Krator Neso 4 review

Kat Orphanides
17 May 2012
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These little budget speakers sound good at moderate volumes, but they're not loud enough to fill your living room


Krator's Neso 4 laptop speakers are surprisingly attractive for their price - the angular droplet styling of the glossy black satellites is slightly marred by the gold speaker cones, but they look much better than most budget sets.

The exposed cones feel vulnerable but weren't damaged by being bumped around in our backpack. The speakers are USB powered, but don't have an integrated USB sound card, instead connecting to your computer’s 3.5mm audio output.

Krator Neso 4

The exposed cones look like they'd be damaged easily, but survived being bumped around in our backpack.

The speakers sound surprisingly good - even low notes have a bit of presence if you turn the bass knob all the way up, while treble and mid-tones are fairly well balanced. Some harshness creeps into the treble at high volumes, though, making for an uncomfortable loud listening experience.

Krator Neso 4 rear

The speakers sound surprisingly good and have volume and bass controls to adjust the audio.

These are personal speakers, however, and all our music sounded fine at volumes that are comfortable when you're sitting a couple of feet away from them. Just don't expect them to take the place of a home entertainment centre to keep your party guests entertained.

The Neso speakers a major improvement on the integrated speakers you get in most laptops and all-in-one PCs. Their small size means they'll happily fit on a bedside table alongside your laptop and they're relatively cheap, all of which makes them a decent buy, if not a great one.


Speaker configuration2.0
RMS power output5W
Power consumption standbyN/A
Power consumption onN/A
Analogue inputs3.5mm stereo cable
Digital inputsnone
Dock connectornone
Headphone output3.5mm
Satellite cable lengths1.2m between satellites, 1.2m to PC
Cable typecaptive
Controls locatedright satellite
Digital processingnone
Tone controlsbass

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