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Best wig 2023: Go from bob to lob, or brunette to blond in seconds

Available in a multitude of colours and styles, the best wigs deliver a new look in an instant

A wig is a great way to shake up your look. Whether it’s to cover up hair loss or to switch up your style for a night out, a wig can completely transform your appearance and boost your confidence. If you’re unsure about chopping mid-length waves into a blunt bob, or switching your light-brown locks to a stand-out scarlet, a wig will enable you to experiment with various hairstyles and colours without commiting to a long-term change that you might regret.

That said, with different hair types, cap types and price points to consider, it might feel like a difficult world to navigate. From the type of hair to the type of lace, it’s vital to determine what type of wig will best suit your style, comfort level and budget. Note, too, that in medical cases you may even qualify for help from the NHS, so that’s definitely worth looking into.

Below, we offer guidance on how to choose the right wig for you, after which you’ll find our recommendations for the best wigs available to buy.

Best wigs: At a glance

How to choose the best wig for you

What types of wigs are available?

There are several types of wig constructions available, with this being one of the determining factors of how natural a wig looks and how comfortable it is to wear. Here are the options available:

  • Lace-front wigs – For a customisable hairline from ear to ear, lace-front wigs are the best choice, because you can trim the lace to ensure a perfect fit. The crown of the wig is typically constructed of a monofilament, with either hand-tied or machine-wefted hair attached. These wigs are very natural-looking, but also delicate.
  • Full lace wigs – As the name suggests, a full lace wig will see the entire cap made of lace. A full lace wig has a more natural-looking hairline and offers greater flexibility over where you choose to part the hair. Since the lace cap doesn’t show here, as it can with other cap styles, you can wear this wig type in updo styles and ponytails. The downside is that, since full lace wigs are thinner, the hair is less voluminous.
  • Ready-to-wear wigs – A more cost-effective option, ready-to-wear wigs are intended as a one-size-fits-all option and typically arrive pre-styled. This type of wig offers a quick and easy way of switching up your look, but it isn’t the best for everyday wear.

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What are some other wig features to consider?

Once you’ve decided on the type of wig construction you’d prefer, there are some other choices to make, particularly about the type of hair itself. 

  • Human vs synthetic hair – Human hair wigs are, of course, made of the real stuff. These wigs are a high-end option, since they’re the most realistic and therefore easier to style. Options include virgin hair wigs, where strands have never been chemically treated, and 100% human hair wigs made using a combination of treated and untreated hair. Hair is sourced from around the world.
  • Hand-tied vs machine weft – The way the hair is attached to the cap can affect how the wig sits and feels on the head. Hand-tied wigs offer a comfortable fit without too much weight. The knots are tiny, resulting in natural-looking volume, and the wig is durable. Since creating such wigs is a time-consuming and intricate process, these types are the most expensive option. Machine-weft wigs, where hair is sewn onto strips by a machine, are more affordable, although heavier to wear. These wigs offer less styling versatility, but they’re incredibly durable and will last for a long time.

Medical considerations

For those shopping for a wig for medical purposes – to cover hair loss as a result of a medical condition, for example – there is support available from the NHS. For those who qualify, the NHS may provide free wigs, giving you proof of coverage to show to the person fitting your wig. If your wig isn’t covered by prescription, you may at least be eligible for VAT relief.

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The best wigs you can buy in 2023

1. Trendco Gem Collection Diamond Wig: Best wig overall

Price: £1,650 | Buy now from The Wonderful Wig Company

This wig is one of the most popular models in this beautiful collection, with the long, cascading human hair featuring in waves at a length of 18 inches. The classic style is a universally trendy and fashionable choice, and it’s available in more than 20 colour options. 

A 100% hand-tied wig, with a lace front and monofilament soft-mesh cap, it’s super-comfortable, mimicking your natural hair growth and natural movement. 

Thanks to the quality of construction, the hair here is easy to style. Whether your preference is for a slicked-back pony, vintage curls or another beautiful hairdo, this wig will happily hold the style. Offering hair with multi-directional movement, the cap has an undetectable hairline, too. 

It’s a lightweight and comfortable option for anyone looking for a wig for daily use.

Key details – Hair type: Human; Cap type: Lace front, hand-tied; Colours: 24; Length: 18 inches

Buy now from The Wonderful Wig Company

2. High Density Human Hair Full Lace Wig: Best curly wig

Price: £735 | Buy now from YNeed

If you’re looking for a gorgeous head of cascading curls, this wig is for you. Available in 29 natural hair shades, this wig also comes in three different cap sizes: petite, average and large. The cap includes an elastic strap, delivering increased comfort and security, and is made of a poly-silk mesh base, covering the head from front to back.

