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Best kids’ water bottle 2022: The best water bottles for children to stay hydrated throughout the day

With our top picks for the best water bottles for kids, you won’t have to chase your little ones around to get their daily H2O intake

No one warned us when we became parents just how many water bottles our kids would get through in their early years. Between breaking them, chewing the straws to smithereens, losing them in the park, or simply deciding they don’t like them any more, many of us have found ourselves looking up the best water bottles for kids at least once.

If you’ve all but given up on trying to find a good product that will actually last and encourage your child to drink their water, we’ve found some of the top kids’ water bottles, all of which are durable, come in awesome kid-friendly designs and are made from BPA-free and non-toxic materials to ensure your child’s safety.

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Best kids’ water bottles: At a glance

  • Best leak-proof choice: Ion8 Leak Proof Kids’ Water Bottle | Buy now
  • Best choice for toddlers: CAMELBAK Eddy+® Kids’ Water Bottle | Buy now
  • Best insulated choice: Snug Kids Insulated Water Bottle Flask | Buy now
  • Best stainless steel choice: Lassig Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Buy now
  • Best choice for school: Tinc Tonkin Blue Drinks Bottle | Buy now
  • Best sustainable choice: Bambaw Insulated Steel Bottle | Buy now
  • Best budget choice: Mountain Warehouse Printed Flip Lid Kids Bottle | Buy now
  • Best water reminding choice: Smitave Water Bottle with Time Markings | Buy now

How to choose the best kids’ water bottle

Though kids’ water bottles are readily available from supermarkets, high street vendors and even your local corner shop, before choosing one for your child, it’s good to do a little research to avoid collecting a bunch of water bottles that aren’t suitable. Here are some of the main things to be aware of when it comes to choosing water bottles for kids.

What types of water bottles for kids are available?

There are several different types of water bottles for kids, and their differences lie in their material, how children drink from them and how the water is accessed. In addition, kids’ water bottles come in various sizes and styles.


Water bottles for kids and adults alike come in many different materials, the most common of which are listed below.

  • BPA-free plastic should be the standard option when looking for a plastic kids’ water bottle. Many plastics have harmful BPA (an industrial chemical known as bisphenol A), but BPA isn’t the only chemical a plastic could contain. Look for items that are labelled toxin and chemical-free too.
  • Stainless steel is a durable, corrosion-resistant and hygienic option for a water bottle as it doesn’t release chemicals when exposed to heat or the sun as some plastic bottles do. However, they tend to be more expensive than regular plastic kids’ water bottles and a little heavier.
  • Bamboo is a renewable material that is lightweight, durable, biodegradable and can take a drop or two without breaking into a million pieces.
  • Glass bottles, although more hygienic than their plastic counterparts, are not a good choice for kids, for obvious reasons. Though some of these bottles come with protective silicone sleeves, they’re heavier than other options such as plastic or stainless steel and still at risk of shattering.

The three main drinking options when it comes to water bottles for kids are:

  • Straw: A water bottle with a straw is the best first water bottle for a child transitioning from baby to toddler as it’s easy to learn and intuitive. Bottles with straws remain popular options for older kids too thanks to their ease of use and less chance of spillage.
  • Spout: Many parents opt for the spout without the straw option to teach kids the art of having to lift a cup in order to get the water flowing. Some children take to this better than others, however, and if your child gets frustrated, they could avoid drinking water.
  • Bottle opening: If your child has passed the developmental milestone of being able to drink from a regular bottle opening without spilling the water all over themselves, this is a good option; otherwise, stick to a straw or spout till they’re ready.

Another factor to consider is how children can access the water spout.

  • Push-button pop-up is great for toddlers and smaller children as it easily pops the lid open and can click shut again, retaining the leak-proof feature. It’s also entertaining for them to do and can encourage more water intake.
  • Slide-back lid bottles have a simple mechanism that pushes the lid back to reveal the straw. Toddlers and pre-schoolers love this option as it’s easy and fun.
  • Screwcap bottles are better for older kids who have mastered bottle opening and are able (and will remember) to screw the back cap on again when they’re done.

Kids’ water bottles come in various sizes, ranging from around 300ml to 750ml. A toddler is unlikely to need a bottle capacity of more than around 300-350ml, and anything larger will be unnecessarily heavy for them to carry. If your child is of school age, a 500ml-750ml bottle will ensure they have enough water to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

What features should I look for in a good kids’ water bottle?

Some children’s water bottles have changeable lids, which can come in handy as the child grows. For instance, a toddler may start off with a straw lid and then transition to a normal bottle opening with a screw-cap lid as they learn to drink from a regular bottle unaided. Other features include handles for easy gripping, non-spill capabilities and markings to remind and motivate your child to drink enough water.

Whatever type of water bottle you’re after for your kids, we’ve got a list of the best of them below for you to choose from.

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The best kids’ water bottles to buy in 2022

1. Ion8 Leak Proof Kids’ Water Bottle: The best leak-proof kids’ water bottle

Price: £8.99 | Buy now from Amazon

With around 12,000 positive global ratings on Amazon, the Ion8 leak-proof kids’ water bottle is a firm favourite and it’s not hard to see why; it’s made from non-toxic material, is a bargain at under a tenner, and there are 16 different colours to choose from. The spout has a cover for extra hygiene and it has a soft feel that’s easy to grip.

The cap flips open easily with one hand, and you can even put hot drinks in it. What’s more, it’s fully recyclable when you’re done with it, but, according to many happy customers, this is a durable water bottle that is sure to last quite a while.

Key specs – Ages: Not specified; Material: BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic TRITAN; Dishwasher safe: Yes, on cold; Size: 350ml; Design choices: 16

2. CAMELBAK Eddy+® Kids Water Bottle: The best water bottle for toddlers

Price: £11.19 | Buy now from CamelBak

This cute water bottle by CAMELBAK is lightweight enough for little hands to carry and it comes with a carry handle to assist them too. It’s durable and can withstand those inevitable drops, and it’s also resistant to stains and odours.

