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Best baby sleeping bag 2023: The best bags to keep your little ones warm and snug

We’ve found the safest baby sleeping bags on the market to ensure your little one (and you) have the best night’s sleep possible

Bringing a new baby home comes with a whole set of concerns, not least of which is whether your newborn is comfortable, warm and safe under their baby blanket. Unless the blanket is somehow solidly wedged into the side of their cot, it’s unlikely to stay in place – what with the little flailing arms and legs – and you won’t be able to look away for even a second before it’s time to readjust the blanket again.

Enter baby sleeping bags, which promise to offer a way to keep your baby covered while they sleep through the night (wishful thinking), and to give you some peace of mind. That being said, there’s been plenty of discussion around the safety of baby sleeping bags. How can you make sure that your baby is warm enough, but not too warm, in a baby sleeping bag? What about the risk of them accidentally wriggling down into their sleeping bag?

We’ve done all the research for you, answering those questions and plenty more, to help you choose the best baby sleeping bags for you little one. Read on to discover the key features to consider, plus our pick of the best baby sleeping bags available to buy in the UK right now.

Best baby sleeping bag: At a glance

How to choose the best baby sleeping bag for your kids

When on the hunt for the perfect sleeping bag for your little one, there are some important factors to consider, the most significant of which is safety.

Are baby sleeping bags safe?

The NHS advises that if baby sleeping bags are well fitting and lightweight, they offer a good way to keep your tot at just the right temperature – comfortably warm, with no chance of overheating. The site also states that, contrary to most new parents’ fears, it’s more likely that a baby will be too hot as opposed to too cold, and not to worry if their little hands and feet are cold to the touch since this is normal.

However, there are some imperative safety points to consider. Never cover a baby’s head while they’re asleep indoors, since excess heat is dispelled from their heads in order to manage their temperature. The room that your baby sleeps in should be only around 18°C and, in most instances, a light blanket – or just a sheet in the balmier months – will be sufficient to keep them warm.

What features should I look for in a baby sleeping bag?

If you’re unsure about the level of warmth, material, fit or closure to look for in a baby sleeping bag, our brief guide will point you in the right direction.


Using the right-sized sleeping bag, as per the ages or weights stated on the product, is key. The most important part of the fit is the neck opening. It needs to be small enough that the baby’s head doesn’t fit into it, since this poses the risk of them wriggling down into it and overheating. At the same time, the neck closing can’t be too tight, for obvious reasons. 

Baby sleeping bags arrive in various sizes, usually categorised by a child’s age in months, their weight and their height. If you’re purchasing a sleeping bag before the baby arrives, always opt for the newborn option, and then move up a size as the baby grows. Some baby sleeping bags offer size adjustment by way of poppers in the armholes to keep the blanket snug around the baby until they’re a little bigger and won’t need them any more.


As is the case with duvets, the warmth of a baby sleeping bag is measured in togs – a unit of thermal insulation or resistance. Below is an approximate guide of which tog is appropriate for a baby at various temperatures:

  • 0.2 tog (very light) – for use in temperatures of 24-27°C or more
  • 0.5 tog (light) – for use in temperatures of 21-27°C
  • 1.0 tog (medium) – for use in temperatures of 18-24°C
  • 2.5 tog (warm) – for use in temperatures of 15-21°C
  • 3.5 tog (very warm) – for use in temperatures below 18°C

If you’re using a sleeping bag that has a tog rating at the higher end of the suggested temperature range, then it won’t be necessary to put your baby in anything other than a vest. However, for temperatures below 18°C, a long-sleeved romper can be worn.


When it comes to the fabric from which it’s made, the best sleeping bag for a baby will be breathable, preferably hypoallergenic, and soft and gentle on their delicate skin. Organic soft cotton or bamboo are good options. In addition, a sleeping bag that’s easy to clean, preferably machine washable and also tumble dryer-safe, will spare you the hassle of hand-washing it when it inevitably gets dirty.


Baby sleeping bags arrive with button, snap or zip fasteners, and which you choose is really a matter of personal preference. In our opinion, a two-way zip for both top and bottom opening is handy for nappy changes as well as getting the baby in and out of the sleeping bag. A zip is also less fiddly than buttons or poppers – although it might prove more difficult to locate the zip connections in the dark, in the middle of the night, where buttons are easier to do up blindly.

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The best baby sleeping bags for kids to buy in 2023

1. Love To Dream Swaddle UP bamboo sleeping bag: Best baby swaddle sleeping bag

Price: £33 | Buy now from Amazon

The unique Love To Dream Swaddle UP™ is the only swaddle/sleeping bag that allows the baby to sleep with their arms up. Although you may have imagined taking many Insta-worthy pictures of your new addition cocooned in the cutest little swaddle blanket, the truth of the matter is that some babies just don’t like it.

This highly rated baby sleeping bag allows the baby to reap the benefits of swaddling, but without requiring their arms to be stuck down to their body. The T-shape of this sleeping bag also eliminates the chances of your baby wriggling its way out of it or down into it. Available in three sizes, it’s also machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Key specs – Material: 97% bamboo; Tog: 1.0; Closing: Zip; Sizes (months): Newborn (0-1), Small (1-3), Medium (3-6); Washing instructions: Machine washable

2. Next Supersoft 2.5 Tog Sleep Bag: Best winter baby sleeping bag

Price: £9 | Buy now from Next This warm fleece baby sleeping bag from Next is super soft and cosy, yet has enough room for baby to freely kick their little legs around. Our tester said that the 2.5-tog, long-sleeved sleeping bag had been a lifesaver, since she puts her tot in it wearing just a vest, doing away with the need for changing in and out of pyjamas. A simple zip offers effortless opening and closing, even in the dark.

