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Best stroller 2023: Top pushchairs to keep your baby safe and comfortable

Discover the strollers and pushchairs that will keep your child rolling comfortably from birth all the way through to nursery age

Even ambitious parents who are determined to move their children straight from baby carrier to walking will soon realise that strollers are pretty much a non-negotiable purchase. Unless you want to either carry your kid everywhere or walk at a snail’s pace until they’re in primary school, you will need to get yourself the best stroller possible, so you can wheel your little ones around for at least a few years.

That said, we’re all different, and what might be the best stroller for one person might not suit someone else. With the vast array of strollers available on the market – all with different specifications, functions, sizes and prices – you may find yourself at a loss when trying to decide which one to opt for.

Our buying guide below lays out the various types of strollers you can buy, as well as all the different features you may need, to help you find the right one for you. It’s followed by our pick of the best strollers and pushchairs available now.

Best stroller: At a glance

How to choose the best stroller for your child

The perfect stroller for you and your child highly depends on the age of your child; whether you will need it to fold and unfold easily for getting in and out of the car or house; and if you would prefer a smaller option that can be stowed away. To choose the right one for you, let’s go over the types of strollers available.

What types of strollers are available?

The main types of strollers on the market are full-sized strollers, travel systems, lightweight strollers and jogging strollers.

Full-sized stroller: Although these larger strollers take up the most space, they’re usually the most comfortable, spacious pushchairs with the broadest variety of features. They’re also commonly more durable than other types and have the capacity to cater to a wider age range, from birth all the way up to around four years old.

Compact/lightweight stroller: These smaller strollers can be opened, closed and lifted straight into and out of a car boot using one hand. They’re the perfect pushchairs for running errands.

Travel system stroller: Available in many different types – jogging, lightweight or car seat versions – complete travel systems have everything you need to port your baby around, including a baby carrier and car seat that are interchangeable with the main stroller frame.

Jogging stroller: For active parents, a jogging stroller, with its durable wheels and suspension, will keep the baby comfortable and make your jog, run or stroll effortless.

Car seat strollers: These are specifically designed to be used with a car seat carrier that’s included with the stroller. Consisting usually of a frame that the car seat can click in and out of with the included adaptors, it can save the hassle of buying an extra car seat or stroller, or waking the baby while getting them in and out of the car.

Most of the above types of strollers also come in double versions that can accommodate two children at once, and anyone with three young children will be pleased to note that triple strollers are also available.

What features should I look for in a good stroller?

Strollers now come with a range of features, which we list below.

  • Rain covers can keep the rain and cold out and are an important feature to have on a stroller, especially if you live in the UK. Most strollers come with rain canopies, but an extra waterproof and windproof full rain cover is always a great extra to have.
  • Foot rests can help avoid flailing little dangly legs and ensure that your toddler is comfortable and safe in their seat. While most footrests are built in, some are adjustable and others are removable.
  • Harnesses are usually three-point or five-point, with the latter being the better option as it complies with the British Standard 7409:1996 (BS EN 1888:2003) to keep kids strapped in safely.
  • Reclining backs are great for naptime; simply lie the back of the stroller flat so your little one can have a sleep undisturbed.
  • Other features include cup holders, extra storage space at the back or under the stroller, handlebars with adjustable heights, front- or back-facing handlebars (or options with both), and extras such as a matching nappy bag.

As not all strollers come with the above features, you will have to specifically make sure that the stroller you’re eyeing up includes the ones you’re particularly interested in.

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The best strollers to buy in 2023

1. Mamas & Papas Ocarro Pushchair: The best overall stroller

Price: £849 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

The award-winning Ocarro pushchair from Mamas & Papas is the cream of the crop, and you only need to take it out of the box to realise what a high-class, high-quality product it is. To justify its higher price tag, this “Ferrari of strollers” – while heavier than others – has an incredibly durable and sturdy design and folds down surprisingly compactly.

