Ducky Zero DK2108 review

Kat Orphanides
23 Apr 2013
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This back-to-basics mechanical keyboard is perfect for both typing and gaming


For anyone who spends large chunks of their time working on a computer, a mechanical keyboard is a must-have peripheral, despite the loud clacking noise that such keyboards produce. The drawback of their sturdy construction and responsive keys is a fairly high price that’s usually between £50 and £120.

Ducky Zero DK2108

The Ducky Zero DK2108 is available with a variety of different switches. The AUKLLA version comes with Black Cherry MX switches, which have a sharp-feeling key response with plenty of linear movement as you strike the keys. The switches are great for people who put a lot of force into their key presses, but they're also sensitive enough to respond to light presses. It's worth noting that the black switches require more force to activate than blue or brown switches, so less heavy typists should look at one of the other variants of the Zero.

Ducky Zero DK2108

Regardless of what switch type suits your typing style best, the Zero's simple layout is eminently suitable for both gaming and typing. We've written thousands of words at a stretch and played a variety of games with it, from Starcraft II to Team Fortress 2, and we found that the Zero's layout is brilliantly accurate for both touch-typing and gaming. It also has an n-key rollover feature, which means that it’ll accurately detect every key you press, even if several are depressed at once.

At £70, the Zero's mid-priced for a mechanical keyboard, but it feels much better than many more expensive models in terms of both layout and responsiveness. It wins our Best Buy award.


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