Sharp PG-B10S review

28 May 2004
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The Sharp PG-B10S has one of the most bland designs out of all the projectors here: the 'keep it simple' philosophy was obviously in the minds of its designers when they put together this device.

However, physical looks aren't everything and this unit offers a lot more than its case suggests.

The signal inputs are basic, with VGA, S-Video and composite sockets, and one VGA-output connection. Audio-in is provided for all inputs via one 3.5mm socket.

The focus and zoom are operated via a ring around the lens. The ring is pretty small, and we found our fingers could easily stray onto the lens when using it. On the plus side, though, digital adjustment can cause loss of brightness and artefacts, so Sharp provides a manual lens-shift joystick to quickly adjust for image distortion, enabling greater image accuracy. A single foot at the front centre of the projector controls height adjustment.

The menu system is easy to navigate but we thought the button layout on the top of the projector was too busy and could benefit from a little refinement. The remote control is basic in design but has all the options you might need. The buttons are large enough to accurately press in dark conditions. Auto syncing and image freeze are available as well as direct signal input options from the keypad.

The PG-B10S showed excellent detail from our presentation slides, with accurate colours and well-defined text, and it coped particularly well with solid blocks of colour. The playback of the video footage was good: colours were spot-on, detail was fine and the images were well balanced - not too saturated, not too dull. We did see a yellow caste is some scenes, especially where there was a lot of white in the background, but this was so slight as to be inconsequential.

The Sharp PG-B10S really impressed us. It was one of the quietest models on test, didn't produce too much heat, and apart from the minor yellow caste on video playback and the poor speaker, was one of the few models on test to come close to the Labs Best for image quality.

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