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Best packing cubes 2023: Streamline your luggage and save with these top waterproof and compression packing cube sets

Whether it’s for business travel or backpacking, your luggage will benefit greatly from using some of the best packing cubes you can buy

It might sound like organisational overkill, but compacting your possessions into the best packing cubes you can find will save you so much hassle in the long run. As well as mitigating the chances of a clothing avalanche every time you open your suitcase, organising your possessions into cubes will stop your cables from tangling together and keep your clean clothes separate from the dirty ones.

Perfect for suitcases, backpacks and weekend bags alike, packing cubes will keep your clothing in regimented order, allowing you to easily plan your outfits for your trip. You can also get waterproof cubes, which are great for adding an extra layer of protection for tech, documents, and other fragile items.

Packing cubes aren’t just good for long-term travelling, either. Even the shortest of trips will benefit from the strategic space-saving of compressing your possessions into as tight a space as possible, leaving more space for souvenirs, or just reducing the need for larger baggage.

The range of packing cubes on the market is quite overwhelming, so we’ve gathered together the best of the bunch here, with options and sizes for all needs. If you aren’t sure which would be ideal for you, our buying guide has further details to help you decide. Otherwise, read on to see our pick of the best packing cubes that you can buy right now.

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Best packing cubes: At a glance

  • Best budget option: Vicloon Travel Organiser | Buy now
  • Best for backpackers: Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal | Buy now
  • Best for colour coordination: Tripped Travel Gear Packing Cubes | Buy now
  • Best for over-packers: Packing Cubes for Travel | Buy now
  • Best for compression: Eono Compression Packing Cubes | Buy now

How to choose the best packing cube for you

How much should you spend?

The good news is that packing cubes, for the most part, are highly affordable. Some of the sets from high-profile brands can cost as much as £80 to £120, but mosts sets come in between £15 and £40. Some sets are cheaper, but since you’re making (what should be) a one-off investment, we suggest you spend a little more on packing cubes that display quality and durability – oh, and are easy on the eye if that’s important to you.

How much luggage are you packing?

Packing cubes almost always come in multi-pack sets, which usually range between three and six pieces. Larger sets include accessories like shoe bags and flat cases for items like laptops and tablets. Which size you choose should be down to how much you’re taking – certainly, if you’re packing for a trip longer than a week, those large sets look like the smart and cost-effective choice.

Do you need to protect your luggage?

Maybe you’re going off-grid on a trek or hiking trip, and your luggage will be exposed to the elements. Or maybe you’re just a bit butter-fingered. Either way, a set of waterproof packing cubes will shield your belongings from any split liquids.

Are you stuck for space?

We’ve all been on those weekend-long breaks where you’re at the mercy of Ryanair’s size-check box. In situations where you need to force an inordinate amount of luggage into a small carry-on case, a set of compression-style packing cubes will prove invaluable. These are designed with an extra zip that, once closed, will push your possessions down into as little space as possible.

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The best packing cubes to buy in 2023

1. Vicloon Travel Organiser: The best budget packing cubes

Price: £10.00 | Buy now from Amazon

For an inexpensive solution to your suitcase-organising needs, Vicloon’s travel organiser set is the way to go. This kit includes three cubes and three compression pouches, with a small, medium and large option for each. The tops of the cubes are made from a flexible mesh, so if you pack strategically, you can just check the contents with a glance and avoid rummaging around for a certain item of clothing.

Each cube and pouch is made from waterproof nylon, so your contents will be protected from the elements. That being said, the mesh lid on the cubes is made from polyester, so one side won’t be as protected as the others. For your gadgets and non-waterproof valuables, you’re best keeping them in one of the laundry pouches.

Key specs – Material: Nylon, polyester; Weight: 315g; Quantity: Six; Colours: Five; Waterproof: Yes

2. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech Cube Set: Best packing cubes for backpackers

Price: £35 | Buy now from Rohan

If you’re a repeat traveller and need packing cubes that can withstand extensive (and sometimes pretty merciless) use, then take a look at this set of ultra-lightweight packing cubes from Eagle Creek. The Californian brand has been going strong since 1975, and its pedigree is evident in the high-class design of its products. Here, you can see it in everything from the delicately stitched fabric to the zippers (tied like climbing ropes to withstand constant tugs). Each cube is available separately on Amazon, but this three-piece set offers much better value for money, and is a sound choice to those who put their travel gear to constant use and are willing to spend accordingly.

Key specs – Quantity: 3; Weight: 227g; Material: Ripstop nylon; Waterproof: Yes

Buy now from Rohan

3. Tripped Travel Gear Packing Cubes: The best for colour coordination

Price: From £59 | Buy now from Amazon

This colourful set from Tripped features a different design on each cube, meaning that tactical packers can organise their belongings based on colour, making it even easier to retrieve something quickly. Four of the cubes use a double zipper compression system, allowing you to fit more clothes into less space, which is priceless for when you’re travelling light. If you find you’re coming home from your trip with more than you left with, the zip system makes it easy to expand the cubes out of the compression state, giving you more room to store all of your souvenirs.

Key specs – Material: Polyurethane; Weight: N/S; Quantity: Six; Colours: Four; Waterproof: No

4. Packing Cubes for Travel: The best for over-packers

Price: £17 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re the type of person who brings an outfit for every occasion and several backups just in case, you’re going to need a lot of packing cubes. With ten separate pieces, including five packing cubes, three drawstring bags and two smaller zipped bags, this set should be enough to accommodate even the most excessive of packers. The material is water-resistant which means you shouldn’t have to worry about soggy clothes on a rain-filled trip, but perhaps go for another option if you know you’ll be getting drenched.

Key specs – Material: Polyester, Nylon; Weight: 350g; Quantity: Ten; Colours: One; Waterproof: Yes

5. Eono Compression Packing Cubes: The best compression packing cubes

Price: £26 | Buy now from Amazon

Do you ever find yourself sitting on your suitcase before a big trip, trying to squash it down enough to get the zipper closed? These Eono compression cubes do essentially the same thing, only they make it much easier and more efficient. With airline luggage restrictions limiting your bag size, a set like this can give you the edge, allowing you to fit all your possessions into a single case. Each cube features a sturdy zip system that lets you compress them into a more travel-friendly size, while the firm carry handles make for easy transportation. The top panels also feature a mesh which comes in handy for checking the cube’s contents without undoing the zip and letting it all spring free.

Key specs – Material: Polyester; Weight: 520g; Quantity: Four; Colours: 13; Waterproof: No

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