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Best toddler bed 2023: The best beds for a safe and soothing sleep

Find the best options for transitioning your toddler from a cot to a bed with the best toddler beds

As babies grow into toddlers, they will also need to transition into a more grown-up bed. With every new milestone, there comes the question of how best to accommodate your child, and leaving the cot behind for a toddler bed is no exception.

It’s important to find a bed that helps your child sleep soundly and safely. Thankfully, there are a lot of options to ensure your child’s new bed is not only comfortable but fun as well. From the most basic frames to the plushest decor, and so much more, there’s a wide variety of beds that your child may love.

When your child is ready for their first big kid bed, you may feel like you aren’t quite ready yet yourself – it’s a big step and there are so many things to consider. Fortunately, toddler beds have many features, such as safety bars and extra storage, that can help make the transition easier for parents as well.

However, there are several other things to be taken into account when choosing a toddler bed. Below, we look at some of the best toddler beds available, as well as what to consider while shopping for one.

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Best toddler bed: At a glance

How to choose the best toddler bed

What should I look for in a good toddler bed?

The key features you should be considering when shopping for a toddler bed include:

Size: Not every toddler transitions to a toddler bed at the same age or the same size. Toddler beds are typically designed for children who are between 18 months and three years old, and some of them have specific weight restrictions for this reason. Make sure the bed’s dimensions and weight capacity can not only comfortably fit your child, but will also last them until they’re ready for their first twin bed.

Safety: Of course, this is a consideration of paramount importance, especially if your toddler is still fairly young. A safe toddler bed will be low to the ground, making it easier for a child to climb in and out on their own. Some beds include railings to prevent children from falling out during the night, but it’s not a standard feature, so keep in mind that you may have to buy them separately.

Mattress: Just as not all beds have railings, many toddler beds come without a mattress included. You can either choose a bed that works with your existing crib’s mattress or be prepared to buy a brand-new mattress to pair with the new bed.

Other considerations

Once you look past the vital-yet-mundane features, there are still some important questions to keep in mind. Mainly, will it make your child happy? This is a big change in your toddler’s life, and you will want to make the transition as easy as possible. Perhaps they’ll be more comfortable in a bed that, while not fully enclosed, still resembles the crib they’re used to.

On the other hand, a bed with a cool, fun design might help your toddler feel excited about this new normal. In this case there are many options to choose from, from race cars to princess beds and everything in between.

We’ve found some of the best toddler beds for every need, and at every price point, that everyone in the household will be happy with.

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The best toddler beds you can buy in 2023

1. Lauryn Convertible Toddler Bed and Mattress: The best overall toddler bed

Price: From £286 | Buy now from Wayfair

With soft edges and a selection of four fun colours to choose from, this bed is bound to make both parents and toddlers happy. This contemporary design features curved corners to minimise bumps and scrapes, and guard rails to prevent children from taking a tumble.

To make life easier for parents, the bed also includes a storage drawer – perfect for tucking away toys, sheets, clothes and more – which can be put on either side of the bed for added convenience. This frame has a slat kit, and it includes a foam mattress so there’s no need for extra purchases. The guard rails are detachable, yet sturdy enough to keep children safely in bed throughout the night.

Assembly is required, but it only takes about an hour to put together.

Key specs – Dimensions: 61 x 90 x 144cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 100kg; Mattress included: Yes; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Manufactured wood, solid wood; Colours: White, lime green, pink, blue

Buy now from Wayfair

2. Isla Toddler Bed: The best cot-style toddler bed

Price: £199 | Buy now from Cuckooland

Not every child will be comfortable going straight from a crib to a novelty bed, and that’s okay. For toddlers who need a less drastic transition, this cot-style bed can provide a sense of familiarity as they move up.

Available in two neutral colours, this bed has vertical slatted sides that resemble the bars of a crib, as well as a matching guard rail. The bed is sturdy, made of solid pine with a beautiful lacquer finish. The base of the frame is also slatted, for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The basic frame doesn’t include the mattress, but it can be added to the purchase as an extra item. Similarly, a handy storage drawer can also be added. The bed requires assembling, but no time estimate is listed and you might need some help setting it up.