The seat itself is made with your baby’s comfort in mind from a memory foam-style padded cushion wrapped in the same thick, luxurious material that the rain hood is made from. It’s also available with an array of similarly luxurious extras, such as a nappy bag with removable changing mat, footmuff, parasol, adaptors and cup holder. It’s compatible with the Ocarro car seat and carrycot, too, which is a nice bonus.

Whether you opt for just the pushchair or the complete travel system, you’re getting dual suspension, puncture-proof tyres, reflective wheel rims for safety, mesh pockets for plenty of storage space and an adjustable handle. It’s also available in a selection of ten neutral colours.

Key specs – Ages: Birth to 22kg; Weight: 13.7kg; Dimensions: 101 x 101 x 59cm (HLW, open), 40 x 78 x 59cm (HLW, folded)

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

2. Silver Cross Dune: The best city stroller

Price: £795 | Buy now from John LewisWhereas its sister stroller, the Reef, is designed to roll off pavements and straight into the countryside, Silver Cross’ Dune is designed for city living. It’s a little lighter and more compact than its go-anywhere sibling, and the capacious under-stroller basket is perfect for filling up with shopping.

Naturally, there’s all the adjustability and flexibility a parent could ask for. The seat can be lifted up to be switched from forward to rear facing then simply clicked into place again, and the handle is height adjustable so all members of the family can take a turn pushing without any backache.

The Dune folds down into a compact package that’s easy to pop in the boot or carry into a busy cafe. Folding is a one-handed job, and the Dune stands upright on its wheels once folded, which is a boon when you’re juggling bags and baby on a busy day out.

The wheels, although not multi-terrain, are hardy and puncture proof and the four-wheel suspension system smoothes out the ride beautifully. And, whatever the terrain, the magnetic five-point safety harness buckle is ingenious: it does a great job of keeping your little passenger safe, locks shut with far less fiddle than traditional buckles and can’t be pried open by little fingers.

You can also take your pick from a wide range of accessories which are compatible with both Dune and Reef models. We particularly love the First Bed Foldable Carrycot: it’s overnight sleep approved so whether you’re home or away you can leave baby sleeping safely and soundly without transferring them to their crib.

The stroller comes ready to use straight out of the box—even the wheels are affixed for you (but they’re not removable). The stroller seat and all fabric parts are made out of recycled plastic bottles, and while the seat fabrics aren’t the plushest we’ve come across, they’re durable and very easy to clean. Factor in the three-year manufacturer’s warranty and the Dune is a great buy.

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Key specs – Age range: Birth to 22kg (approx. 4 years); Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels; Folded dimensions (L x W x H): 68.5 x 58.5 x 29cm; Unfolded dimensions (L x W x H): 76.5 x 58.5 x 92.5-108cm; Weight: 11.5kg (6.94kg = chassis, 4.5kg = pushchair seat)

Buy now from John Lewis

3. Silver Cross Reef: The best stroller for convenience

Price: £895 | Buy now from John Lewis 

The latest addition to Silver Cross’s line of super-convenient and high-end strollers is the Reef. Released at the same time as the slightly more compact and economical Dune, this stroller delivers superior convenience as well as safety features to put any new parent’s mind at ease. Apart from having to attach the wheels, which takes less than a minute to do, the Reef comes ready to use straight out of the box.

This lightweight stroller is a full-size option, although you would think otherwise when you see how small it is when folded. It even stands up on its own when folded to save you having to bend down to lift it. Its no-puncture tyres are suitable for use on all types of terrain, whether you want to go for a country jog or a city stroll, and the brake pedal is easy to engage, yet far enough from your stride that you won’t accidentally step on it.

It comes with a large under-stroller basket for shopping and a nappy bag, plus a height-adjustable handlebar. It offers several reclining positions for your baby’s comfort, while the chair can also easily flip round to become either front- or rear-facing. What’s more, this pram comes with several extras, including a sun canopy with a ventilation window and a sun sail that goes right up to the handlebars.

All the extras you can purchase separately for this stroller are also compatible with the Dune, and some of the most convenient items include the First Bed Foldable Carrycot and the ride-along board that can prove entertaining for older kids (and helpful for the parent).

