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Best toilet unblocker 2023: Keep your loo blockage free

best toilet unblocker

Clear clogs and keep your loo running freely with our roundup of the best toilet unblockers

A house without a functioning toilet does not remain happy for very long, so if you’re dealing with a stubborn clog or blockage, you’ll need the best toilet unblocker to fix it fast. Whether you’ve got a slow draining loo, a completely clogged toilet or you just want to find something to prevent future build-ups, we’ve got you covered.

While there are several different tools and methods for clearing a clogged toilet, ranging from simple plungers to toilet snakes, picking the right one isn’t always simple. To figure out what solution is best for you, and to pick up some safety tips, check out our handy buying guide just below.

Further down the page, you’ll find a roundup of our most trusted toilet unblockers, where we discuss their features, strengths and unblocking power. However, if you’re dealing with an active blockage, you might be best off scrolling straight down to find something with next or same day delivery, before it’s too late.

Best toilet unblocker: At a glance

How to choose the best toilet unblocker for you

What type of clog am I dealing with?

There are two main types of toilet blockage: a slow-drainer and a no-drainer.

These are pretty self-explanatory, a slow-drainer is a partially clogged toilet that will still allow water to drain, albeit slowly, while a no-drainer is completely stopped and will have no water movement in the bowl.

For a slow-drainer, simpler solutions like a plunger or a drain opener will probably do the job, while a no-drainer will require a tougher solution, and may even require you to down tools and call in a professional.

What different solutions are available?

Liquid drain openers similar to the ones you would use kitchen sinks and showers are a handy option for less serious clogs. They come in two standard types: chemical and enzymatic. Chemical drain openers use harsh acids and other ingredients to break down tough clogs. However, it’s not advised to use chemical drain openers on toilets for a number of reasons: if the toilet overflows, harsh chemicals and vapours can spill dangerously; similarly, you can’t plunge with a chemical drain cleaner, as it could create dangerous splashback; finally, the harshness of chemical drain cleaners can damage both porcelain and PVC piping. An enzymatic drain cleaner, which uses natural bacteria and enzymes to break down material, is a safer and more reliable option for toilet clogs.

Plungers are a stalwart option for clearing toilet clogs. Plungers create a seal in your toilet piping and work by creating air and water pressure, which works to push through the material clogging your toilet.

Toilet augers and drain snakes are devices which consist of a rotating handle and a long, flexible, coiled cable. The cable is lowered down into the drain, and once it reaches the blockages, the handle at the top lets you rotate the head of the auger, which disturbs the blockage. A toilet auger can be useful when dealing with a no-drainer, as it can reach down far into the piping and break down or bore a hole in a blockage, allowing it to be plunged or for water movement to resume.

A drain pump works similarly to a plunger, creating a seal over a pipe opening and using air pressure to clear clogs. The difference is these devices is that a drain pump uses a pumping mechanism to push in air from the outside, and can often create greater pressure levels than a standard plunger.

Toilet pods are a drain clearing solution designed for maintenance and prevention, rather than unblocking. Usually used weekly or monthly, they work by breaking down small build-ups and chokepoints before they have time to form full clogs or blockages.

How much will I need to spend?

A high quality drain opener can cost anywhere from around £8 to £20, with solid plungers and mid-range drain pumps costing roughly the same. Higher powered solutions such as toilet augers and high-end drain pumps can cost from £30 up to £100+. This may sound expensive, but for houses with problem pipes, having a strong, reusable septic clearing solution can work out to be more economical than paying for repeat plumber visits.

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The best toilet unblockers you can buy in 2023

1. Mr Siga Rubber Toilet and Drain Plunger: Best plunger for toilet unblocking

Price: £24 | Buy now from OnBuy 
The first thing we think of when we want to clear a toilet clog – a plunger. You may already have a standard orange suction-cup plunger somewhere around the house, however, did you know these are actually better suited to clearing kitchen drains than toilets? For a toilet clog, a ball-shaped or extended suction-cup, such as this one, is most effective.

It has a lightweight, aluminium handle, and a sturdy rubber suction cup that is well suited to toilets, as well as showers and outdoor drains. It has a neat, unobtrusive design and will provide reliable unblocking power, making it a necessity for any bathroom or household with piping that tends to clog.

