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Best high chair 2023: Find the best seating for your baby or toddler

Help make the weaning process as smooth as possible with the best high chair for your little one

Following six months of liquid breakfasts, lunches and dinners, your baby may be ready for weaning. That means it’s time to buy the best high chair you can find.

As with most baby-related purchases, there’s often an intimidating number of options available, with different features and coming in at a range of prices. Do you opt for a lightweight design that’s easy to pack away for storage? A high chair that will serve your child from six months to 10 years old? And what’s your finish of choice – plastic or a natural material?

To answer these questions and many more, in our guide below we reveal the signs to look for to determine whether your baby is ready for weaning, and explain the main features to look for when choosing a high chair. Scroll on thereafter to discover our pick of the best high chairs on the market.

Best high chair: At a glance

Best for long-term useStokke Nomi | £239Check price at John Lewis
Best for comfort and securitySilver Cross Buffet | £149Check price at Amazon
Best for travelJoJo Maman Bébé Pack-Away Pocket High Chair | £17Check price at Jojo Maman Bébé

How to choose the best high chair for your baby

Is my baby ready for weaning?

Some babies are ready to try solid foods from around four-to-five months, but according to the NHS guidelines what they can and can’t eat is restrictive at this time. However, by six months, almost all solid foods are on the table. Your baby must be able to sit upright with their head held steady, without support, and other signs that they might be ready for solid food include chewing and swallowing motions without the tongue-thrust reflex pushing objects out of the mouth, as well as curiosity about what you’re eating. If you’re seeing all these signs pretty consistently, then chances are your baby is ready to move from a liquid to solid diet.

You’re probably best to get a high chair just before your baby starts showing these signs, so you’re ready to go with puréed fruit as soon as they’re ready. Many high chairs are designed for babies who can support themselves, although a handful can be used as reclining seats for younger babies until they’re ready for weaning.

What types of high chairs are there?

There are three basic types of high chair :

  • The standalone high chair: This is the most popular type of high chair. Most models are height-adjustable and come with a removable tray, which means you can use the high chair freestanding in your kitchen or (with the tray removed) tucked against the family dining table.
  • The table-clamped chair: Good as a portable alternative if you’re taking your baby out to a café or to a friend’s house. These foldable fabric chairs clamp onto the table and pack up into a small bag for transporting in the car boot or bottom of your buggy.
  • The chair-mounted booster seat: A booster seat straps onto your dining chair. Check the specifications to make sure the model will fit your chairs. These are good for older babies who are sitting confidently but need help to reach the table.

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How long will I need a high chair for?

Depending on your child’s height and confidence with sitting, you’ll be using your high chair three to five times daily for around 18 months. As such, it’s worth getting one that will comfortably fit your baby for this period, and will last the distance. This is the reason it’s sometimes worth spending a little extra. Most high chairs fit children up to around three years old, but it’s likely your child will be sitting on a standard dining chair before then – most children will use a high chair from six months to around two years.

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What essential features should I look for?

As well as easy-to-clean surfaces, the best high chairs keep your baby from slipping out of the bottom. Many high chairs feature a safety harness of the kind you find in a buggy, while others have integral waist and leg straps to keep baby in place.

A tray makes it possible to feed your baby in any room of the house (to begin with, we recommend having lunch in the easiest room to clean) and doubles up as a play surface for toys and drawing. Adjustable seats mean you can choose a height that’s comfortable for you from which to assist baby eat.

What else do I need to buy?

So you’ve chosen a high chair, now what? Regardless of whether you’re spoon-feeding your baby or going down the path of baby-led weaning, there are a couple of essentials you’ll need. These include bowls, spoons, a cup and bibs. It helps to have at least two of each so one can be washed while the other is being used. There are dozens of options to choose from, but we recommend a pair of plastic, bamboo, or silicone bowls; a plate with compartments; a pair of training spoons; a sippy cup; a pair of bibs with a catch tray (also typically made of silicone); and a pair of wearable bibs for when you’re ready to let them get messy. You could also opt for a weaning mat, which sits underneath the high chair to catch all the falling food to make cleaning up that little bit easier.

How we test high chairs

Every high chair in our roundup below has been tested by our reviewers in their homes with the help of their own babies. This allows us to make a complete assessment of each model, from how easy a highchair is to assemble, how it looks, how sturdy and secure it feels with baby sitting in it, and how easy and hygienic it is to clean. Real-life testing such as this allows us to deliver a fair and honest account of our experience, while also identifying any smaller issues that might arise in day to day use of a product.

