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Apple iPad Pro cheaper than EVER in surprise Black Friday deal

iPad Pro price cuts are rarer than hen's teeth, so this Black Friday deal from Amazon is an unusually good buy

Deals on the iPad Pro don’t come along often. The 2021 edition of Apple’s superb tablet remains stubbornly expensive, with the RRP barely budging all year.

So we were surprised (and tempted!) to see double and even treble figures knocked off various editions of the iPad Pro 2021 for Black Friday. The cheapest iPad Pro 2021, the 128GB Wi-Fi edition, sees a £50 discount, bringing it down from £999 to £949. The 256GB Wi-Fi model also sheds £50, coming down to £1,049. The 2TB Wi-Fi model is normally £1,999, but comes down to £1,915.

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The Space Grey 512GB Wi-Fi model boasts a rare £150 price cut on Amazon, coming down from £1,299 to £1,149. It’s never been anywhere near that cheap before.

The eye-poppingly pricey ‘Wi-Fi plus mobile data’ models get price cuts, too. The 256GB drops from £1,249 to £1,169; the 512GB from £1,449 to £1,388; and the 2TB from £2,149 to £2,017. Neither the 256GB nor the 2TB have been near those prices before.

These may not seem like big discounts, but given the scarcity of iPad Pro deals, these ones certainly caught our eye. And with Apple tablets in short supply and Black Friday reaching its peak, this is your chance to save some cash on a high-end iPad.

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In our four-star iPad Pro review (one star knocked off for that hefty price tag), head of reviews Jonathan Bray hailed Apple’s tablet for “taking a giant leap forward in 2021”. Not only has it adopted the much-lauded Apple M1 processor, but it also adds the Liquid Retina XDR display for gorgeous HDR without draining the battery. You also get Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and an ultrawide front camera that can follow you around the room.

He wrote: “In many ways it’s as good as, if not better than, a traditional laptop. However, it’s being held back by silly restrictions like the inability to make full use of a second display and its eye-watering price.”

Eye-watering, yes – but currently a little less so. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to this extraordinary tablet, now’s the time to do it.

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