Key specs – Dimensions: 60 x 76 x 148cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 30kg; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Solid pine; Colours: White, grey

Buy now from Cuckooland

3. Habitat Ellis Toddler Bed Frame with Drawer: The best toddler bed with storage

Price: £160 | Buy now from Habitat

When updating your child’s bed, it helps if you can also upgrade the storage in the bedroom. This Habitat bed frame comes with a full-length drawer to go under the bed. It’s been designed with durable castors for easy movement and it’s ideal for extra linen, toys, books or clothes.

This bed has a slatted base, with extra-long guard rails for a safe night’s sleep. It’s low enough to the ground that children can feel confident climbing in and out on their own without taking a tumble and, when they’re a little older and less likely to roll around, the side rails are easy to remove. As a precaution, this bed has no sharp corners, with all the edges rounded off for extra safety.

It’s available in two neutral colours to match any bedroom decor. It requires assembly, but only needs one person.

Key specs – Dimensions: 57 x 75 x 144cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 40kg; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Solid wood; Colours: White, grey

Buy now from Habitat

4. Vesper Single Solid Wood House Bed: The best treehouse toddler bed

Price: £148 | Buy now from Wayfair

As a bed that can live up to your child’s imagination, this is ideal. This beautiful frame is a perfect place for your child to both sleep and play. Low enough that it almost sits on the ground, this bed all but eliminates risk when a child climbs in and out by themselves.

It includes a slat kit for a comfortable base, and the frame comes in several colour options to match any room. With the high, house-shaped frame above them, children (with their parents’ help) can turn this bed into the treehouse of their dreams – consider adding fairy lights, bunting or some other decoration. Alternatively, with some extra sheets, this bed can double as a delightful blanket fort.

The bed requires assembly, but it’s not specified how long it takes. The solid wood construction makes it a sturdy bed that will last throughout toddlerhood.

Key specs – Dimensions: 154.8 x 94.3 x 195.8cm (HWL); Weight capacity: 100kg; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: No; Materials: Solid wood; Colours: White, grey, pastel green, blue, pink

Buy now from Wayfair

5. Obaby Lumi Toddler Bed: The best stylish toddler bed

Price: £261 | Buy now from Cuckooland

For parents looking for Montessori furniture for their little one, this Lumi toddler bed makes a gorgeous addition. It’s covered in soft velvet for a cosy experience with a luxurious look, and it comes in a choice of two colours to match almost any home’s decor.

The bed has no guard rails, instead using a sleigh shape for safety – the high head and foot boards have curved side panels designed to keep children from rolling out of bed in the night. As with most toddler beds, this bed sits low to the ground so it’s easy for children to get in and out without falling.

The bed requires assembly, and the mattress must be purchased separately. There’s no weight limit listed for this bed, though it does specify that it’s only suitable for children up to four years old. With its beautiful design, this bed is sure to please toddlers and parents alike.

Key specs – Dimensions: 63 x 79 x 149cm (HWL); Weight capacity: Not specified; Mattress included: No; Guard rails: No; Materials: Polyester, plywood, PU foam, metal, plastic; Colours: Grey, pink

Buy now from Cuckooland

6. Stompa CK Starter Bed: The best extending toddler bed

Price: £399 | Buy now from Room To Grow

One way to save money in the long run is to choose a bed that grows alongside your child.

This bed has three size options and includes a foam mattress in three sections, so the bed can grow as your child does – as your child gets taller, the foot of the bed can be extended, and an extra section of mattress can be added, to create a longer bed. Even the slat system is extendable.

The bed is made of solid pine, with a non-toxic lacquer finish, and has guard rails along both sides so that toddlers are protected through the night. And while there is no storage drawer included, one is available for purchase.

Like most other toddler beds, this bed is designed for self-assembly, but Room To Grow do offer an assembly service with their extended warranty for an additional cost. The bed is suitable for children 12 months and older, though there’s no weight limit listed.

Key specs – Dimensions: 81.1 x 85.7 x 114.7/149.4/183.1cm (HWL); Weight capacity: Not specified; Mattress included: Yes; Guard rails: Yes; Materials: Solid pine, MDF; Colours: White

Buy now from Room To Grow

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