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Best baby cot 2024: Sleep solutions for newborns and toddlers

The best baby cots are long-lasting, secure, comfortable and easy to assemble – here’s our pick of the top models

Choosing a cot for your baby will be one of the most important purchases you make. Not only will it provide them with their own sleeping space, but a cot will also keep them comfortable and, above all, safe.

Most baby cots are suitable from 0-6 months old. A standard cot will see your child through until they’re around two years old, but there are plenty that convert into toddler beds and cater to their sleeping needs right up until they’re ten (with the suitable conversion kit). Some baby cots come with built-in storage, while others can be adjusted to different levels to keep babies safe when they get to the point at which they’re able to move around or pull themselves up.

So, with an array of options available, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite tried-and-tested baby cots, alongside a short guide on what to look out for when shopping for the best cot for your newborn or impending arrival.

Best baby cot: At a glance

How to choose the best baby cot for you

When buying a baby cot, the main factors to consider are size, safety standards, style and budget.

What are the advantages of buying a baby cot?

A baby cot is sturdier and safer than a moses basket, and some can convert into cot beds. The latter models allow you to save money in the long run, providing your baby with a sleep solution for years to come, rather than just months.

Another advantage of opting for a cot bed is that your baby can learn to sleep in one place for a longer stint. They’ll be familiar with their cot and won’t need to make a transition into an alternative bed, which can prove difficult for some. This creates a feeling of safety and relaxation for your baby, which will hopefully help them settle more quickly.

What size of cot should I buy?

Cots are smaller than cot beds, at around 50-60cm wide, meaning they may fit in your bedroom more easily (the NHS recommends that a baby sleeps in the same room as their parents until they’re six months old). However, the length of a baby cot can vary, ranging from between 90cm to around 140cm, so if your nursery has limited space, you might want to opt for a shorter cot.

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If space isn’t an issue, then a longer bed will likely see your child through for a longer time, making it the more cost-effective solution. You could also opt for a bedside cot with a removable side, so it can be positioned to the side of your own bed in the early days.

What safety standards should a baby cot meet?

Cots and cot beds should adhere to some safety requirements. For example, European Standard EN 716-1:2017 states that the gap between the bars of a cot shouldn’t be any wider than 6.5cm to avoid your baby’s limbs becoming stuck in between them. It’s also recommended that the distance between the top of the mattress and the top of the cot sides is at least 50cm, to prevent your baby from climbing out, while other experts recommend that a cot has bars on all four sides to help with air flow.

How much should I spend?

Baby cots can cost anywhere between £100 and £700 or more. For a bed of a decent size and spec, you can expect to pay an average of around £150-£350. Some beds come with the mattress included, and although these may initially appear expensive, they’re often a more cost-effective solution than buying the frame and the mattress separately. How much you spend will ultimately come down to a cot’s suitability to fulfil your particular needs.

Do I need extra features?

There are a few extras to look out for when shopping around for a good baby cot. These include features such as teething rails to protect the baby’s gums (and the cot itself), a cot base with height adjustability, and extra space for storage in the form of drawers or built-in shelves. Also consider toddler bed conversion kits and the option to add a mattress with a protective cover to your order.

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The best baby cot you can buy in 2024

1. SnuzKot Haze Grey Skandi: The best minimalist baby cot

Price: £379 | Buy now from Snuz

It’s the simple design that gives this cot by Snuz its sleek and modern feel. It’s beautifully made and easy to assemble, which will make life easier for new parents-to-be who are likely to have a million and one things to remember before their baby’s arrival (or perhaps the baby is already here, and you need a quick solution).

The cot offers three mattress height options, sitting high to make it easier for you to lift out your newborn, and moving down as they become more mobile. In addition, the SnuzKot doesn’t take up too much space, meaning it’s ideal for use in smaller bedrooms and nurseries.

The cot comes packaged in several boxes, which is handy for carrying it upstairs before putting it together – although bear in mind that this means more packaging to dispose of afterwards. Buy the SnuzKot Junior Bed Extension kit for £80, and this versatile cot will see your child through to the age of ten years old.

Key specs – Age: 0 months to 4 years as standard (10 years, with extension kit); Mattress height positions: 3; Size: 72 x 133 x 89cm (WLH); Material: Wood and plywood frame, stainless steel fixings; Warranty: Not specified; Other details: Self-assembly required, mattress sold separately

Buy now from Snuz

2. Ickle Bubba Coleby Space Saver: The best compact baby cot

Price: £149 | Buy now from Boots

For a complete cot package, we love this option from Ickle Bubba: it comes in at only £149, with the mattress included. Suitable from birth to 18 months old, it offers three mattress height positions to help keep baby as safe as possible. This adjustability is great for parents, too, saving your back from aching as a result of bending over to lift baby in and out of the cot.

The fibre mattress is of a decent thickness at 10cm, it’s breathable and hypoallergenic, arriving with a water-resistant removable cover. The cot itself is a compact size, is easy to assemble and feels sturdy, giving parents peace of mind that their baby is safe while they sleep. It also has a teething rail to protect baby and the cot itself from damage when your little one begins cutting their teeth.

Key specs – Age: 0-18 months; Mattress height positions: 3; Size: 56 x 104 x 89cm (WLH); Material: Solid and MDF wood, fibre mattress; Warranty: 4yrs Other details: Self-assembly required, mattress included

Buy now from Boots

3. IKEA Sniglar Cot: The best budget baby cot

Price: £69 | Buy now from IKEA

The transition from a moses basket to a cot doesn’t have to be costly or take up too much space. The Sniglar cot from IKEA is a simple, cute solution to help keep your baby comfortable in a new sleep setting. Made of solid beech wood, this cot is durable and wipes clean effortlessly.

