertReviews Award

The 10,000mAh Power Pack is about the size of a packet of cigarettes, and has a huge 10,000mAh capacity; about five times that of a large mobile phone battery. It charges from a standard mini USB connection, and on the top are a button to start charging and four LED status lights to show how much charge is left.

10,000mAh Power Pack

The Power Pack comes with a selection of charging tips for various mobile phones and the old Apple dock connector, but any device that supports USB charging will be fine, thanks to the Power Pack's twin USB ports.

One port is a 1A model, while one is 2A for faster charging. We found using the 2A port would charge an iPad 2 from empty to 77% full in around three hours, giving you eight hours of extra battery life. When we trickle-charged using the 1A port, it took six hours to charge the iPad to 94% capacity, making this by far the highest-capacity portable battery pack we have ever seen.

The Power Pack could even charge an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S3 at once - the battery managed to charge the phone to 57% and the tablet to 17%. This is a chunky but incredibly powerful portable battery at a good price.

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