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Apple iPod Touch 32GB (4th Generation) review

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The latest iPod touch is an improvement all-round. With its incredible screen, built-in camera and amazing user interface, this is the best media player around.

Review Date: 14 Sep 2010

Price when reviewed: £249

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Reviewed By: David Ludlow

Our Rating 5 stars out of 5

User Rating 5 stars out of 5

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For its latest iPod Touch, Apple has closed the gap between what its portable media player and iPhone 4 are capable of. In fact, it's pretty much fair to say that this time around the iPod touch is an iPhone without the phone capability.

From the outside the new model looks very similar to the 3rd Generation model. Depending on your views on how the iPhone 4 looks, this could well be a good thing. Laying the 4th Generation model side-by-side with the 3rd Generation we were hard-pushed to tell the difference. The new model is ever-so-slightly slimmer, the volume controls are two separate buttons and the metal bezel is thinner. Other than that, the two could be identical twins.

iPod Touch

However, it's what Apple's done on the inside that really makes the difference. For starters, there's now the same Retina display as the iPhone 4 with its resolution of 640x960. It really is an incredible screen and currently the best of any phone or portable media player. It makes text and graphics look super sharp, making it incredibly easy to read things on-screen.

It's undeniably better than the previous generation's screen, which had a quarter of the resolution at 320x480. However, the old screen is still respectable and great for browsing the web. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that on a first quick inspection, side-by-side, the difference isn't as big as you'd expect. Instead, it's a case that the more you use the Retina display the worse the old screen looks retrospectively.

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