In addition, we include a range of designs in our tests, from high chairs that can be completely folded down for easy storage, to those that grow with your baby for extra longevity, and travel options for times you’re visiting family or taking a holiday. Also highlighted at the end of each review are key details such as dimensions, weight, and age suitability.

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The best high chairs you can buy in 2023

1. Stokke Nomi: Best high chair for long-term use

Price when reviewed: £239 | Check price at John Lewis

For years, the iconic Stokke Tripp Trapp won over the hearts of countless families who wanted a chair that would grow with their child, but now the brand has outdone itself with the Nomi – a high chair that can be used from birth right up to adulthood. While the fundamentals of both chairs are similar, the Nomi feels more streamlined, provides better support, and – in our tester’s opinion – has a more comfortable seat, making it the superior option.

For young babies, parents can purchase the newborn set, which allows your little one to be close to you in every room – whether that’s the kitchen, at the table, in the office, or while you’re getting ready in the bathroom. The baby set can then be used from six months. This includes a scooped-out seat, made from wipe-clean recyclable plastic, which provides exceptional back and side support for little ones as they learn to sit and eat with you. As your child grows, the Nomi becomes a chair that’s perfect for desks, reading, activities at the table, and so much more. The seat and footrest offer supreme comfort and can be adjusted at the simple twist of a knob.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier, either. With no PVC or fabric, or pockets or corners in which crumbs can become stuck, everything can be wiped down with ease. After weeks of use, ours looks as clean as the day it arrived.

The lightweight chair sits on anti-tilt wheels, which make it easy to move it from room to room, but which also prevent the chair from tipping over, no matter how active your toddler might be at dinnertime. The harness offers extra security – this is considered an “extra” and is perhaps something (in our opinion) that should just be included as standard.

Yes, the Stokke commands a hefty price tag – particularly when you consider all the add-ons. But taking into account that this chair will serve for a good number of years, we think it’s worth the investment.

Key specs – Height: 83.5cm; Weight: 4.68kg; Other: Optional newborn set, baby set, harness, and cushion; Age: Birth to adult (max weight, 150kg)

Check price at John Lewis

2. Graco Snack N’ Stow: Best value high chair

Price when reviewed: From £40 | Check price at Amazon

Graco is something of a go-to brand for families all over the world, and for good reason. Its price-accessible baby staples include the Snack N’ Stow high chair – a lightweight, agile, standalone design that offers one of the most compact and slimline folds we found in testing.

Everything about this high chair felt easy – it’s easy to put together, easy to clean, and even easier to fold away. Our only suggestion? Some clips to keep the legs together once it’s folded would have been beneficial – but with a price tag that starts at £40, we can’t complain. The wipe-clean seat is available in five different prints, although you’ll spot that some designs are more expensive than others. Getting baby in and out is straightforward, too, since the tray can be moved into three different positions. While some high chairs can feel a little too reclined, our 9-month-old tester certainly seemed comfortable in the Snack N’ Stow, helped along by the softly padded seat and two-position footrest; plus the harness offered extra security to keep her upright. Overall, a real home hero – and a great chair to keep at granny’s house.

Key specs – Height: 90cm; Weight: 5.4kg; Other: Detachable tray, 2-position foot rest, adjustable 5-point harness; Age: 6 months to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

3. Joie Multiply 6-in-1: The best high chair for all ages

Price when reviewed: £127 | Check price at John Lewis

As the name suggests, this parent-favourite has six different modes, including three recline options (with cushioned newborn insert) that let you keep your young baby near you while in the kitchen. As they get older and you start weaning, the seat can be placed more upright with a tray table attached.

The seat then detaches and acts as a booster seat, either with or without the tray table; or, the seat can be removed completely, giving your child a seat in which to sit and play, or the option to sit up at the table. Our toddler tester loved the independence of sitting at a regular dining room chair on this booster seat with his brother, while we liked the fact this seat keeps him a little more secure. What’s more, as your child gets older, the tray table can be attached to the legs of the highchair and the seat lowered to provide a play table.

