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Elvie Stride review: The discreet breast pump with hospital-grade strength

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £170
(or £300) inc VAT

The Elvie Stride provides the same ultra-quiet, non-restrictive convenience of the original pump but with increased strength


  • Offers hospital-grade strength
  • Ten stimulation and ten expression settings
  • Connects to the Elvie app


  • Hard to tell how much milk you’re expressing
  • Can leave the breasts sore

The Elvie Stride is a portable breast pump, designed to let you extract milk discreetly, while benefiting from a hospital-grade strength motor and noise-reducing technology.

At the time of testing, I’d been exclusively breastfeeding for around 11 months and pumping regularly. I was very comfortable with a traditional pump, but with a now-walking toddler, I was keen to try a pump that would give me more freedom.

You’re probably wondering what makes it different to the original Elvie. The main difference is the original Elvie double breast pump offers -270mmHg of sucking power, while the Stride offers up to -300mmHg. This does make it slightly noisier but more efficient.

It comes with two different-sized breast shields and easy-to-use cups that slip inside a nursing bra. The compact hub sits outside of the bra, but you can clip it onto your belt or trouser band if you don’t want to leave it dangling.

From here, you select the stimulation and expression modes via the accompanying remote, or connect it to the Elvie app for remote control. This is especially useful if you’re using it on a Zoom call or when you’re at a party, for example. I used mine around family and loved that I could use the pump without anyone even knowing.

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Elvie Stride review: Price and competition

The single Elvie Stride costs £170 and the double is priced at £300, making it one of the most expensive on the market.

It sits in good company alongside other powerful electric pumps such as the Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump, which costs a more affordable £125, and the Medela Swing Maxi Flex 2-Phase Double Electric Breast Pump priced at £190. Both are quick and efficient but don’t offer the discretion of the Elvie Stride and need to be used while sitting down next to a plug socket.

For hands-free pumping, the recently launched Fraupow wearable breast pump is definitely one to consider. It costs only £80 and is completely wireless with an LED control panel, 12 intensity levels and a very competitive -230 to -300mmHg of pumping strength.

Elvie Stride review: Performance

The Elvie Stride can feel overwhelming when you first unbox the different bits and pieces, but once you watch a couple of tutorials on the app and get to grips with the settings, it’s very easy to use, either with the app or remote control. There are also cleaning instructions to follow before use.

There are 10 different intensity and stimulation settings, so while the higher settings are very powerful and can leave you feeling sore, you have plenty of much gentler options, too. The app also keeps track of your pumping history, if you like to measure things like that.

If I have one complaint about its performance, it’s that it can be tricky to know how much milk you’ve pumped. You get to know the average time it takes to fill, but as all breastfeeding women know, this can differ depending on the time of day. On the plus side, the battery life is good – you should get two or three uses before it needs recharging.

The cups must fit very neatly for the pump to work at its most efficient, so if you don’t find that the included shields fit you perfectly, it’s worth buying a different size from the brand. Elvie offers shields in 21mm, 24mm and 28mm sizes.

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Elvie Stride review: Design and key features

The double pump comes with lightweight cups that weigh only 150g each and sit neatly in your bra, without the use of wires or dangling bottles. The hub that controls the pump also has a clip that you can attach to your clothes, which is very handy when you want to move around.

To secure the cups to your breasts, you unclip the attached caps and slide the pump’s tubes under your clothes, so they’re neatly tucked away. You then clip the cap back on to the cup and place it on your breast. If you’re struggling with placement, there’s a handy porthole at the top of the cup that helps ensure your nipple is aligned.

Another clever design feature is the rotating caps in each cup, which help you to position the tubes in the most convenient way. This is great for when you’re wearing different types of clothing and you need to reposition.

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One thing to bear in mind is that it needs to be used while wearing a nursing bra so that the cups stay compressed against your breast.

To switch from a double to a single pump, you just remove the tube splitter.

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Elvie Stride review: Verdict

The Elvie Stride is a brilliantly designed electric pump that takes things one step further than its predecessor with increased strength. If you’re set to go back to work or are expressing on a regular basis, the convenience and discretion of its design is worth every penny.

If you’re only pumping sporadically in the privacy of your home, however, you probably don’t need such an expensive piece of kit.

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