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Key specs – Age range: Birth to 22kg (approx 4 years); Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels; Dimensions: 85 x 61 x 98.5-112cm (LWH,open); 71 x 61 x 30.5cm (LWH, folded); Weight: 12.5kg (chassis, 7.98kg; pushchair seat, 4.5kg)

Buy now from John Lewis

4. Stokke Xplory X: The best stroller for newborns

Price: £999 | Buy now from Stokke

Providing the high quality and design you would expect from this top brand, the Stokke Xplory X is a sturdy pushchair with large, heavy, grippy swivel wheels that make it effortless to manoeuvre. There’s a lot of soft cushioning for the baby’s comfort, and the adjustable-height handlebar helps to eliminate the chance of giving yourself backache.

This stroller will accommodate your growing child all the way up to toddlerhood, but it’s our top pick for the best stroller for newborns because its high-seat design means that baby is closer to you at all times and you don’t need to keep bending down to check on them in those delicate first months.

This sleek pushchair is compatible with the separate infant car seat and carrycot, while it comes with a matching storage bag that sits neatly under the stroller. It has superior safety features, reclining back positions, an adjustable footrest, an extendable canopy with mesh for air circulation and removable padding for comfort.

Key specs – Ages: Birth to 22kg; Weight: 13.4kg; Dimensions: 131 x 100.5 x 56cm (HLW, open), 105 x 47.5 x 56cm (HLW, folded, frame only)

Buy now from Stokke

5. Didofy Aster Pushchair: The best lightweight stroller

Price: £279 | Buy now from Baby Planet

You will be hard-pressed to find a lighter stroller than the Didofy Aster. This amazingly lightweight stroller weighs just over 6kg, is super easy to fold and unfold with just one hand at the press of a button, is sturdy for its size and weight and becomes a little bundle when folded down.

Despite its size, it still has good under-stroller storage space, a full canopy and a multi-position seat. It has a built-in suspension, puncture-free wheels, a five-point cushioned harness and classy design aspects, including a leatherette bumper bar and metallic detailing.

This new stroller is so light that you can literally carry it like a handbag and put it in the boot with plenty of room to spare. It’s suitable from birth all the way until your little one is 22kg and, with all these perks and its reasonable price, is sure to become one of the most popular strollers on the market.

Key specs – Ages: Birth to 22kg; Weight: 6.2kg; Dimensions: 105 x 82 x 55cm (HLW, open), 25 x 82 x 55cm (HLW, folded)

Buy now from Baby Planet

6. Inglesina Quid 2: The best compact stroller

Price: £289 | Buy now from Kiddies Kingdom

The most compact stroller on our list, the Inglesina Quid 2 stroller can fold down to aircraft cabin size, meaning you can take it with you on a plane and stow it comfortably in the overhead lockers.

Folding down tightly to the size of a changing bag, it provides convenience when travelling, commuting, going out for coffee or visiting friends. Its seat reclines and the wheels have suspension and free-running bearings, providing smooth strolls.

We found that it felt a tad heavier than its 5.9kg weight when folded, due perhaps to its sturdy frame, but it’s nothing you can’t lift with one hand while the baby is in the other. It’s available in an array of styles and colours and comes with a fully retractable anti-UV rain hood (with UPF 50+protection).

Key specs – Ages: Birth to 17kg; Weight: 5.9kg; Dimensions: 103 x 76 x 46.5cm (HLW, open), 19 x 58 x 46.5cm (HLW, folded)

Buy now from Kiddies Kingdom

7. KinderKraft XMoov 3-in-1 Travel System: The best all-terrain stroller

Price: £299 | Buy now from Baby and Child Store

The price of the KinderKraft XMoov 2-in-1 travel system is remarkably reasonable for what it has to offer: car seat, carrycot, nappy bag with removable changing mat, rain cover, footmuff, cup holder, large shopping basket, height-adjustable handle, extendable canopy and reclinable seat with five-point padded safety harness. Phew.

