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Apple iPod Nano 16GB 2010 review

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For some, the new nano will be a disappointment, while for others (particularly runners) it will be a revelation.

Review Date: 14 Sep 2010

Price when reviewed: £159

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Reviewed By: Jim Martin

Our Rating 4 stars out of 5

User Rating 4 stars out of 5

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As we were sat watching Steve Jobs announce the new iPod line-up at Apple's annual shindig, we were shocked by the huge changes to the Nano. The previous five generations were basically all iterations of the same idea, but Apple has changed tack completely with this sixth-gen model.

While the previous version had a 2.2in screen, a clickwheel and an HD video camera built-in, the 2010 nano has lost all those features. It's now almost as small as a Shuffle and ditches the scroll wheel in favour of a touchscreen.

As well as the absence of a camera, there's also no video support on the smaller 1.5in screen. Given its 240x240-pixel resolution and square aspect ratio this seems a sensible decision, but anyone wanting to watch videos will immediately be put off.

iPod nano colours

However, Apple deserves praise for managing to produce yet another wonderful interface that is eminently usable, even at this diminutive size. It sort of behaves like a miniature iPod Touch, but instead of pressing a button to return to the home screen, you simply swipe left repeatedly until you get there. Or, if you prefer, tap and hold the screen for a couple of seconds.

There are four home screens and, just like the touch, you can tap and hold an icon to switch to jiggle mode and rearrange them to your liking. It's clear that the focus is firmly on music, with most of the icons providing different ways to access your library, including CoverFlow. There's a Genius Mixes icon so you can listen to similar music, and the same FM radio as in the previous model. When you tune into a station, the stream is recorded, so you can pause and rewind at will. The ability to scan frequencies by swiping your finger is a neat trick.

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