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Best baby teething toys 2021: Soothe tiny gums and teeth

Steven Pilkington
22 Sep 2021

Baby teething toys are amazing tools that can both soothe and entertain your little ones – here we round up some of the best

You’ve got a pile of cuddly toys and a big bucket of building blocks, but the first toys that your little one will really engage with may just be teething toys. Babies learn a lot through their mouth, and not only do they experience new textures and tastes with a teething toy, they also help to soothe the pain and discomfort of those first teeth coming through.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the finest selections of teething toys for your baby. From sustainable soothers to a splash of fun, below you’ll find one that’s right for your baby. In fact, there’s likely to be several toys here that your baby would love to get their teeth into.

All of these come personally recommended as they have been enjoyed by our little testers in their early months.

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Best teething toy: At a glance

How to choose the best teething toy

Choosing the best teething toys for your baby is not an exact science. It’s not like a gadget where you can list off a set of specifications and build a purchasing decision around that.

Every baby is different, so it’ll take a bit of trial and error to establish what kinds of toys your little one enjoys the most – and it’s not a bad idea to have more than one teething toy in your arsenal for different locations. Some toys will be great for pram rides and car journeys, and others may be more suited to bathtime or bedtime.

Generally, there are a few key characteristics to look out for in a teething toy that your little one might enjoy:

Texture – Ridges and raised bumps offer an interesting surface for the gums to munch down on. In some cases they can also be a source of comfort to provide a different touch response against any teething pains.

Feedback – This could be scrunchy fabric, squeaky plastic or even some electronics to provide a sound. Feedback adds an extra layer of fun that offers interaction beyond the primary purpose of being something for your baby’s gums to chew on.

Character – In our home, nearly all our little one’s teething toys have been named due to some unique aspect they have. If a teething toy has character, then it makes the association that bit more fun.

A great teething toy will tick one or all of these boxes, so think about these as you scroll through our recommendations.

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The best teething toys to buy in 2021

1. Anita the Bananita by Oli & Carol: The best sustainable teething toy

Price: £10 | Buy now from Kidly

Oli & Carol are a fantastic company from Barcelona that focus on toys that don’t cost the earth. Their range of teething toys are all handmade, simple and beautifully designed.

Anita is a perfect first teething toy: it’s easy to grab hold of for little hands, and could potentially double as an alternative dummy if your baby isn’t taking to pacifiers. The toy is made from Hevea rubber that is strong yet pliable, which makes it perfect for a little one’s mouth. The peels are also great as alternative places to suck on too.

When baby grows up, Anita’s bigger sister Ana is ripe and ready for your little one. If bananas are not your preference, other fruits and vegetables are available.

Key specs – Material: 100% Hevea Rubber; Cleaning: Hand wash only; Usage: Suitable as a teether and a bath toy

Buy now from Kidly

2. Rainbow Teething Necklace: Best wearable teething toy

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

Any parent who wears glasses will be used to little hands smudging lenses and hurling frames onto the floor. If you’re looking for a foolproof distraction, then this colourful necklace teething necklace could be just the thing.

The colourful shapes will appeal to fans of board games, with their striking resemblance to D20 dice, but they’re just plain fun for any parent – and for baby, too. The shapes offer exciting texture for a baby to grab on to and wrap their gums around, and they were an instant hit with our little tester who would light up when they saw these round Mum’s neck.

The shapes in this necklace are made from food-grade silicone, making them a great item for your little one to enjoy. It’s worth remembering though that this is an item that serves its purpose only when worn by an adult, as the necklace itself can become a strangulation risk if given to an unattended baby.

Key specs – Material: BPA-free silicone; Cleaning: Hand wash only; Usage: Suitable as a teether only when worn by an adult

3. Ferrari Keys by Chicco: For the next generation racer

Price: £10 | Buy now from Loreto Gallo

You wouldn’t expect a huge market for baby teething toys which appeal to Formula 1 fans, but Chicco has come up trumps. Although the Ferrari logo may appeal more to Dads than little ones, the bright colours made this toy an unexpected hit for our little tester.

The ‘key fob’ produces a variety of engine noises, fanfares and familiar beeps from unlocking your car. Our tester also loved the squeakiness of the plastic keyring, and the keys themselves were varied and textured enough to offer plenty of excitement.

The fob itself acts as a great keyring for the teethers, and we’ve even found ourselves making use of the keyring to clip the toy onto the side of the pram when not in use. Most of us will still have to dream of owning a Ferrari, but at least our little one already has the keys!

Key specs – Material: BPA-free silicone; Cleaning: Hand wash only (keys); Batteries included?: Yes (in key fob)

Buy now from Loreto Gallo

4. Teether-pillar by Baby Einstein: Best chillable teething toy

Price: £3.99 | Buy now from Amazon

This teething toy is unique among our selection as the softer element of the teether has water inside. This creates the possibility for this toy to be chilled in the fridge to provide extra soothing for your little one, making it a potentially useful toy to have in your kit.

The Teether-pillar itself is made of hard plastic, which is a great place for baby to hold on to the toy whilst sucking on the softer part. There are also some rattles inside the harder plastic caterpillar, so baby can have fun shaking it around.

Key specs – Material: BPA-free silicone, hard plastic and water; Cleaning: Hand wash only; Usage: Can be chilled in the fridge

5. Archer the Apple by Lamaze: Best teething toy under £10

Price: £7.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Lamaze make fantastic toys for your little one that are always brimming with character. Archer the Apple is an enduring favourite of our little tester, and this cute little fruit can clip on to your car seat or stroller, allowing it to dangle enticingly within reach.

When your baby wants to get up close and personal, Archer unclips easily from its original home. Archer can also open, offering lots of little secrets for your little one to explore. Beneath, there are a selection of plastic rings that offer a great opportunity for little ones to exercise their gums.

Archer is a cute and highly versatile little friend that will surely accompany your little one through all sorts of adventures.

Key specs – Material: Soft fabric and plastic rings; Cleaning: Hand wash only; Usage: Can be clipped to a pram or car seat

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