The front wheels swivel and can be locked for solely going straight, while the brakes feature a simultaneous double clamp on the back wheels to fix the pram promptly in place. The car seat has a luxurious mink fabric and adjustable shoulder straps with protectors for baby’s optimal comfort.

The perfect option whether you live in a busy city or in more rural surroundings, the pumped wheels on this all-terrain stroller have a shock-absorbing mechanism, allowing it to glide effortlessly on all kinds of roads. This travel system is great for newborns all the way up until they are 22kg.

Key specs – Ages: Birth to 22kg; Weight: 11.8-14kg; Dimensions: 92-116 x 110 x 60cm (HLW, open), 75 x 42 x 62cm (HLW, folded)

Buy now from Baby and Child Store

8. Mamas & Papas Strada Starter Travel System: The best complete travel system

Price: £599 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

Another impressively high-quality stroller from Mamas & Papas, the Strada pushchair is covered with thick, soft material with zips all around that allow the fabric to come off for easy washing. It features leather and silver detailing on the zips and handles, a large rain hood and large, grippy wheels that can roll smoothly on just about any type of road.

While a bit bigger than some of the other strollers on this list, this is a great overall starter travel system – complete with carrycot – that can be used straight out of the hospital with the included adaptors.

Features include an adjustable height handle, zip-away hood with mesh and peekaboo window, comfortable padded seating and a reclining back. This stroller has a timeless and sleek design with safety functions such as reflective wheel rims, and it’s surprisingly lightweight to carry and push around.

Key specs – Ages: Birth to 15kg; Weight: 10.4kg (pushchair), 4.9kg (carrycot); Dimensions: 95 x 88 x 56cm (HLW, open), 36 x 70 x 56cm (HLW, folded)

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

9. Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller: Most convenient stroller

Price: £339 | Buy now from Doona

Perhaps the handiest stroller we’ve ever come across, the Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller looks like a car seat, feels like a car seat, weighs as much as a car seat, and basically, is a car seat. Fold the wheels down, however, and it transforms into a superb little stroller in seconds.

The ingenious design means that there’s no need to risk waking baby as you get in and out of the car. This little thing, quite simply, does it all. Our mum tester lost count of the amount of times she was stopped in the street by people asking where to get one of these awesome contraptions.

While it’s not the stroller you will want to take on long hikes (there is no suspension on the wheels and they roll along a little noisier than other top stroller models), it’s an excellent and space saving option that’s suitable from birth onwards. It features a five-point safety harness, an adjustable handlebar, comes in 10 colours and is even aircraft approved for when you go on holiday.

Key specs – Ages: Birth to 13kg; Weight: 7.5kg; Dimensions: 99 x 44 x 82 cm (HLW, open), 60 x 44 x 66 cm (HLW, folded)

Buy now from Doona

10. Thule Urban Glide 2 Pushchair: The best running stroller

Price: £800 | Buy now from John Lewis

If you want to keep active, the Thule Urban Glide 2 is the perfect option. It’s not cheap, but the top quality materials both look and feel suitably high-end, and the large, swivelling front wheel and two 16-inch rear wheels offer exceptional suspension, even on uneven terrain.

The stroller is both lightweight and incredibly easy to manoeuvre, even with one hand. The handlebar-mounted brake brings the buggy to a safe and smooth stop even if you’ve managed to pick up speed. The reflective rims on the wheels are a nice touch, and the canopy also has a reflective edge, too.

It can be folded down with just one hand if you’ve got the other full (which, as a parent, you most likely will), and the adjustable ergonomic handlebar is a boon.

A reclining seat keeps baby comfy while they sleep, or upright for a better view, and the adjustable sun canopy has a magnet-closing peekaboo window and plenty of ventilation. The three-year manufacturer’s guarantee also gives some welcome extra peace of mind.

Key specs – Ages: Suitable from 6 months to 4 years (or 22kg), or from birth with the bassinet; Weight: 10.8kg; Dimensions: 101.6 x 104.5 x 68.6 cm (HLW, open), 69 x 87 x 34 cm (HLW, folded)

Buy now from John Lewis

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