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The best baby swings to buy in 2023

Best baby swing

Need some hands-free time? Give yourself and your baby a rest with our pick of the best baby swings to buy

New babies can be hard work. Outside of changing nappies, rocking them to sleep or listening intently to their dulcet screams, there’s not much in the way of spare time for a parent. That’s why – although all this one-on-one time is absolutely lovely – all new parents really should invest in the best baby swing they can afford. Pop baby in the swing and you can have your hands free for a few minutes to take a break, grab a brew or – heaven forbid – catch up with the daily chores.

Baby swings provide a comfy, secure seat for your little one that recreates a lovely rocking motion – the next best thing to them actually being in your arms. Baby swings are either powered manually or electronically and can do a great job of both calming a baby and keeping them safe. For new parents, they’re an absolute godsend.

As with all baby equipment, there’s a lot of choice and a lot of detail to take in, so it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing which baby swing to buy. Here we’ll do some of the heavy lifting for you by explaining what to look out for when buying a baby swing, and recommending some of our tried and tested favourites.

Best baby swing: At a glance

How to choose the best baby swing for you

What should I consider before buying a baby swing?

Before buying any equipment for your baby, you should first consider its dimensions and think about where you’re going to put it. Many of the more compact swings can be folded flat for travelling or storing away, while some of the larger swings are less mobile.

It’s also worth considering if you’ll be moving your swing from room to room. If so, you’ll want a lightweight frame – especially if you’ve had a C-section or are recovering from a particularly hard labour – and not one of the larger models that can be quite cumbersome. You should also look for helpful practical details such as removable seat covers that can be thrown in the washer or, if not, made from fabrics that can be sponged clean.

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Are baby swings safe?

As long as you use them as recommended by the manufacturer, yes. Baby swings are designed as a safe space for your baby to relax in, offering that soothing, swinging motion while giving your arms a much-needed break. Unfortunately, they’re not suitable for long naps as they don’t hold babies in a safe sleeping position (ie, flat on their backs). The Lullaby Trust advises that babies sleep on a flat surface on their back to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), so you should always transfer a baby into a cot or Moses basket if and when they do doze off.

You should also check the weight limit of the seat your baby is in, just in case they outgrow it, and never leave them unattended or placed on a raised surface while in the swing. Baby swings should always be on the floor, not on a table.

When buying the best baby swing or baby bouncer, look for the BS EN14036:2003 safety mark to ensure it complies with up-to-date safety standards.

How long can I use a baby swing for?

Baby swings are generally suitable from birth, as long as they have a supportive headrest and secure harness. You should also check the maximum weight your swing can hold (most can support a baby up to approximately 9kg, but it does differ between models). The bad news? Once your baby can roll, it’s no longer safe for them to use a swing or bouncer. From this point you can move onto something such as a door jumper that allows older babies to create a swinging motion independently.

How we test baby swings

Our pick of the best baby swings have been chosen following extensive real-world testing at home with our own babies. As well as reviewing how easy they are to assemble, we consider the quality of their overall construction and design, how secure they are and, ultimately, how happy our babies are when they’re in them. Some are designed to aid relaxation so they come with in-built music boxes and electric swaying features, while others are built for active play and keeping baby busy and secure while you get a few jobs done. For the models that need a plug socket, we took into consideration how much room they’d take up in a living room or nursery.

Obviously, safety is a big consideration, so we ensure each of the baby swings in our list passes the BS EN14036:2003 safety mark, which ensures it complies with up-to-date safety standards. At the end of each review, we cover key specs including the maximum weight a baby swing can hold and its dimensions.

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The best baby swings to buy in 2023

1. Chicco Swing Relax and Play: Best value baby swing

Price when reviewed: £80 | Check price at Amazon

Chicco’s Swing Relax and Play swing is a safe and soothing place for your baby to relax. It’s easy to assemble and features a sturdy frame and soft, curved seat that’s lined with soft-touch fabric and has extra support for baby’s head. You can manually rock the swing as it is or turn on the programmable timer to enjoy five swing settings and 12 melodies.

The top bar of the swing also features a very sweet lamb and bunny pendulum for your little one to grab and play with. This is really useful for slightly older babies who need extra stimulation. Our 12-week-old loved hanging out in this swing, and it’s a safe and cosy spot for when you need to fold the washing, answer an email or just enjoy a cuppa while it’s hot.

Key features – Five swing settings, soft-touch fabric complete with a removable cushion, compact folding; Maximum weight: 9kg; Dimensions: 90 x 73 x 108cm

2. Graco Bumper Jumper: Best option for older babies

Price: £40 | Check price at Amazon

If your baby is over six months old and has outgrown the smaller swings, a jumper such as this one from Graco can make a more stimulating and active option. It’s suitable from 6-12 months and has a maximum weight of 12kg.

