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8 best artificial Christmas trees: Enjoy hassle-free festivities with these fake trees


Are you pining for a needle-free, no-mess Christmas? Take your pick of the best artificial Christmas trees

If you’re fed up of picking out pine needles from your carpet or rug months after the festive season has finished, finding the best artificial Christmas trees is a smart choice. Fake Christmas trees don’t need watering, and they're suitable for those who have allergies to evergreens. What's more, they’re usually much quicker to put up and take down, generally requiring minimal assembly time and storing away easily after use.

Most importantly, though, the best artificial Christmas trees last for years, meaning it's one less cost to worry about over the festive period.

You're probably thinking, "won't my tree look fake, though?" You might be surprised to hear that the short answer is no. Just because they’re artificial doesn’t mean they have to look fake – some of today’s artificial Christmas trees look so authentic that you need to get right up close and actually touch the branches before you can tell they’re not real. Even if you do buy one that doesn't look totally authentic, they can still be absolutely beautiful if you choose the right one. And if you’d rather go for a completely unconventional look, there are plenty of stylish, contemporary alternatives to choose from.

Whichever style you’re looking for, our buying guide will help you find answers to the key questions you might have, and our bite-size reviews are ready to help you choose the best fake tree for the festive season ahead.

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Best artificial Christmas tree: at a glance

How to choose the best artificial Christmas tree for you

Which artificial trees look the most real?

Needles made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) look more realistic than those made from plastic, while needles made from PE (polyethylene) are even more lifelike. Examine the really authentic-looking trees and you’ll see that the branch tips are also sculpted.

As you might expect, it’s generally the case that the more authentic a tree looks, the more expensive it is, although some cheaper options still look convincing. Look out for branches with dense needles that surround the branch right up to the end rather than give-away exposed tips.

Of course, you can also add your own authentic touches, including tree scent fresheners. Not all artificial Christmas trees try to look like real trees, however, with other options including tinsel, feather, wood and metal.

What size should I go for?

Artificial trees come in all shapes and sizes. Measure your ceiling height, leaving at least two feet of space between the top of the tree and the ceiling, particularly if you want to put a star or angel on top. Also bear in mind that the taller the tree, the wider it is likely to be (with some exceptions), so you should also assess the floor space, making sure your tree won’t be squashed up against a sofa or the branches don’t take over your TV screen. A tree crowded by furniture is not a good look.

Should I buy a pre-lit tree?

Pre-lit trees are quicker and easier to set up and put away than their non-lit counterparts and while they are usually more pricey, you'll avoid the cost of strings of lights that you would otherwise need to buy separately. Pre-lit trees tend to have more equally distributed lights too, whereas this look can take time to achieve if you put your own on.

If you do go for a pre-lit tree, be sure to buy one where the lights are wired in parallel – unlike cheap lights that are wired in series, this means that one burnt out bulb doesn’t cause the whole string to go out.

Anything else to consider?

Before clicking that buy now button, make sure to think about the following questions:

  • How sturdy are the stand and tree?
  • Does it come with a storage bag or box to keep it in when it’s not in use and do you have room to store it?
  • Does it have a manufacturer warranty, which helps ensure the tree is durable?

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The best artificial Christmas trees to buy

1. Habitat 6ft Mixed Tip Natural Look Christmas Tree: Best budget natural-looking tree

Price: £80 | Buy now from Argos

If you're looking to recreate the quirkiness and charm of a real tree, this natural look option from Argos is both affordable and attractive. The mixed tips and upswept branches mirror a more realistic style and also mean it's easier to hang decorations. The three comes in three parts that easily slot into place and while you'll need to tease the branches a bit to get them to look full and bushy, it doesn't take too long before you've got a wonderful, natural-looking tree. If you want a big tree but are trying not to spend too much on one this year, then look no further.

Key details – Sizes available: 6ft; Pre-lit: No

Buy now from Argos

2. M&S 6ft Pre-lit Fraser Fir Christmas Tree: Best pre-lit slim Christmas tree

Price: £35 | Buy now from Marks and Spencer

M&S's handmade 6ft pre-lit spruce is a serious statement tree. It's not the widest tree on our list, but the fine branch tips mean it’s wonderfully bushy for the price, making it a top choice for adding class without too much bulk.

A set of 100 warm-white LED light bulbs are already included and give off a lovely soft glow. The branches fall into place easily, and you can adjust them to suit the style you want. What’s more, the tree uses “memory branch technology”, meaning when you take it out of the box next year, it'll fall into your chosen arrangement on its own, saving you time and effort.