As with most IKEA cots and cot beds, the mattress and cot bedding is sold separately – although, being IKEA, the mattress and cover will still likely beat other options on price (you’ll have to factor in IKEA’s delivery costs if you’re not picking up in store, though).

The cot base is adjustable to two heights, is easy to assemble and will match any decor, making it suitable for your bedroom as well as a nursery, when your baby moves into their own space.

Key specs – Age: Not listed; Mattress height positions: 2; Size: 66 x 124 x 80cm (WLH); Material: Solid beech; Warranty: Not specified; Other details: Self-assembly required (assembly service offered for £27), mattress sold separately

Buy now from IKEA

4. SNOO Smart Sleeper: The best premium baby cot

Price: £1,195 | Buy now from Happiest Baby

One of the most popular and innovative cots to hit the market, the Smart Sleeper by SNOO is a clever – albeit expensive – cot that uses app connectivity to soothe your baby into the most comfortable sleep possible. Using womb-like motions and sounds, this cot will help buy you an extra hour to put your feet up, catch up on some sleep yourself (or to tidy up, cook or do the laundry).

Having a newborn is hard, but having a SNOO can help babies learn to keep to a routine, while also limiting the number of times that they (and you) wake up through the night; if baby wakes in the middle of the night, the cot springs into action and soothes them back to sleep. It also has superior safety features and ensures that the baby is on its back and that the blankets haven’t unravelled.

Key specs – Age: 0-6 months; Mattress height positions: 3; Size: 48.3 x 90.8 x 81.9cm (WLH); Material: Wood and plywood frame, stainless steel fixings; Warranty: 1yr; Other details: Self-assembly required, mattress, water-resistant cover, three ivory organic cotton SNOO sleep sacks (S, M and L) included

Buy now from Happiest Baby

5. John Lewis Anyday Elementary Cot: The best-value baby cot

Price: £129 | Buy now from John Lewis

A sturdy cot at a decent price actually isn’t too difficult to come by these days, as evidenced by this John Lewis elementary cot. The beloved and trusted brand has once again delivered a good-value baby product that’s suitable until your child reaches two years old. The cot offers two height levels, and is ideal for newborns as well as older babies.

This cot is easy to assemble, wipes clean and, if you fancy making it a bit more plush, you can purchase John Lewis’ premium fibre mattress for the perfect pairing. The cot’s simple, crisp white colour also makes it an ideal match for any nursery decor.

Key specs – Age: 0-24 months; Mattress height positions: 2; Size: 65 x 124 x 93.5cm (WLH); Material: Solid pine; Warranty: Not specified; Other details: Self-assembly required, mattress sold separately

Buy now from John Lewis

6. Mamas & Papas Petite Cot: The best baby cot for smaller rooms

Price: £99 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

Made to be kept in your bedroom or small nurseries, the Petite Cot from Mamas & Papas features a base that’s adjustable to two heights. It’s compact, easy to assemble and has an extremely sturdy build overall. The price is so reasonable that many parents opt to use this affordable, well-made and compact cot as an extra sleep solution at the grandparents’ house when they visit.

Finished in white, it will fit well with many nursery colour schemes, and it holds the small Mamas & Papas cot mattress perfectly. You can buy the cot and mattress separately, or you can opt for the cot and mattress bundle. We love how super-cute this small cot looks, and that it will last until your baby is 18 months old.

Key specs – Age: 0-18 months; Mattress height positions: 2; Size: 63.5 x 95.5 x 89.5cm (WLH); Material: Not specified; Warranty: Not specified; Other details: Self-assembly required, mattress sold separately

Buy now from Mamas & Papas

7. Mack + Milo Amburgey Cot: The best baby cot with mattress

Price: £210 | Buy now from Wayfair

Parents’ minds will be at ease when baby is put down to sleep in this super sturdy cot from Mack + Milo. It arrives with the added bonus of a built-in drawer, which can be used for storing sheets, blankets, clothes or any other baby bits and bobs. It features a teething rail, and offers a two-position adjustable mattress height. It can even be converted into a toddler bed once your baby is through the early years.

As well as being a quality cot at a reasonable price, the Amburgey also arrives with a 6cm-deep mattress. And it’s available in four colourways (pine, grey, matte mint and white), meaning there’s an option to match any style of nursery.

Key specs – Age: 0-36 months; Mattress height positions: 2; Size: 65 x 124 x 90cm (WLH); Material: Solid pine wood; Warranty: 1yr; Other details: Self-assembly required, mattress included, converts to toddler bed (toddler guard rails included)

Buy now from Wayfair

8. Stokke Sleepi Bed V3: The best baby cot for small spaces

Price: £529 | Buy now from Stokke

This stylish cot bed from Scandinavian-designed brand Stokke is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. The first thing to note is its oval shape, which makes it look more modern than typical rectangular-shaped cots, while its second huge selling point is its longevity.

Suitable from birth, it can later be converted into a cot bed by releasing the side and adjusting the height of the mattress. The brand estimates that the Sleepi Bed V3 will see most children through to the age of five. Its shape saves space in a small nursery while allowing for maximum air circulation, and the cot’s lockable swivel wheels allow it to be easily moved if necessary.

The cot arrives unassembled in several boxes, which might result in a feeling of dread in even the most confident of flat-pack assemblers. However, we’re happy to report that it took just five minutes to assemble once it was unpacked. A matching oval mattress and sheets are available for £199 and £27 respectively.

Like all of Stokke’s baby products, this is an investment buy, but it’s high quality and built to last.

Key specs – Age: 0-5 years; Mattress height positions: 4; Size: 141 x 74 x 87cm (WLH); Material: FSC®-certified pine wood; Warranty: 7yrs Other details: Self-assembly required, mattress not included, converts to toddler bed

Buy now from Stokke

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