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Best bedside crib 2023: Perfect cribs for safer close sleeping

Keep your baby safe, secure and close-by for naps and nighttime sleeps with these top bedside cribs

When you bring home a newborn baby, it’s natural to want to keep them close to you at all times, including when you sleep. That said, it’s essential to be aware of safe sleep practices as well as the potential risks of having baby in your bed (often referred to as co-sleeping). One option which may put your mind at rest is a crib, and the best bedside cribs provide a safe sleeping area for baby that keeps them close by.

According to the NHS, the safest place to sleep for a baby’s first six months is in a cot located in the same room as you. This is why bedside cribs have become such a popular alternative to co-sleeping. It offers a way to keep your baby close in the safest way possible and fosters independent sleeping habits, making eventual transitions easier too. A bedside crib provides the best of both worlds for both you and your infant – it’s safe, keeps your infant within arms reach, and there’s no need to get out of bed to soothe or feed your infant.

Below, we’ve compiled a guide to choosing the best bedside crib for your baby and rounded up some of our favourite options.

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Best bedside cribs: At a glance

How to choose the best bedside crib

What is a bedside crib?

A bedside crib is exactly what it sounds like—a crib that fastens securely to the side of the parents’ bed, providing a safe sleeping area for the baby. More often than not, one side of the crib drops down to provide easy access to your child while you’re lying in bed, and this can be zipped back up again to prevent baby escaping during daytime naps. It’s the safest option for co-sleeping and it’s also ideal for mums who need to restrict their movement, such as after a C-section.

Is the crib suitable for your bed?

The bedside crib mattress needs to be level with the parents’ bed. Most bedside cribs are height adjustable, but it’s essential to check that the model you’re buying works well with your type of bed and mattress height. Consider whether the bedside crib can attach effectively to your design of bed frame, and bear in mind that some models can’t attach to a divan bed.

Does it come with a mattress that meets safe sleep guidelines?

A crib mattress should be flat, firm and breathable to be properly safe for an infant under six months. Some bedside cribs come with the mattress included, while others leave the mattress purchase to you. Either way, you should ensure that the mattress meets these sleep safety guidelines. Also take note of the measurements to ensure that the bedding you choose fits snugly – not all cribs are the same size.

What other factors do you need to consider?

Is it easy to put together, or to fold up and down? Some bedside cribs fold up and down in the blink of an eye, while others will require tools and a bit of time. Make sure to buy a portable, folding model if you’re going to be doing a lot of travelling, or intend to move the cot around the home regularly.

How does the drop-down side work? More importantly, is it easy to use? Will you be able to fumble it open while half asleep in the middle of the night? Make sure the side panel is easy to use, but also easy to secure.

Is it only convenient for your bed? You may prefer a crib that’s more portable, or one that stands alone. Whether you’re taking the crib around the house or around the world, make sure you choose one that works with your lifestyle.

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The best bedside cribs you can buy in 2022

1. SnüzPod 4 Bedside Crib: The best overall bedside crib

Price: £200 | Buy now from JoJo Maman Bébé

This model is a favourite across the UK and it’s not hard to see why – it’s both versatile and brilliantly designed.

The ComfortAir system makes the crib more breathable and helps to regulate the baby’s temperature. This includes the 3D mattress, which is breathable while still providing optimal support. The mattress comes with a machine washable liner as well.

The drop-down side is a half-height zip wall that meets the mesh sides of the crib. The mesh wall provides a barrier to prevent the infant from rolling into the bed while co-sleeping. Both sides also have a mesh panel for easier viewing.

This crib comes with a rocking frame, and a gentle incline option to help with reflux or colds. The lightweight bassinet lifts off the frame, allowing you to take it with you around the house. It comes with straps for attaching to your bed, and it fits more bed frames than other traditional bedside cribs, including divan beds.

Key specs – Ages: Newborn–6 months/9 kg; Dimensions: L100 x W49 x H95 (max) cm ; Bed Frame Fit: Divan beds, framed beds; Height Adjustments: Max 73 cm from floor; Incline Setting: Yes

Buy now from JoJo Maman Bébé

2. Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib: The best on-the-go bedside crib

Price: £176 | Buy now from Amazon

This sleek and stylish crib has a number of benefits. It is usable as both a bedside crib and a standalone cot. It has six height settings, and it has a gentle incline setting. It also has a very helpful storage shelf under the bassinet, so you can keep all your necessary items within easy reach.

The drop-down side is easy to use, and the combination of sturdy plastic hooks and zippers means that it feels substantial and secure both when raised and lowered – it’s not a mechanism you’ll want to mess with in the middle of the night, though, as it takes a minute or two to adjust.

