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GoPro subscription explained: Everything you need to know about GoPro’s annual subscription

Is GoPro’s annual subscription service right for you?

Spend any length of time shopping for a new GoPro action cam or camera accessory and you’re bound to come across a promotion for GoPro’s subscription service. Originally launched in 2016 as cloud storage for action camera photographs and video clips, the service now offers much more than just a place to backup your files.

While cloud storage is still an integral part of GoPro’s subscription service, subscribers can also get worry-free replacements for damaged devices, as well as access expanded features in the GoPro Quik smartphone app.

However, the most compelling GoPro subscription perks are the discounts. Subscribers can save up to 50% on accessories in GoPro’s online store as well as save up to £100 on a new GoPro action camera once their subscription renews. 

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GoPro subscription explained: How much does it cost?

Buying a subscription through will set you back £50 per year, although you can often find it discounted or bundled in with a new camera. Alternatively, buying through GoPro’s Quik smartphone app also gives you the option to pay in £5 monthly instalments. 

GoPro subscription explained: Can you cancel the subscription?

The subscription is renewed automatically after a year. You can, however, cancel the subscription at any point and continue to take full advantage of the subscription’s benefits until the year runs out. 

To make the cancellation process as straightforward as possible, GoPro provides clear, step-by-step instructions on its website.

GoPro subscription explained: Do you need to subscribe?

If you simply want to know whether you need a subscription to use one of GoPro’s action cameras then the answer is a resounding no. All GoPro cameras, from the original first-generation Hero right the way up to the current flagship Hero 11 Black will work completely independent of a subscription. The GoPro subscription only comes into play should you want to take advantage of the additional discounts or services that it offers.

GoPro subscription explained: GoPro camera and accessory discounts

Some of the most tangible benefits of GoPro’s subscription are the hefty discounts available to subscribers in GoPro’s online store.

GoPro subscribers can save 50% on certain mounts, housings and replacement parts, 30% on mods and 20% on the latest generation of spare batteries. For a complete roundup of the discounts available, see GoPro’s official breakdown.

There are discounts available on GoPro’s action cameras too. Upon renewal of an annual GoPro subscription, subscribers will receive a £100 discount on the purchase of a new GoPro Hero, priced £399 or above, or an £80 discount on a new GoPro Max. 

GoPro’s subscription used to be a little more generous in that subscribers could claim a £100 discount on any GoPro action camera up to three times per year. If you’re an existing subscriber it may be worth taking advantage of this perk before it switches to the new single-purchase discount at the start of your next subscription year. 

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GoPro subscription explained: Camera replacement

GoPro’s action cameras have always been pitched as go-anywhere devices with rugged shells and waterproof designs. However, should your camera take one knock too many, the GoPro subscription also offers users a camera replacement service.

While this is no doubt reassuring, there are a few caveats. The first to be aware of is that it’s technically a part-exchange service so you’ll be out of luck if you lose the camera entirely. Also note that replacements are capped at a maximum of two per year – or, two per year of subscription. And, if you dig into the small print, you’ll discover there are additional fees as well. Replacement Hero 9, Hero 10 and Max cameras cost £115, while a replacement Hero 8 will set you back £95. For a complete roundup of these prices, see GoPro’s official breakdown.

GoPro subscription explained: Cloud storage

Cloud storage has always been a core element of GoPro’s subscription service, allowing you to safely backup all of your photos and videos online. Files can be backed up using your smartphone via the GoPro Quik app, using your computer via or over Wi-Fi straight from the camera. In fact, if you’re using a Hero 5 or newer you can set the camera to automatically backup your footage every time you charge it within range of your home Wi-Fi.

Files backed up to the cloud are stored at 100% quality, so there’s no degradation when you pull the photos and videos back down to your computer or phone for editing. It’s also unlimited, so you can store as many files as you want.

The only caveats are that they have to be GoPro files and so photos and videos shot with other brands of camera or your phone won’t work. There’s also no support for the prohibitively large files produced by the GoPro Fusion 360 camera.

GoPro subscription explained: GoPro Quik app

The base version of GoPro’s Quik smartphone app is free and allows you to edit and share your GoPro footage on the move. Subscribers, however, can unlock a premium version of the app, gaining access to more advanced editing tools, themes, filters and royalty-free background music. An active subscription also allows the app to automatically backup your edits to the cloud.

The premium version of the Quik app is also available as a standalone subscription for £2 per month or £10 per year.

GoPro subscription explained: Live streaming

With the GoPro Hero 7 and newer you have the ability to live stream directly to your Facebook profile, Facebook page, YouTube or Twitch account. If you’re a GoPro subscriber you can also stream to where you can generate a private watch link that can be shared.

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GoPro subscription explained: Is it worth it?

If you’re looking to stock up on new GoPro mounts, mods and accessories then signing up for a GoPro subscription can make a lot of sense, especially if you can get your first year discounted or bundled in with a new camera. The up to 50% off accessories in GoPro’s online store, you can rather quickly get your money’s worth out of an annual subscription. Being able to save £100 on a new flagship Hero camera when the subscription renews is another way to get the subscription to pay for itself.

Outside of the discounts, there’s still decent of value to be found, especially if you use your GoPro regularly but you’ll need to weigh up the benefits based on your own personal needs. Unlimited cloud storage is a painless way to keep on top of your file management, the premium version of GoPro’s Quik app makes light work of on-the-go editing and the total-camera replacement service, even with its extra frees, provides some welcome peace of mind.

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