In addition to the elastic strap, three combs help to keep the wig exactly where you want it. A full lace construction gives the wig a natural appearance, and the fact that hair is hand-tied ensures an unnoticeable hairline and hair that can be parted in any direction.

A length of 20 inches will see curls fall right around the mid-shoulder blades. You can style the wig however you like, and it’s breathable for your comfort. With proper care, the wig will last you for some time to come. 

Key details – Hair type: Human; Cap type: Full lace, hand-tied; Colours: 29; Length: 20 inches 

Buy now from YNeed

3. High Profile Human Hair Wig by Raquel Welch Black Label: Best luxury wig

Price: £1,475 | Buy now from Natural Image Wigs

For a high-end option that’s tied to a well-known celebrity name, this wig from the Raquel Welch Black Label collection is worth a look. Made of human hair, this wig perfectly mimics the movement and style of natural hair. 

Arriving as straight hair that falls just below the shoulders, it can be worn in just about any style you choose. The lace-front construction reaches from temple to temple, allowing for a more natural hairline and less restriction when it comes to styling. 

The patented Memory Cap construction uses a thinner material with adequate stretch that moulds to the shape of your head, resulting in a more natural, comfortable and lightweight fit. 

It’s worth noting that this wig ships from the USA, and it can take as long as 14 working days to arrive. But for many, this type of luxury will be worth the wait.

Key details – Hair type: Human; Cap type: Lace front, hand-tied; Colours: 18; Length: 14 inches 

Buy now from Natural Image Wigs

4. Distinguished Wig – HIM by HearUWear: Best wig for men

Price: £925 | Buy now from Joseph’s Wigs

This wig is perfect for anyone looking for a timeless male hairstyle. Made from a combination of both human and heat-friendly synthetic hair, it offers a layered look that sits naturally and is easy to style, even with heated tools. You can choose to crop the sides with a longer top, or take a little off the whole length for a more even appearance.

The wig cap has a lace front that reaches from temple to temple for a seamless hairline, and the hair is hand-tied for a natural look that’s easy to style. The cap includes ultra-thin adjusters at the nape, as well as a silicone-lined nape and ear flaps to prevent slipping.

Available in more than a dozen colours, the selection even includes grey combinations for those desiring a salt-and-pepper look. A special order, delivery is typically between ten and 14 business days.

Key details – Hair type: 60% human, 40% heat-friendly synthetic; Cap type: Lace front, hand-tied; Colours: 13; Length: 2.25-3.25 inches

Buy now from Joseph’s Wigs

5. Highway Rainbow: Best colourful wig

Price: £30 | Buy now from Lush Wigs

If you’re looking for something different, this beautiful wig starts with a deep red base and then intertwines tones of purple, pink and green to create a beautiful blend of colours. Unlike some colourful wigs, this one is an elevation on a natural look, thanks to the red undertones and muted additional shades. 

This type of wig, unlike many others on the list, isn’t intended for daily use. Comprising purely synthetic hair with a low heat tolerance, the circular closure on top doesn’t mimic natural hair. The fit of the hairline is irrelevant, since it won’t be on show as a result of the beautiful, long fringe. The website doesn’t specify whether the wig is machine weft, but that’s probably the case. 

Ultimately, this wig is a fun and affordable way to experiment with colour. Perfect for concerts, parties, date nights – or any other time you want to feel a little mystical. 

Key details – Hair type: Synthetic; Cap type: Not specified; Colours: One, multicoloured; Length: 20 inches

Buy now from Lush Wigs

6. Fiery by Jon Renau: Best heat-resistant wig

Price: £330 | Buy now from The Wonderful Wig Company

If you’re not ready to pay the high prices for human hair, but still want a wig you can style, then this model offers a happy medium. Although the hair here is synthetic, it’s heat friendly, meaning it can be styled without causing damage. 

The wig has a SmartLace front, with hand-tied hair that mimics a natural hairline. Plus, the cap’s monofilament front creates the appearance of natural hair growth, while the back of the cap features machine wefts with spaces that allow your scalp to breathe. It also includes tabs that enable you to adjust the piece to your head size for comfort and customisation.

The wig’s hair arrives in a straight style, with an 8-inch fringe that sweeps across the face. This wig can handle blow drying, curling and straightening, so you can style and restyle to your heart’s content.

Key details – Hair type: Synthetic; Cap type: Lace front, hand-tied/machine weft; Colours: 26; Length: 14 inches

Buy now from The Wonderful Wig Company

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