If we’re nit-picking, it isn’t the most stylish of high chairs on this list (although there are five prints to choose from), and all its bells and whistles make it pretty chunky and heavy. It isn’t cheap, either. Nevertheless, these are minor issues; this is an all-round fantastic high chair, and you really will get your money’s worth for years to come.

Key specs – Height: 107.3cm; Weight: 12.2kg; Other: 5-point safety harness, detachable tray, optional newborn insert; Age: 6 months to 6 years

Check price at John Lewis

4. Stokke 3-in-1 Clikk: Best high chair for style

Price when reviewed: £149 | Check price at John Lewis

Anyone who loves the clean, Scandi aesthetic of Stokke’s beautifully made pieces will love the Clikk – a basic but stylish high chair that’s as practical as it is good-looking. The beechwood legs are complemented by a moulded, easy-to-clean bucket seat and brilliantly sized tray that comes in a wide range of pastel colours. Ours was the Clover Green option, but the selection of hues will likely work in most kitchens and dining rooms. The chair takes mere minutes to put together, with zero tools required.

Cleaning is a doddle, too, thanks to the detachable wipe-clean and – here come the magic words – dishwasher-safe tray. Perhaps the only difficult thing to keep stain-free is the harness, but this is a common issue on so many high chairs. The chair and footrest offered our mini-tester a super-snug and comfortable fit, and will keep them brilliantly upright from as young as six months. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the height on this chair – thankfully, it was spot on size-wise for our tester – so you might want to check it against the height of your own dining table before purchasing.

Key specs – Height: 83cm; Weight: 4kg; Other: 5-point safety harness, adjustable footrest, detachable tray, optional seat cushion; Age: 6 months to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

Check price at John Lewis

5. Vital Baby Nourish Scoop 360° High Chair: Best high chair for small spaces

Price when reviewed: £170 | Check price at John Lewis

If you love the look of Vital Baby’s iconic Nourish Scoop high chair, you’ll love this updated version that comes with a 360° swivelling seat. The ultra-functional Nourish Scoop is loved for being lightweight and compact, and this space-saving upgrade is no different. With an ergonomically curved and cushioned seat to keep baby upright and comfortable, a built-in footrest and an adjustable and detachable tray, the whole high chair is made from glossy, wipe-clean materials that protect it well from inevitable food stains (hello, tomato sauce). The neutral design means it will blend in well with most kitchen or dining room decor – our tester especially loved the wooden legs.

We also loved how easy it was to fold and store away. It’s on the smaller side, however, so while it can hold babies up to 15kg, it might be a better option for dinkier tots.

Key specs – Height: 84cm; Weight: 4.5kg; Other: 360-degree chair spin, 2-position adjustable tray, 5-point safety harness; Age: 6 months to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

Check price at John Lewis

6. Silver Cross Buffet: Best high chair for comfort and security

Price when reviewed: £149 | Check price at Amazon

Silver Cross’s Buffet high chair might be a touch on the pricey side, but since it will see your little one through from a newborn to a toddler, it’s actually rather good value.

The design is wonderfully practical: it has a three-position reclinable seat, seven different adjustable height options, and a detachable tray with a dishwasher-safe divider. Plus, the removable, wipe-clean seat cover can be washed after particularly messy mealtimes. The newborn cradle mode eases back into a lie-flat recline position for when baby is sleeping at mealtimes, and can be placed upright with the tray from six months.

We tried out the Cool Grey colourway (it’s also available in Candy Pink), which looks super smart and doesn’t show up marks, plus it made a nice addition to our tester’s kitchen. While the chair is slightly on the larger side compared to some on this list, it does fold away neatly for easy storage.

Key specs – Height: 106cm; Weight: 7.9kg; Other: 7 adjustable heights, detachable tray, newborn cradle mode; Age: Birth to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

7. IKEA Antilop: Best budget high chair

Price when reviewed: £19 | Check price at IKEA

A design classic in white moulded plastic, IKEA’s Antilop is probably the most-seen high chair in dining rooms and restaurants across Europe. Why? It’s cheap, functional, comfortable, and easy to clean. It’s also easy to assemble: the chair comes in one piece and the legs pop into the bottom; you then clip on the tray, if required.

It’s spacious enough to be comfortable for your child while also being secure, and you can easily get your child in and out without too much hassle. One of the drawbacks is that the detachable tray is slightly narrower than that featured on some of the models in our list, which means it will catch a little less dropped food. Overall, though, this is a great-value high chair, and a fantastic option for families on a budget.

