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Apple iPad 2 sells out everywhere, except on eBay

iPad 2 selling like hotcakes on eBay

Huge demand for Apple’s latest gadget has left people paying over the odds to win auctions

When we reviewed the iPad 2, we knew that it would be popular. Although little has changed compared to the original, it’s still the best tablet around.

We weren’t particularly surprised to learn that virtually everyone queuing up to buy an iPad 2 outside Apple’s Regent Street store on Friday already owned an iPad or an iPhone – there’s an almost insatiable desire among fanbois to have the latest model, regardless of the benefits or cost.

However, with stock running out in a matter of hours, those who thought they’d beat the queues by waiting a few days will be regretting their decision. Although Apple hasn’t officially said there’s no stock, there are widespread reports that shelves are empty not just in Apple stores, but also in other shops selling the device including Currys and various mobile operators. It’s a similar story in Australia and across Europe, with thousands of iPad 2s being shifted within hours of going on sale.

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If you’re desperate to get your hands on one without driving around the country, try eBay. A search for iPad 2 shows that there are several for sale. A listing for a white 16GB Wi-Fi model sold for £70 more than the owner paid for it just a few days ago, with another seller offering four of the same models for a whopping £600 each. Another cheeky seller, trying to make a quick profit boasts that their 64GB WiFi model comes with the Apple receipt from a London store. The price: £795, plus £40 postage. If it sold, that would be a tidy profit of £236.

Clearly, if you have been lucky enough to get your hands on an iPad 2 (or even a pair of them), you can make a quick buck by listing them on eBay. Our advice for anyone trying to buy one is to order one via the Apple online store, although you may have to wait up to a month to get one.

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