The Bumper Jumper secures to the door frame with a safe, spring-loaded clamp and has a hidden safety cord for peace of mind. Simply place baby in the high-backed nylon seat and the plastic dome ensures the straps are kept apart so you can easily get them in and out.

It’s also surrounded by a play tray that you can place toys on, in addition to the two interactive soft toys that are attached to the straps.

Key features – Removable and machine-washable nylon fabric, spring-loaded clamp won’t mark door mouldings; Maximum weight: 12kg; Dimensions: 204.5 x 56.3 x 46.6cm

3. Joie Serina 2 in 1 Baby Swing & Rocker: Best all-round baby swing

Price when reviewed: £160 | Check price at John Lewis

While at the more expensive end, Joie’s Serina 2-in-1 baby swing and rocker is a favourite for a reason. Sturdy, secure and with six different swinging speeds, it has plenty of options that will keep even the most sensitive of babies happy. It’s also programmed with lullabies and nature sounds, and has a night light for when you’re trying to calm things down at bedtime.

One of the swing’s best features is that the seat can be detached from the base and carried by the top bar to move it around the house (just make sure the baby isn’t in it when you do). The seat pads are removable and washable, which we found incredibly useful when our baby was going through a pretty messy vomiting stage.

The one downside to this swing is that it doesn’t fold down, so consider the space you’re going to have it in before you make the investment.

Key features – Machine-washable fabric, five-point harness, A/C power adapter or battery-powered; Maximum weight: 13kg; Dimensions: 91.5 x 73 x 81cm

Check price at John Lewis

4. Munchkin Baby Swing: Best high-end baby swing

Price when reviewed: £180 | Check price at AmazonWhile it didn’t win overall, the Munchkin Baby Swing did pick up a Highly Commended award in our 2022 Parent and Baby Awards, impressing our team with its fun, futuristic design and plethora of features.

The Munchkin’s side-to-side motion is designed to mimic the natural sway of a cradling parent, with five varying levels of motion available. In terms of sonic soothing, this swing comes preloaded with ambient music and lullabies, as well as Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to play whatever you’d like by connecting your phone. Handily, these features of the Munchkin can be controlled via the included remote control or the easy-to-use digital touch display on the chair itself.

Aside from its tech credentials, this swing is also super lightweight at 4.1kg and boasts one step assembly and disassembly, making it a doddle to take with you when travelling with baby.

Our one quibble with the Munchkin when we first tested it was its high price, however, with the price regularly dipping below the £200 mark, it’s now looking like a more reasonable buy than ever.

Key Features – Range of motion levels, Bluetooth enabled, remote control included, digital touch display, easy assembly; Maximum Weight: 9kg; Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 47cm (WDH)

5. Maxi-Cosi Cassia Swing: Best swing for convenience and clever design

Price when reviewed: £175 | Check price at Mamas and Papas

If you like your baby equipment to be super stylish, then you’ll love the Maxi-Cosi Cassia Swing. Not only does it look great, but the simple, intuitive design is a godsend on those extra fussy days, and it’s easy to move from room to room (a much-appreciated asset when getting back to full strength after labour).

The automatic motion sensor detects when the baby is fussing and swings them back to contentment, and the 360-degree rotation means you can always maintain eye contact while they enjoy the ride.

The swing also has a lovely high-quality finish including machine-washable seat pads that zip on and off and two very sweet soft toys that hang over the top. There are five swing speeds, 15 soothing melodies and a secure three-point safety harness, too. This is a solid buy.

Key features – Machine-washable fabric, easy in and out three-point harness; compact, space-saving frame; soft newborn inlay; Maximum weight: 9kg; Dimensions: 23.5 x 50 x 72.5cm

Check price at Mamas and Papas

6. Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing: Best compact option

Price when reviewed: £100 | Check price at Amazon

If you often travel to see family and friends, you might miss having your usual baby kit with you. The Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing is a great solution due to its compact size, narrow width and foldable design that can be laid almost flat in the car – or stored away if you don’t have much space at home.

The 2-in-1 design converts from a swing to a vibrating seat and has five swing settings, 12 soothing melodies and four nature sounds. It also has an automatic swinging option so you can get a few jobs done while your baby relaxes.

This is a great mid-priced option that has everything you need for home and trips away.

Key features – 2-in-1, converts from swing to vibrating seat; foldable; five-point harness; Maximum weight: 9kg; Dimensions: 77.5 x 53.3 x 61cm

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