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Samsung’s wireless charging station for Galaxy S9, Note 9 and Galaxy Watches is half price

Charge your Samsung kit in style with this bargain first-party wireless charger

One of the benefits of recent flagship Samsung phones – from the Galaxy S6 all the way up to the S9 and Note 9 – is the consistent support for wireless charging. You don’t need to worry about the fiddliness of cables: just drop your phone onto a Qi wireless charger and it’ll be up to 100% battery again in no time.
If you’re a real Samsung fan though, you may have more than one wirelessly chargeable device: the S9 and the new Galaxy Watch, for example. If that’s the case, then Samsung has the answer for you: the Wireless Charger Duo which can fast charge two devices at once. It normally retails for £89.99, but currently Samsung is selling from its own website for the low price of £44.99. 

Wireless charging isn’t as fast as mains-powered charging, of course, but it’s a nice tidy solution if you’re not in a rush. The Wireless Charger Duo is capable of fast charging supported Samsung handsets with a 12W output, but older devices will be capped at the slower 5W speed, as will recent smartwatches. That shouldn’t really be an issue in the case of the latter, given wearables’ batteries are considerably smaller, of course.

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And you don’t need to have Samsung devices to use this, either. Anything that supports the Qi wireless charging standard should work just fine.
Of course, if you have been watching the January sales, you won’t be short of Samsung products to plug into this. Not only has the Galaxy S9 handset been seen on the cheap at a number of places, but the Galaxy Watch has seen its first signs of dropping in price too. And the last generation Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch has now hit a very tempting £150 price point as well
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