It’s mains operated and comes with a plastic stand. There's also a five-year guarantee, so you can be sure you’ll be using it for many Christmases to come.

Key details – Sizes available: 6ft (60.9cm wide), Pre-lit: Yes

Buy now from Marks and Spencer

3. The White Company Grand Spruce Christmas Tree: Best wide realistic Christmas tree

Price: £295 | Buy now from The White Company

If you've got a 1.5 metre-wide circle spare in the living room and want an artificial tree that looks as close to the real thing as possible, The White Company's near-foolproof fake is the tree for you. “We’ve gone to great lengths to achieve the most natural shade of green and the most realistic look of fir”, says the website, and the close-up photos of hand-painted needles and branches bear that out. Indeed, the tree is so good-looking you don't have to go mad with decorations.

Key details – Sizes available: 6ft (132cm wide), 9ft (170cm wide); Pre-lit: Yes

Buy now from The White Company

4. Snowtime Green Pine Pencil Tree: Best unlit slim Christmas tree

Price: From £30 | Buy now from Amazon

Strapped for space? This extra-slim Pencil Pine from Snowtime will fit into even the most snug of corners, whilst still standing up to an impressive eight feet tall. It isn't the most authentic artificial tree we've ever come across, but with folding branches and a metal stand, it should at least last a fair few Christmasses. It's made of PVC and collapses neatly into sections, with a sturdy reusable box to pack it all away in the loft once the festive season is done. This is a practical tree with plenty of glowing Amazon reviews, a small footprint and – most crucially – a low price.

Key details – Sizes available: 4ft/5ft/6ft/7ft/8ft; Pre-lit: No

5. Habitat 6ft Half Christmas Tree: Best Christmas tree for homes with pets

Price: £50 | Buy now from Argos

If you have pets, curious toddlers or just enjoy being a bit different at Christmas, this unusual top-half tree is a great shout. With fewer branches, it not only looks neat but also prevents pets from clawing and nibbling at low-hanging baubles and also means you have more room for presents too.

We're also big fans of the realistic needles on this one. Although it's obviously aritificial due to the design, the natural leaves add a nice real life touch. This one doesn't need much assembling, but like with most artificial trees, you'll need to do a bit of branch fluffing to get it looking picture perfect.

Key details – Sizes available: 6ft; Pre-lit: No

Buy now from Argos

6. DWA artificial trees: Best Christmas tree range

Price: From £60 | Buy now from Amazon

If you want an imposing tree modelled after one of several real-life pine or spruce varieties, DWA's luxurious artificial Christmas tree range is well worth a look. Featuring ten different types of coniferous tree, from the Canadian Pine pictured above to the bright Virginia Pine or blue-ish Alpine Spruce, the range is unfalteringly pleasing on the eye – and on the wallet.

Trees range in size from five to eight feet (150-250cm) and come both with or without frosted tips depending on which one you choose. The literal cherry on top is an elongated topmost branch, perfect for wobbly tree toppers.

Key details – Sizes available: 5ft/6ft/7ft/8ft; Pre-lit: No

7. Christmas Concepts 60cm Decorated Frosted Tree: Best mini Christmas tree

Price: £18 | Buy now from Amazon

Have one big tree is a must at Christmas but sometimes one or two mini trees are a great way to add some extra festive-spirit to your home. Whether it's your desk, mantlepiece or the kitchen table, this dinky 60cm Christmas tree is a real gem.

It comes ready assembled with frosted tips and decorations and the bottom is hidden away in a stylish metal pot. Better still, it's super affordable, meaning that you can decorate the entire house with little Christmas trees – if you want.

Key details – Sizes available: 60cm; Pre-lit: No

8. Balsam Hill Fraser Fir: An authentic looking tree with really dense branches

Price: From £269 | Buy now from Balsam Hill

The Fraser fir is the American favourite and the one you’re most likely to see carried into the White House every year. In many ways, it’s similar to the Norway spruce, but the narrower shape makes it a good tree type for tighter spaces and the needles are soft and dense. You won’t get the wonderful citrusy smell with this fake one, but in almost all other ways it’s like the real deal.

The manufacturer puts it down to the fact that it moulds the foliage from actual clippings of natural firs and they certainly haven’t scrimped when it comes to the fullness and two-tone colouring. You can get it with or without lights, and the lights are available as a warm glow or multicoloured.

Key details – Sizes available: 4ft to 9ft; Pre-lit: Both available

Buy now from Balsam Hill