Key specs – Height: 90cm; Weight: 3kg; Other: 3-point safety strap, detachable tray; Age: 6 months to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

Check price at IKEA

8. Infantino Fox Grow with Me 4-in-1: Best high chair for toddler appeal

Price when reviewed: £110 | Check price at Amazon

This fun-loving design from Infantino is a brilliant value-for-money high chair that converts into a booster and toddler seat. Naturally, thanks to its engaging and colourful design, it proved a hit with our one-year-old tester, but it’s great for parents, too.

It’s straightforward to assemble without the need for tools, and easily transforms into a booster or pre-schooler chair by unclipping or clipping-in the extendable legs and removing the detachable try. There’s a recline option, too, which means it can be used by babies from as young as three months, when they start to show an interest in wanting to sit upright and join you at the table, but can’t quite support themselves.

Our tester loved the good-sized tray and sectioned silicone food mat, which not only allows for baby-led weaning but for sensory activities with dried pasta, water, bubbles and more. It was very easy to clean, with no difficult corners for banana porridge or squashed Weetabix to hide in.

Our only gripe? This perhaps isn’t the easiest chair to store when it isn’t in use. The wheels on the bottom of the legs are great for moving it around the house, but aren’t ideal for storage. The legs also flare out quite a bit, so you’d likely need to unclip all the parts and store them separately if you’re tight on space.

Key specs – Height: 60.3cm; Weight: 8.6kg Other: Foam-cushioned seat, detachable tray, silicone food mat; Age: 3 months to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

9. Chicco Pocket Snack: Best booster seat high chair

Price when reviewed: £25 | Check price at John Lewis

There are several travel high chairs on the market, with not much to choose between them in terms of functionality and quality. However, we’re particularly keen on the compact Pocket Snack booster seat from Chicco because it’s height-adjustable – in fact, it has four height positions – and its tray can be placed in three positions, or it can be removed completely. It also comes with a three-point-harness for extra security.

The Pocket Snack has been designed to fit most dining chairs, and when you’re not using this travel high chair, it’s easy to fold away. It’s light enough to carry as a booster seat when needed, too.

Key specs – Height: 36cm; Weight: 2.2kg; Other: 3-point safety harness, carry straps; Age: 6 months to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

10. Cosatto 3Sixti2 High Chair: Best high chair for innovation

Price when reviewed: £200 | Check price at Cosatto

One of the more expensive high chairs on our list, the Cosatto’s 3Sixti2 features all the bells and whistles other high chairs can only dream of.

The first is the six-position swivelling seat, which makes light work out of getting baby in and out. In addition, the strong and weighty base offers huge appeal to those with active little ones – although some might find that it leaves a footprint on the carpet, and it doesn’t make this high chair particularly portable. Nevertheless, the chair scores points for being relatively easy to build – some slotting, sliding and a few screws later, and the multi-height chair was ready to use. Our tester loved how easy it is to clean, too. The soft, padded PVC-lined chair not only offers a bouncy cushioned seat, but it’s removable and wipeable, and has an adjustable back rest for maximum comfort.

The 3Sixti2 is available in a range of colourful and engaging prints that might not appeal to all tastes, but will be loved by babies and toddlers. The two-part tray is a great addition, and can be removed for when your little one wants to join you at the table.

Key specs – Height: 96cm; Weight: 14.8kg Other: 5-point safety harness; detachable 2-part tray, 360-degree spinning seat; Age: 6 months to 3 years (max weight, 15kg)

Check price at Cosatto

11. JoJo Maman Bébé Pack-Away Pocket High Chair: Best high chair for travel

Price when reviewed: £17 | Check price at JoJo Maman Bébé

For those days you’re out and about, JoJo Maman Bébé’s Pack-Away Pocket High Chair is a fantastic item to keep in your changing bag or pushchair, allowing your baby to sit securely in almost any kind of chair.

The lightweight, machine-washable design attaches firmly to most chair types via strong ties and then cleverly folds away neatly. It comes in an array of prints, too, so you can choose your favourite. The folding-up section might take a little getting used to at first, but once you’ve grasped it, it’s sure to become a must-carry in your changing bag.

Key specs – Height: One size; Weight: 123g; Other: Compact fold; Age: 6 months to 2.5 years

Check price at JoJo Maman Bébé

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