Teufel Raumfeld Connector review

Useful if you own a powerful hi-fi system, but it’s not as sleek as having wireless speakers

6 May 2012
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This head unit is part of Teufel's multi-room audio system. Other products in the range include the Teufel Raumfeld 3CSM plus the Teufel Raumfeld Speaker M and the Teufel Raumfeld Speaker S.

The £270 Raumfeld Connector can add streaming capabilities to an existing hi-fi setup. It looks almost identical to the Base Station, having another large Wi-Fi aerial extruding from the rear, but it has plenty of outputs to make it easy to set up.

Teufel Raumfeld Connector

As well as one analogue RCA and one digital optical output, it also has an analogue input that lets you connect an auxiliary source to the system. You won’t be able to control it using the Raumfeld Controller, but it should mean less time spent switching between inputs on your hi-fi.

There’s also a USB port that performs the same function as that in the Base Station, so if you’re planning a Raumfeld system without it you’ll still be able to connect a memory stick or external hard disk to play audio files locally.

Teufel Raumfeld Connector

The Connector appears like any other Raumfeld speaker, and can be controlled in the same way. Volume works independently of the system to which it’s connected, so you don’t have to worry about blowing your ears off when you change to a different source.

If you already own a powerful home cinema system or dedicated hi-fi, the Connector is a worthy addition to a Raumfeld setup, although it won’t be as slick as using a pair of dedicated speakers. You’ll have to turn on the amplifier manually and set it to the correct input before you can start listening, which is less than ideal if you want one-touch multi-room audio.

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