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Virgin Media Black Friday deals: Get ultrafast Virgin broadband for an ultralow price

Virgin Media wipes hundreds off broadband contracts for Black Friday - and there are some tidy TV deals, too

Virgin Media Broadband is FAST. Thanks to a mix of advanced technology and raw performance, it delivers speeds other ISPs struggle to match. And now in a special Black Friday deal, you can get those speeds for as little as £25 per month.

Virgin’s Black Friday deals are nice and easy to explain. Basically you save £342 across 18 months, whichever broadband contract you go for. The best deal is M100 Fibre Broadband, down from £44/mth to a seriously impressive £25/mth (plus £35 setup fee).

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Virgin’s other broadband deals also save £19 per month. M200 Fibre Broadband is down from £50 to £31/mth; M350 Fibre Broadband is down from £56 to £37/mth; and blisteringly fast M500 Fibre Broadband (“for super-connected homes”) is down from £62 to £43/mth. The setup fee is £35, whichever plan you go for.

In our experience with Virgin Media, M100 Fibre Broadband is fast enough for most families. Busy households with 10+ devices will benefit from M200, while homes with multiple streaming devices, gaming and smart devices will want more.

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That’s not the end of Virgin’s Black Friday broadband deals. If you want to include TV in your package, you can save £180 over 18 months with the Big Bundle, which costs £29/mth for M100 Fibre Broadband plus TV 360 box with record/rewind and 100+ TV channels, plus free weekend landline calls.

Save almost double that – £324 over 18 months – with the Bigger Bundle, which bumps up the broadband to M200 and the TV channels to 190+.

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Is Virgin worth it? If you want really fast broadband, this deal makes Virgin a good buy. As our in-depth review reveals, Virgin has the fastest available services in many areas, ranging from basic 54Mbits/sec fibre broadband to connections that can deliver more than 1Gbit/sec of bandwidth. Ofcom’s latest speed research puts Virgin way ahead of other providers, with average download speeds in excess of 220Mbits/sec where rival ISPs struggle to get much above 50Mbits/sec.

Our research found that customer support can be an issue with Virgin, and its reliability is not what it could be. If you work from home and need your broadband to be there for you on every weekday of the year, then you may occasionally find yourself using words about Virgin that you wouldn’t repeat to your mother. That said, Ofcom reports a decent 85% score for customer satisfaction with Virgin.

If speed is your number one broadband priority, then this is the service for you. Grab one of these Black Friday deals before they speed off into the sunset.

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