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Best face scrubs: Clean away the day with these skin exfoliators

Use a face scrub to get rid of dead skin and pollution to reveal the beauty underneath

With life stresses, toxic fumes in the air and the ravages of seasonal conditions negatively impacting our skin, it’s more important than ever to treat our faces to a little pampering. Face scrubs are the best way to unclog pores and remove dead skin, leaving your visage feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

You don’t need to enlist the services of a professional spa or salon, though. You can easily exfoliate at home without the need to spend copious amounts of money. Simply head online to discover a whole range of products, available at a variety of price points, suitable for dry, combination or oily skins types.

Some formulas deploy skin-friendly acids to leave your face feeling refreshed, while others use microbeads or crushed natural ingredients to literally scrub away the dirt lurking on your face. We’ve put together a list of some of the best and most popular exfoliators available online to help you find the right one for your skin type.

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How to choose the best face scrub for your skin type

How much do I need to spend?

As is the case with most skin care items, there are plenty of face scrubs on the market that claim to perform miracles for a high price. However, if you’re just after an everyday product to complement your existing routine, there are also numerous options available for less than £20. That said, if you’re willing and able to spend a little more, you could benefit from high-end ingredients and spa-quality formulas.

How often should I use it?

This will obviously depend on the type of products since each will have a different formula. The common consensus for the average face scrub is two to three times per week. This ensures your face is clean and smooth, but without stripping the natural oils that benefit the skin. Note that there are some products that recommend you use them only once a week, so always read the label and follow the instructions.

The best face scrubs you can buy right now

1. Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Price: £30 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

Claiming to be one of the first examples of its kind, the Liquid Gold “overnight facial” has gathered a legion of fans for its promise to revitalise skin cells and leave you looking better than ever. The glycolic acid-infused formula is designed to reduce wrinkles, pores, blackheads, scarring, pigmentation and other blemishes – and, best of all, you can pick up both the 100ml and 50ml bottles for £30. Recommended for anyone who has issues with sun damage or signs of ageing.

Exfoliator: Glycolic acid; Size: 150ml

Buy now from Cult Beauty

2. Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial

Price: £112 | Buy now from Cult Beauty

It may be far and away the most expensive entry on this list, but Goop as a brand has caught public attention for a reason. Helping to usher in a wave of natural, organic beauty products, the brand has a reputation for luxury skin care. For this Exfoliating Instant Facial – which features vitamin B5 and lactic, tartaric, hyaluronic, salicylic, glycolic and malic acids – Goop has teamed up with Juice Beauty. The cream claims to deliver facial-level results in just three minutes, softening skin and brightening the complexion in double-quick time.

Exfoliator: Plant-based cellulose beads; Size: 50ml

Buy now from Cult Beauty

3. The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Price: £18 | Buy now from The Body Shop

A more affordable option but one that still claims to provide incredible results. The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion cream contains micro-particles and crushed garnet stones that help to remove dead skin cells, revealing a brighter and more radiant you. The reviews are great, with many commending its pleasant smell and ability to achieve what it claims in just a week.

Exfoliator: Microparticles and crushed garnet stones; Size: 100ml

View the latest Body Shop voucher codesBuy now from The Body Shop

4. L’Oreal Paris Smooth Clearing Sugar Scrub

Price: £8 | Buy now from Beauty Expert

The L’Oreal Paris Smooth Clearing Sugar Scrub doesn’t just look pretty, it’s also a completely natural, gentle exfoliator that combines white sugar with blonde and brown sugar to get rid impurities, dead skin cells, blackheads and other nasties. The lemongrass and peppermint oils in the formula also smell divine, leaving you with softer and clearer skin to boot.

Exfoliator: Sugar; Size: 50ml

Buy now from Beauty Expert

5. Madara Exfoliating Scrub Oil-to-Milk

Price: £24 | Buy now from Look Fantastic

This scrub takes a slightly different approach, changing from an oil-based formula to a silky milk texture as you apply it to your face and mix with water. The apricot and oat oils in the cream help to cleanse the skin, while wax microbeads provide the exfoliating action, helping to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. If you’re looking for multiple experiences in one, the Madara scrub is a great choice.

Exfoliator: Wax microbeads; Size: 60ml; Vegan: Yes

Buy now from Look Fantastic

6. Cowshed Calendula Refining Facial Scrub

Price: £22 | Buy now from Cowshed

Suitable for all skin types and part of the popular Cowshed range of beauty products, the Calendula Refining Facial Scrub doesn’t disappoint. The gentle formula uses finely crushed walnut shells to exfoliate the skin, plus aloe vera, rose and calendula oils ensure you feel and smell great as you moisturise. The product is recommended for weekly use to restore your skin to its radiant best.

Exfoliator: Walnut shell; Size: 50ml

Buy now from Cowshed

7. NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Extreme Scrub

Price: £6 | Buy now from Amazon

Less luxurious in nature but definitely no less committed to smooth, glowing skin, the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub is “extreme” both by name and by nature. The formula is ideal for those looking for something a little stronger, with 6% glycolic acid to cleanse and exfoliate skin, plus 1% salicylic acid for resurfacing, providing oil control and unclogging blocked pores. If you think that all sounds a bit harsh, then don’t worry – it includes aloe vera to calm the face and claims to be suitable for all skin types.

Exfoliator: Glycolic acid; Size: 75ml

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