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Ninja reveals INGENIOUS new-look air fryers for 2024

ninja double stack air fryer on display

The Ninja Double Stack XL takes up less counter space without compromise, while the Ninja Combi takes multi-cooking to a new level

Kitchen appliance giant Ninja has given us a sneak peek of its latest product launches, including the all-in-one Ninja Combi oven and the rather unusual Ninja Double Stack and Double Stack XL air fryers.

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Ninja Double Stack air fryer

The unconventional new design of the Double Stack flips air frying on its side, taking the brand’s classic two drawers and stacking them on top of each other. This approach is unlike anything we’ve seen before and should save on counter space at a time when air fryers seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

Despite its slimline design, the Double Stack XL has a whopping 9.5l total capacity, while the smaller version gives users a reasonable 7.5l capacity. This is shared between two baskets, each of which has a wire rack to split it further, allowing you to cook up to four different things at the same time.

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In terms of functionality, the Double Stack heats from the rear of the appliance rather than the standard top-down heating you’ll see in most dual-drawer models. It features all the classic cooking modes we’ve come to expect from Ninja air fryers, including Air Fry, Max Crisp, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate and Reheat. The main thing that has changed is where you access these modes, as the panel is on the side of the appliance, rather than at the front.

Sync and match functions are also making a return, allowing you to finish cooking separate elements of your meal simultaneously, even if they require a different time or temperature. The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that the Double Stack has a new setting called “Dual Layer Pro”, which is designed for use when cooking four different items at one time.

Ninja Combi oven and air fryer

Ninja’s latest all-in-one multicooker follows in the footsteps of the excellent Ninja Speedi and while the design looks similar on the surface, there are some big changes to functionality. The biggest of these is that the Combi opens from the front (much like a microwave) and features a viewing window so you can keep an eye on your food while it cooks. It has a spacious 12.5l capacity and a two-tier design, meaning you can cook a main and sides at the same time.

While the Combi doesn’t offer the Speedi’s 15-minute meals function, it comes with its own dual-cooking functions including Combi Meals, Combi Crisp and Combi Bake. It also has a range of other settings including one for grains, pasta and rice, steaming, grilling, air fryer, baking, searing, slow cooking, reheating and proving dough.

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Most interestingly, the Ninja Combi offers a “Hypersteam” setting, which works similarly to pressure cooking, allowing you to quickly and evenly cook frozen foods without defrosting. Ninja claims the Combi can cook meals in as little as 15 minutes, much like the Speedi, but we can’t verify this until we’ve tested it ourselves.

The Ninja Double Stack XL air fryer and Ninja Combi are due to launch in the UK in spring 2024. While we don’t have a confirmed price for either just yet, we’re expecting the Double Stack XL to retail for a similar price to the current Foodi Dual Zone range, so somewhere in the region of £200.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our full Ninja Double Stack air fryer and Ninja Combi review once they come to the UK. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with Ninja’s latest releases on the Ninja UK website.

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