The simple flip mechanism releases the straw spout and both parts of this water bottle – the cup and the cap – can be popped in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. It comes in four different colours, each with a different design, and is made from a 10% renewable plant-based material.

Key specs – Ages: 3+; Material: BPA-free polypropylene (bottle), medical-grade silicone (bite valve); Dishwasher safe: Yes; Size: 400ml; Design choices: 4

Buy now from CamelBak

3. Snug Kids Insulated Water Bottle Flask: The best insulated water bottle for kids

Price: £14.99 | Buy now from Amazon

To keep their drinks either hot or cold, this thermos-type water bottle from Snug is the perfect option. Although you can’t put it in the dishwasher, this durable bottle is made from rust-resistant stainless steel and is virtually break-proof. The flip lid opens at the push of a button, and it’s suitable for kids of practically all ages.

There are loads of different designs to choose from, depending on what your child is into, and customers report it being easy to clean, perfect for younger kids’ lunch boxes, and that it doesn’t leak. One customer said that their child had dropped it “around 100 times” but it that it was still looking great and going strong.

Key specs – Ages: 3+; Material: Stainless steel (bottle), BPA-free plastic (cap and straw); Dishwasher safe: No; Size: 350ml or 500ml; Design choices: 10

4. Lassig Stainless Steel Water Bottle: The best stainless steel kids’ water bottle

Price: £16 | Buy now from KIDLY

If you’re pretty much done with plastic but still need a lightweight, durable, hygienic and kid-friendly water bottle for your little one, the Lassig stainless steel water bottle at KIDLY might be just what you’re after. Though it’s a touch pricier than some other water bottles for kids on the market, its steel construction means that your child won’t be able to break it, so it will last a long time and is worth the extra few pounds.

It comes with two lids (a clip lid and a sports spout), it doesn’t leak and is dishwasher safe, too, to allay any fears of mould build-up in the spout. Though it’s stated to be for three years and over, it might take a while for littler ones to get the hang of opening the secure lid unaided.

Key specs – Ages: 3+; Material: Stainless steel (bottle), 100% polypropylene + silicone ring (lid); Dishwasher safe: Yes; Size: 500ml; Design choices: 2

Buy now from KIDLY

5. Tinc Tonkin Blue Drinks Bottle: The best kids’ bottle for school

Price: £10 | Buy now from John Lewis

With its 500ml capacity, the Tinc Tonkin water bottle from John Lewis ensures that your school-age children will have enough water to last them through the day. It has a clip and lock mechanism that makes it leakproof, meaning no annoying spills in their school bag. The lid opens with a simple push and the bottle is made from BPA-free plastic that won’t shatter if dropped.

The incorporated carry loop makes transporting this water bottle a breeze, and it comes in four different designs and colours. Buyers report that these bottles live up to their “leakproof” label and are easy to wash, and some parents liked them so much they bought one for themselves.

Key specs – Ages: Not specified; Material: BPA-free shatterproof plastic; Dishwasher safe: Yes; Size: 500ml; Design choices: 4

Buy now from John Lewis

6. Bambaw Insulated Steel Bottle: The best sustainable kids’ water bottle

Price: £18 | Buy now from Bower Collective

Those on a zero-waste (or at least low-waste) journey are sure to love the Bambaw insulated stainless steel water bottle from Bower Collective. This completely eco-friendly product has no BPAs, chemicals or paint and is the most hygienic alternative to plastic.

Best suited for older kids since it doesn’t sport a straw or spout, this modern and chic bottle with a stylish and natural bamboo lid is built to last and can keep drinks hot or cold for hours on end. There’s a stainless-steel loop for carrying and it comes in four different sizes; the 350ml being the smallest model and the one best suited for children.

Key specs – Ages: not specified; Material: 18/8 stainless steel (bottle), bamboo (lid); Dishwasher safe: only the bottle, not the bamboo lid; Size: 350ml; Design choices: 1

Buy now from Bower Collective

7. Mountain Warehouse Printed Flip Lid Kids Bottle: The best budget water bottle for kids

Price: £8 | Buy now from Mountain Warehouse

While many of the cheaper water bottles available to buy are made from less-than-safe materials, despite its low price, this economical flip-lid water bottle from Mountain Warehouse has a BPA-free construction. It might not last as long as some other pricier water bottles but it’s lightweight and leakproof, and has an easy-to-use straw that kids adapt to immediately.

Buyers have described it as good quality, and as being the perfect size for a school bag. There are three colours and designs to choose from; a light blue monsters theme, a green jungle scene, or a pink unicorns and rainbows pattern.

Key specs – Ages: not specified; Material: BPA-free plastic; Dishwasher safe: no; Size: 350ml; Design choices: 2

Buy now from Mountain Warehouse

8. Smitave Water Bottle with Time Markings: The best water reminding water bottle for kids

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Don’t expect this bottle to completely eliminate the need to chase your kids around to make sure they stay hydrated, but it does provide children with a little motivation and a reminder to get their daily water intake thanks to its clear and simple time markings prompting them to get a few sips in.

Made from BPA-free plastic, this bottle has a leak proof flip nozzle that reveals the straw and a handy loop to easily pull it out of a bag or carry it around. It’s the perfect size to fit in the mesh holder of a lunch bag and some buyers stated that the hourly marks truly are helpful for getting the kids to drink more.

Key specs – Ages: not specified; Material: BPA-free Tritan plastic; Dishwasher safe: not specified, but several customers say they put it in the dishwasher without issue; Size: 550ml or 720ml; Design choices: 7

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