Key details – Material: Rubber; Dimensions: 44 x 10.5 x 15cm (WLH); Weight: 427g

Buy now from OnBuy

2. Knock Out Drains Toilets and Urinals: Best non-acidic toilet drain opener

Price: £9.99 | Buy now from Amazon
If you’re determined to tackle your clog with a heavy-duty drain opener, but want a product that is specifically safe for use on toilets, this non-acidic formulation from Knock Out is a worthy option. It uses a strong, caustic/sodium hydroxide-based formula to break down organic matter, such as toilet paper and effluent, with added wetting agents working to allow it to sink down to the blockage more easily. While its non-acidic nature makes it safe for septic systems, this product still contains harsh chemicals and should always be used with caution, and while closely following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Key details – Size: 500ml; Type: Chemical (Non-acidic); Form: Liquid

3. ASAB Air Pump Drain Unclogger: Best toilet pump unblocker

Price: £8.99 | Buy now from Amazon
If you’ve found that a standard plunger isn’t working as well as you’d like, a drain pump could prove a more effective option. This model is budget friendly, while still having all the requisite features you’d expect. It’s made up of a suction cup head, a compression tube and a pumping handle. These allow you to create a seal over the opening of the bowl and pump air inside at high pressure, thereby pushing through and clearing stubborn clogs. This air pump also comes with a second attachable head, allowing it to be used effectively on shower drains and sinkholes, as well as toilets.

Key details – Material: Rubber, plastic; Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 45cm (WDH); Weight: 510g

4. Rothenberger 72070 RoPump: Best high-end toilet unblocking solution

Price: £115 | Buy now from Amazon
While relatively pricey, this RoPump model from Rothenberger is the best option on the list if you’re looking to make a long-term investment in drain clearing. Rothenberger is a trusted pipe and drain specialist and its durable, metal drain pump should provide you with years of high-pressure drain clearing power. The RoPump comes with two silicone rubber heads: one for toilets and a smaller attachment for shower drains and sinks. Both provide strong suction, as well as a piston chamber and ergonomic handle that allow you to pump air into the s-bend at very high pressure.

Key details – Materials: Metal; Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 30cm (WDH); Weight: 600g; Extra attachments: Yes

5. Knockout Biological Drain Treatment: Best enzymatic toilet unblocker

Price: £13 | Buy now from Amazon
If you want to clear a blockage, but would prefer not to break a sweat or strap the yellow gloves on, then a liquid unblocker such as this drain treatment from Knockout is an ideal solution. This drain opener breaks down clogged material using natural bacteria and enzymes, making it not only eco-friendly and natural smelling, but also safe to use in septic systems and on PVC piping. This solution is best suited to slow-drainers, as it needs to sink down to reach the blockage to get to work, with Knock Out recommending you leave it sit overnight to see the best results. It’s also recommended for use as a maintenance product, keeping your drains clear week on week.

Key details – Size: 1l; Type: Enzymatic; Form: Liquid

6. Ridgid K-3 Toilet Auger: Best toilet snake

Price: £66 | Buy now from Amazon
As mentioned above, a toilet auger is a useful product for deeper, more complete blockages, as its length and boring ability can help clear, or at least reduce, stubborn s-bend clogs. This Ridgid K-3 Auger has everything you would want in a toilet snake. It’s 3ft long, boasting a kink-resistant metal snake, with a well-sized and shaped bulb head to effectively bore through most blockages. The end of the auger has a vinyl protector cover to prevent the metal element scratching or chipping your porcelain as it enters the top of the bowl. This model also has large, easy to grip handles, making it comfortable and easy to work the coil as it gets further into the s-bend.

Key details – Dimensions: 122 x 20 x 15cm (LWD); Weight: 453g

7. Green Gobbler Septic Saver: Best toilet unblocker for everyday maintenance

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon
Drain openers and plungers are all well and good, but better than all that is never having to resort to them in the first place. A preventative solution can save you a lot of trouble down the line, and a solid option for this task are these biodegradable septic pods from Green Gobbler. These enzymatic toilet tablets are easy to use: once monthly simply drop and flush, and the natural bacteria and enzymes should work away, keeping your toilet flowing freely.

As well as breaking down potential clogs from toilet paper and organic waste, these pods also work to reduce unpleasant odours. Beyond that, they offer some handy versatility in a pinch, being suitable for all types of drains and pipes, and working well on fat and grease-based clogs.

Key details – Size: 6 pack; Weight: 226g; Type: Enzymatic; Form: Pods

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