HD Anywhere 4x4 Matrix review

Expensive, but great for watching visual media in multiple rooms

25 Oct 2012
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If you’ve filled the A/V rack in your home cinema but occasionally like to watch Blu-ray films, catch-up TV or satellite broadcasts in another room, you may think your only option is to fork out for a second set of equipment. However, that isn’t the case if you opt for a multiroom streaming system such as the HD Anywhere Multiroom+, which lets you share four set-top boxes, Blu-ray players or games consoles with up to four TVs, wherever they may be within your house.

HD Anywhere 4x4 Matrix

The Multiroom+ 4x4 HDBaseT system comprises a main unit that’s roughly the same size as the average set-top box, as well as four receiver units that each connect to a different TV. The silver finish and industrial-looking blue LED activity lights aren’t exactly attractive, and neither are the IR receiver cables plugged into the front, but this is largely forgiveable as the system is designed to be hidden from view.

HD Anywhere 4x4 Matrix

Around the back, there are four HDMI inputs for all your equipment, as well as two Ethernet ports for network access and four more for video signals. There’s also an RS232 control unit, which home cinema aficionados will be able to use for triggering blinds, drop-down projector screens and controlling lighting conditions, and ports on the front for four IR transmitters which need to be pointed at the equipment you’ll be using. This adds up to a lot of wires, so you’ll either want to use your DIY skills or hire a professional to avoid a mess of cables, but it does mean you can hide everything away from view or even relocate you’re A/V rack away from the TV.

HD Anywhere 4x4 Matrix

The receivers are similarly well connected, with an HDMI video output, twin Ethernet ports for adding network connectivity throughout the house and a third HTBaseT Ethernet port for receiving video and audio signals from the main unit. Each receiver unit has its own power supply, so you’ll need a spare plug socket next to each TV, and you’ll also need to route the external IR receiver to pick up your TV remotes if you want to be able to change channels in different rooms.

HD Anywhere 4x4 Matrix

You’re able to send four separate HDMI streams at once, so you aren’t limited to what one person wants to watch. You could have up to four TVs playing different content all at once, without any performance impact. The system comes with a bundled remote control, which is purely for source selection and best left near the main unit for quick switching between components.

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