Clips under the bassinet hold the drop-down side in place one folded down, and webbing straps secure the cot to the side of the bed so that there are no gaps for baby to fall through.

All in all, it’s a reassuringly spacious, solid-feeling crib in both co-sleeping and standalone cot modes, and although it doesn’t fold down super small, it does fold flat into a travel bag for easy transportation.

Key specs – Ages: Newborn-6 months/9 kg; Dimensions: L92 x W56 x H84 cm ; Bed Frame Fit: Divan beds, framed beds; Height Adjustments: 6 height positions; Incline Setting: Yes

Buy now from Amazon

3. Chicco Next 2 Me Air Bedside Crib: The best bedside crib for co-sleeping

Price: £189 | Buy now from John Lewis

Like many bedside cribs, the Chicco uses a safety harness that attaches to the bed frame to hold it securely in place. The folding feet and six different height settings make it easy to keep it flush with almost any bed, too, including divan beds.

The side panel unzips and attaches to the underside of the bassinet. The crib has a tilting mode for congestion and reflux issues, and also works as a standalone crib. It has two wheels with brakes, making it easy to wheel around the house as needed.

The crib has all-around mesh for improved airflow, keeping your baby at a comfortable temperature. It also functions as a travel crib, and includes a travel bag for easy carrying. The crib’s mattress includes removable and washable lining for easy clean up.

Key specs – Ages: Newborn-6 months; Dimensions: L84 x W69 x H66 cm; Bed Frame Fit: Divan beds, framed beds; Height Adjustments: 6 height positions; Incline Setting: Yes

Buy now from John Lewis

4. Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Crib: The best bedside crib with storage

Price: £200 | Buy now from John Lewis

The Iora combines sophisticated looks with sensible design. It has five different height adjustments, long straps to secure the crib in place which work with most styles of bed, and the slide function ensures the crib fits snugly alongside your mattress.

There are several steps to undoing the drop-down side. You need to undo poppers and clips on either side before unzipping each end, then you need to lift the top bar from the frame. Once released, the drop-down side clips to the bottom of the bassinet.

One very convenient feature of this crib is the large storage basket under the bassinet. It has enough space to store all your baby’s essentials, keeping them within arm’s reach throughout the night. The Iora also works as a standalone crib, and includes a storage bag for easy travel.

Key specs – Ages: Newborn-6 months/9 kg; Dimensions: L93 x W55.5 x H74.5 cm ; Bed Frame Fit: Divan beds, framed beds; Height Adjustments: 5 height positions; Incline Setting: No

Buy now from John Lewis

5. Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib: The best bedside crib that grows with the baby

Price: £190 | Buy now from Shnuggle

Unlike other bedside cribs on this list, the Shnuggle Air is not recommended for co-sleeping. The website states that the side should remain up while the baby and parents are sleeping. It can be lowered for easy feeding or comforting while awake in bed.

The crib has breathable mesh sides and an extra breathable, hypoallergenic mattress for optimal sleep temperature. The mesh sides also allow you to see inside the crib, even with the side up. This crib has a gentle incline feature, which is perfect for colic, reflux or colds. It also has a storage hammock below the bassinet to keep some necessities.

One noteworthy thing about this bedside crib is that it’s not only a standalone crib as well, but it has the option to grow alongside your child. Once your baby is past the 9 kg mark, you can purchase a conversion kit that transforms the crib to a toddler cot.

Key specs – Ages: Newborn-6 months/9 kg; Dimensions: L56 x W94 x H68.5-83 cm ; Bed Frame Fit: Divan beds, framed beds; Height Adjustments: 7 height positions; Incline Setting: Yes

Buy now from Shnuggle

6. Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper: The best bedside crib with foam mattress

Price: £139 | Buy now from Silver Cross

It’s well known that an infant’s mattress needs to be firm and flat. The deep foam mattress of the Voyager bedside crib provides that level of safety, while also being gentle enough for a baby to rest well on. It provides proper support while helping to maintain your baby’s natural posture.

This crib is also very easy to assemble and break down. With little more than the press of a button, the legs fold or unfold, leaving nothing more for you to do than lock them in place and add the storage harness. It comes with four lockable wheels, and a storage bag for easy travel.

It has all the standard features, including incline for reflux, multiple height settings and a harness that fits most beds. It has mesh sides for optimal breathability, and also works as a standalone crib. The drop-side is one of the easiest to use; just unzip and lift the frame.

Key specs – Ages: Newborn-6 months/9 kg; Dimensions: L101 x W61 x H67-84.5 cm ; Bed Frame Fit: Divan beds, framed beds; Height Adjustments: 7 height positions; Incline Setting: Yes

Buy now from Silver Cross

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