Available in three sizes and two colorways, including this cute blue version with embossed stars, it’s suitable from birth – although they shouldn’t be used for newborns under 50cm. The outside and the fill is polyester, but the inside lining that’s in direct contact with your baby’s skin is made from 100% cotton.

Key specs – Material: Cotton (lining/trim), polyester (main); Tog: 2.5; Closing: Zip; Sizes: 50–65cm, 65–80cm, 80–95cm; Washing instructions: Machine washable

Buy now from Next

3. MORI Clever sleeping bag: Best lightweight baby sleeping bag

Price: £60 | Buy now from MORI

A lighter sleeping bag, such as this clever 0.5-tog version from MORI, can be a great option in all weather. On warm nights, with your baby in a vest, it’s perfect; while in colder weather, you can add a couple of layers of clothing to keep the baby warm. Made using a soft as well as sustainable fabric, it arrives in five delightful colour/pattern options – and, as an extra perk, you can also get it personalised.

The “clever” in this sleeping bag’s name refers to the innovative and useful features, including a pushchair belt opening for easily strapping the baby in while wearing the sleeping bag, adjustable arm openings, and a two-way zip that opens from the top or bottom to allow for easy changes.

Key specs – Material: 30% organic cotton, 70% bamboo; Tog: 0.5; Closing: Zip, side shoulder opening, armhole poppers; Sizes: From 8-9lbs to 24 months; Washing instructions: Machine wash at 30°C

Buy now from MORI

4. Mamas & Papas Welcome to the World Dreampod: Best sleeping bag for newborns

Price: £29 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that your baby can use from birth onwards, look no further than the Dreampod from Mamas & Papas. Not only is it designed for babies that are fresh out of the oven, but it’s incredibly soft, offers a snug fit thanks to its armhole poppers and cosy neck opening, plus its subtle and timeless design will suit any style of nursery.

Offering plenty of leg space for the little mite to kick about comfortably, this sleeping bag’s zip fastening runs from the top all the way across the bottom, which means less faffing about for those middle-of-the-night nappy changes.

Key specs – Material: 100% cotton; Tog: 1.0; Closing: Bottom zip, armhole poppers; Sizes: 0-6 months; Washing instructions: Machine was at 40°C, tumble dryer safe

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

5. Snüz SnuzPouch sleeping bag: The best easy-change baby sleeping bag

Price: From £24 | Buy now from John Lewis 

A great sleeping bag available in either 1.0 tog for spring/summer or 2.5 tog for autumn/winter options, the SnuzPouch was made with the parent who has the night shift in mind. The clever curved side-zip easily opens the sleeping bag all the way up for changing, and the extra side zip, as well as the shoulder poppers, help get the baby in and out of the bag in a jiffy.

This product conforms to and has been tested according to British Safety Standards, and many happy customers have praised the sleeping bag for its soft, cosy and excellent quality.

Key specs – Material: Cotton; Tog: 1.1, 2.5; Closing: Bottom and side zip, armhole and shoulder poppers; Sizes: 0-6, 6-18 months; Washing instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, tumble dryer safe

Buy now from John Lewis

6. John Lewis & Partners Oh My Darling Bee & Stripe Print Sleeping Bag: Best baby sleeping bag multipack

Price: From £29 | Buy now from John Lewis Offering the perk of wear-one/wash-one, each baby sleeping bag in this two-pack from John Lewis is made from breathable cotton and is suitable for temperatures of 16-30ºC (always dependent on what the baby is wearing underneath). Arriving in two colours/patterns, these sleeping bags feature both shoulder poppers and bottom zips.

Customers reviewed them as being soft and comfy, easy to clean in the washing machine, and more than one happy buyer noted that their baby slept really well in them. For twins – as one mother reported – this two-pack is just the ticket.

Key specs – Material: 100% cotton, filling 100% polyester; Tog: 1.0; Closing: Bottom zip, shoulder poppers; Sizes: 0-6, 6-18, 18-36 months; Washing instructions: Machine washable

Buy now from John Lewis

7. Tommee Tippee Original Grobag Steppee baby romper suit: Best baby sleeping bag for older babies

Price: From £37 | Buy now from John Lewis

As an extra safety precaution, Tommee Tippee’s Grobag has incorporated snug-fit legs and a tighter top section to (a) allow the baby to wriggle about freely – and slightly older ones to even comfortably crawl around in – and (b) keep the baby firmly in, with no chance of them wriggling down into it.

Designed for babies of six months and over, this super-soft sleeping bag is available in two different togs to accommodate varying temperatures, and the company’s site has a helpful size and tog selector so you can get just the right fit for your child.

Key specs – Material: Cotton-rich, fluorescent-free fabric; Tog: 1.0, 2.5; Closing: Zip; Sizes: 6-18, 18-36 months; Washing instructions: Machine wash at 40ºC (can be washed at 60ºC, if necessary; but allow for a little shrinkage)

Buy now from John Lewis

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