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Best double buggy 2022: The best double pushchairs and prams for twins and multiple children

Expecting twins, or need to transport a toddler and a new baby? Here’s our pick of the best double buggies

Whether you’re in the market for the best double buggy because you’re expecting twins, have a second child on the way or are planning to have more in the future, there are myriad options available on the market.

You could pay a premium to have multiple combinations and configurations designed for children of various ages from birth all the way up to their sixth birthday. Or, you could opt for a more simple, practical setup to quickly pop into town.

Whichever type of double buggy you choose, below you’ll find an explanation of what you should look for, as well as our pick of the best double buggies on the market.

Best double buggies: At a glance

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How to choose the best double buggy for you

If you’re looking for the best double buggy for twins, especially from birth, you’ll need something a little different than a double buggy for toddlers. The seats will need to recline fully, with appropriate inserts, or you’ll need the option of attaching a carrycot and/or a car seat to the frame.

The best double buggies will still fit your children as they start to grow. Some may require you to switch from a carrycot to a regular seat, however. Most double buggies that are suitable from birth can be used until your children are at a weight of 15kg – or approximately three years old. Considering how much a decent buggy can set you back these days, we’ve chosen a few on this list that may even last you longer.

If you already have a child, or are planning to have a second in the near future, look for a model that can be used as a single or a double pram. This usually means it will have a second seat that can be removed/added when needed. With some models, you may need to pay extra for additional cots or seats, or pay for separate ride-on boards. The latter is perfect for when your child outgrows the buggy but wants to stand on the back as you push your other child(ren).

Look out for double buggies that offer a slim frame, so you’re not having to battle through doorways, and large baskets in which you can store the numerous items you’ll need to take with you whilst you’re out and about.

The best double buggy to buy

1. Baby Jogger City Mini Double: The best slim double buggy

Price: £530 | Buy now from Amazon

The classic styling, great portability and easy manoeuvering make the Baby Jogger City Mini Double perfect for trips into town or around the supermarket. Despite being a double buggy, it’s incredibly slim at 75.9cm, meaning it will easily fit through a standard doorway. It’s been designed to be pushed one-handed, so carrying bags or holding an older child’s hand won’t prove an issue. Plus, by simply lifting the straps, the City Mini Double folds and locks itself into place.

The two standard seats recline to an almost flat position, making them perfect for babies, or you can remove the seats and replace them with carrycots instead (sold separately). The Baby Jogger City Mini Double is also one of the sleekest and most stylish double buggies on this list. Despite the name, this double buggy isn’t suitable for jogging.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to three years (or maximum weight 15kg); Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels with rubber tyres; Folded dimensions: 28.5 x 76 x 78.5cm; Unfolded dimensions: 105.5 x 76.5 x 98cm; Weight:12kg

2. Hauck Duett 2: The best double buggy for babies with older siblings

Price: £400 | Buy now from Amazon

Hauck makes fantastic, highly practical baby products and its tandem buggy, the Duett 2, is a great addition to its lineup. It isn’t suitable for twins, but is perfect for children of different ages. The seats are stacked, and while the front seat can be used with a carrycot, car seat or as a regular seat from birth (in both forward and rear-facing positions), the rear seat is suitable for children aged six months and older. A plastic guard stops the child in the rear seat from touching the wheels and a large basket sits below the front seat.

If you’re looking for the best double buggy in anticipation of having another child, the rear seat on the Duett 2 can be removed until needed, turning it into a single buggy. The price includes a raincover for both seats.

Key specs – Age range: Front seat suitable from birth to three years (or maximum weight 15kg), rear seat suitable from six months to three years (or maximum weight 15kg); Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels with rubber tyres; Folded dimensions: 96 x 67 x 40cm; Dimensions: 105 x 67 x 111cm; Weight: 15.6kg

3. iCandy Orange Double: The best double buggy for versatility

Price: £1,210 | Buy now from Kiddies Kingdom

Offering more than 30 configurations and combinations, the iCandy Orange double buggy is the most versatile pushchair here. The iCandy Orange can convert from a single buggy to a double buggy with surprising ease and is suitable for children from birth to six years old (or a weight of 25kg) in single mode, or 15kg per seat in double mode.

Instead of having to buy a separate ride-on board, the iCandy Orange has one built in – and the seats are what’s known as “cinema” seats, meaning they’re stacked in such a way that both children can see the world. This configuration is managed via the use of elevator adaptors that help you raise or lower the seats at the press of a button. Plus, the entire frame – with seat attached – folds into a freestanding unit.

The flagship model comes in orange, but you can buy this brilliant double buggy in black, green, white, blue, pink and brown colours. The price includes the carrycot, raincover, car seat and elevator adaptors with two hoods and two bumper bars.

Key specs – Age range: Suitable from birth to six years/25kg (single mode) or three years/15kg (double mode); Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels with rubber tyres; Folded dimensions: 85 x 61 x 30cm; Weight: 6kg without seat or 9kg with carrycot

Buy now from Kiddies Kingdom

4. UPPAbaby Vista: Best double buggy for luxury and style

Price: £1,359 | Buy now from PramWorld

If money is no object, or you’re looking to invest in the best double buggy that will last you for years to come, look no further than the UPPAbaby Vista. No matter how your family grows, the UPPAbaby Vista can accommodate twins from birth as they grow into toddlers, new babies with older siblings and three children of different ages. You could even buy the UPPAbaby now as a single buggy in anticipation of more children further down the line. This truly is the only pram purchase you’ll ever need to make.

It can be set up in multiple configurations, from two carrycots to two car seats, a toddler seat and carrycot/car seat, two toddler seats, one seat facing forward, another facing towards you, both seats facing out or both seats facing in. You can then buy a so-called PiggyBack attachment for older children to stand on. All of this is in addition to a large basket, a lightweight frame and sturdy wheels.

The price above includes the pushchair, carrycot and toddler seat, also known as a Rumble Seat. You’ll have to pay separately for any additional seats, adaptors, carrycots or car seats. That said, the UPPAbaby Vista is compatible with MaxiCosi, Nuna, BeSafe and Cybex car seats.

Key specs – Age range: Carrycot suitable from birth until 9kg (approximately six months). Rumble Seat suitable from six months to three years (15kg maximum weight limit for each Rumble Seat); Wheels: Lockable swivel wheels with rubber tyres; Unfolded dimensions: 91.4 x 65.3 x 100cm; Folded without seat attached dimensions: 42.6 x 65.3 x 83.3cm; Weight: 8.8kg for the frame, 12kg for frame and seat

Buy now from PramWorld

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